LGBT Romance Deals 08/14

41CUkCRq09LSPOTLIGHT!! The Things We Lost by Eva Leon


I lost my mate.
I lost my health.
I lost any chance of ever expanding my family.
But I got better.
I found Jules.
We found a way to make it work together.
Then I lost him too.


I didn’t care that Kilo and I couldn’t have a baby.
I loved him anyway.
I loved his daughter as if she was my own.
Then a miracle happened.
It destroyed my world.
Can we find our way back together?
The Things We Lost is a standalone M/M mpreg romance with no cliffhanger and a happily ever after. It touches on serious themes, but the end should make you smile.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51M9t+6SToLOmega in Lace by Alice Shaw

It was more than just a secret.

Hank Mapplethorpe is hiding something big. When he meets the young and defiant Noah Palmer at a party, he wonders if he should finally let that secret go. That’s when he sees Adam Newton, a mysterious and famous photographer, known for his subversive imagery.

Hank never felt comfortable with other guys, so he decides to stay away from them both. He has secrets. Too many to count. Although the two alphas claim to understand him, they need to know one thing: Hank gave up looking for love a long time ago.

“The best love is made in threes…”

Adam and Noah know all about desire. Dark impulses keep them awake at night, and the pleasures that society won’t accept, they refuse to let go. So when Hank decides to take off his robe and show the world who he really is, they fall for him hard.

Love wasn’t supposed to come this easy, but the three of them want more. There’s only one way to the heart, but they never expected a love triangle as deep as this. If Hank finds the strength to come out, can he discover love in the arms of two men?

Omega in Lace is a full-length MMM gay romance novel with a dash of mpreg. It is a 45,000 word omegaverse book. This novel contains hot and sexy leather action & some menage scenes, passionate angst & desire, and a HEA – a beautiful baby to keep you smiling for days. This mpreg romance is meant for 18+ readers.

DEAL $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

9ed1ed0505fb448eb6158f0b4bf4a189Easton by Shaw Montgomery

Daniel thought Easton was sweet, sexy—and hiding something. He just wasn’t sure what. After nine months of dating, Daniel was ready to take things to the next level, but Easton’s evasiveness was standing between them.
Easton had a secret. He hadn’t meant for their relationship to get that far without telling Daniel, but he was afraid it was too late. How could he have fallen for someone without telling them? Easton knew that Daniel wouldn’t deliberately hurt him, but he wasn’t sure how Daniel would react when he found out what Easton had been hiding.
Not every man could understand that their boyfriend had a thing for satin and lace.

FREE on Instafreebie

51VKBw7yvRLAftershock by Tanya Chris

Being acquitted of Jamie’s murder won’t bring him back. Syed might be free, but he’s lost his lover and his sub, along with his sense of control, his libido, his friends, and the stomach to inflict the kind of pain Jamie thrived on. Even his high-rise apartment doesn’t suit him anymore.

Dashiell is drawn to the handsome man he represented in court, but he’s promised himself never to get involved with another confident playboy. His next boyfriend—if he can find such a thing—will see him as something more than a backup plan for a better offer. And how could he ever give a man like Syed what he wants anyway?

Dashiell fears the day Syed will ask him to bear more pain than he can handle as Syed struggles to reconcile how he’s coming to feel about Dashiell with how he still feels about Jamie. Can their fledgling relationship survive the discovery that Syed’s new sub might be representing the man who murdered his last sub?

Jamie deserves justice, Dashiell deserves love, and Syed wants to be the one to give both these men exactly what they need.

Content warning: this book includes descriptions of homophobic hate crimes. There is very mild BDSM content.

While Aftershock follows on the events of Aftercare, it can also be read as a standalone.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51q8QzwosfLThe Lion’s Omega by Eva Leon

A hardworking omega meeting his heart’s desire in an Alpha on a motorcycle.
Chris is an omega lion-shifter who has always planned to marry for financial stability—he remembered his impoverished childhood, and he refuses to go back. But when he’s attracted to the beguiling Alpha Landon, with his sleek hair and entrancing eyes, Chris finds himself falling hard.

Landon is an Alpha and the CEO of LeoTech Industries, but he’d rather trade the boardroom for the forests around the city. It isn’t until he catches the heady scent of an omega that he considers settling down with a mate. But it can’t be any omega. It has to be him.

Chris tries to avoid succumbing to Landon’s seductive eyes, telling himself the Alpha in tight denim and a leather jacket can’t be what he’s looking for.

Chris and Landon come together with serious chemistry, but when a rival CEO tries to gain corporate secrets, and Chris is implicated, their budding relationship may be lost.
The Lion’s Omega is a shifter Omegaverse mpreg romance with no cliffhanger. It features hidden identities, an intense alpha-rivalry, and incredibly steamy scenes, romantic interludes and a guaranteed happily-ever-after for these two lions.

$ 3.99 and available with KU

51e3cYVFOJLDarkling Rose by Cailee Francis

A pink-haired succubus, a kitchen witch and an angelic agent. In a world of supernatural threats, they’ll need all the help they can get.

In the town of Bellasford, Rose is a succubus who can’t avoid trouble. She wants little beyond a happy life with her magically-gifted girlfriend Lisa, some steamy poly encounters to keep her nourished, and to find her missing mother. Ella, an elder succubus, disappeared years before, but Rose’s attempts to uncover information led her straight into a trap and a veritable nest of vampire trouble.

A daring escape is not without its price, as Rose is forced to strike a deal with one of her captors. As tempted as she is to cast aside the task, innocent lives are at stake, as is her continued well-being if she breaks her word.

Relieved to have her girlfriend back safely, Lisa agrees to help fulfil her promise. Neither knows what dangers lurk in the shadows, especially as secrets are unveiled.

Darkling Roseis a F/F romantic urban fantasy novella of around 22,000 words, which contains strong steamy content and language.

DEAL! $ 0.99 (UK and US only) and available with KU

41gopP8NWVLMax and Pres (Bound in Silk 2) by Payne de la Cour

Sometimes, the things you don’t want might be exactly what you need.

Pres has been watching Max, Bound in Silk’s bartender, for a while, but he hasn’t really figured out how to approach the sub. He wants to put Max on his knees, see all those muscles rippling, the large man submitting to him… but he has to get Max to play with him first.

Max knows there’s no man who can give him what he wants. Or, at least, he is convinced he won’t find one. Until Pres asks him to play. He’s reluctant, but who wouldn’t be, given his history with Doms?

When Max lets Pres take over, he might discover there is someone who can deal with his needs… and embrace them. But is it enough for a future together?

The second book in the Bound in Silk series has 47.000 words, includes BDSM and has a HEA.
*Preorder it now for $ 2.99! The price will increase to $ 3.99 on release day!*

Preorder price $ 2.99!



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