LGBT Romance Deals 3/2

lgbtrd-theholeinthedoorEBOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Hole in the Door by Fox Emerson

This book isn’t just about a young man’s discovery of a glory hole in the early 60s. It isn’t just about a gay man growing up in Perth, Western Australia during a time when homosexuality was illegal. It’s not just about Pride, or International Gay Solidarity Day or general gay rights in the 70s and 80s.

The Hole in the Door is about the life of Bradley Smith, his friends, his lovers and all the sex he had along the way.

It is an imagining, based on the real life story of two men who donated a door that had been used as a glory hole to the Western Australian Museum.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-kingsexKing’s Ex: A M/M Superhero Romance (Royal Powers II Book 1) by EJ Russell

To escape an arranged marriage, the king needs a fake fiancé. Stat.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-midnightheistMidnight Heist (Outlaws Book 1) by Katherine McIntyre

Heist rule number one? Never fall for your mark.

Grif Blackmore’s team of thieves, the Outlaws, take down wicked corporations and nab fantastic paydays. However, when their latest heist fails, they end up in debt to the mafia, which puts the pressure on for their next job targeting Torres Industries to go off without a hitch.

There’s one problem. The CEO of Torres Industries, Danilo Torres, happens to not only be dead sexy but unaware of his company’s corruption. When the sparks flare between Grif and Danilo, Grif can’t help but fall for his mark.

Grif is left with a decision to make. Is he willing to throw it all away for the man who’s caught his interest or is there a chance to play Robin Hood without losing it all?

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 at all retailers

lgbtrd-anechointhesorrowAn Echo in the Sorrow (Soulbound Book 6) by Hailey Turner

Patrick Collins has spent years handling cases for the SOA. He should have confessed to his role as co-leader of the New York City god pack when he and Jonothon de Vere took up the mantle months ago. Outmaneuvered and framed for murder, Patrick has to face a past full of lies to regain his freedom.

Jono knows they can’t cede any more territory if they want to win the god pack civil war. But the souls of werecreatures are free for the taking when demons come to town and angels sing a warning no one can ignore. When Jono’s worst fear comes to life, and he loses the one person he can’t live without, the only option left is to fight.

Facing down the demons of their past and the ones in their present, Patrick and Jono will learn the hard way that some sins never wash away clean.

$ 5.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-prideofthecaribbeanPride of the Caribbean Series by Deanna Wadsworth

The Pride of the Caribbean is a cruise ship unlike any other. Paranormals working on board this enchanted ship hide in plain sight, under the benevolent protection of a demigod captain and his fairy husband. In The Boyfriend Cruise, fall in love with a virgin and his incubus when the cruise sets sail. And then enjoy a sexy under the sea merman adventure in Vacation Tails. Every getaway is full of romance, magic and happily evers.

SALE: The Boyfriend Cruise (Book 1): $ 0.99 and available with KU

Vacation Tails (Book 2): $ 6.99 and available with KU

lgbtrd-settinganewcourseSetting a New Course (The Navigation Quartet Book 2) by Chris Cheek

David’s life has just imploded. He faces a crisis in his life because of his relationship with his old schoolfriend Alan – threatening his job, his marriage and his relationship with his two young sons. He has to cope with a new life, his feelings of guilt about what happened to his marriage and his fears for the future of his two sons. Can he and Alan set a new course for their lives together?

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-firstfireFirst Fire by Lynn Michaels

First love has never been so dangerous.

War is in love with Denver, but he discovers his boyfriend is more than he seems when he turns into a supernatural creature made of fire.

Denver has grown up on his Aunt’s made-up stories of demons and sin, but he never wanted to believe her until he turns into a firebird. He has to give up everything, including his boyfriend, War.

This new ability threatens to tear their love apart.

#shifterromance #firstlove #virginromance

PRE-ORDER: $ 2.99 on Amazon and will be available with KU

lgbtrd-dangerouslycanadianDangerously Canadian (Dangerously International Book 2) by Lula Duval

He’s half my age, and he’s running away from the biggest criminal organization in the world. More importantly, he’s the most gorgeous man I’ve ever had in my bed.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-hisfarmhandHis Farm Hand by Ally Porter

Callum Shay knows his dad’s old Navy buddy is decades out of his league and beyond off-limits.

But he’s also irresistibly attractive as well as dangerously charming, and well, self-restraint has never been Callum’s strong suit.

Don’t get him wrong. He knows he’s in way over his head with this quietly confident older man who seems to be able to read him like an open book and can handle his smart mouth with unflinching ease.

But those are just some of the things that make him want to call him Daddy the most.

When desire blossoms into something more, will Callum keep his guard up to avoid being hurt? Or will he take a chance and trust Dean to catch him as he falls?

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-skythaneSkythane: Liminal Sky: Oberon Cycle Book 1 by J. Scott Coatsworth

Xander’s a winged bad boy with an axe to grind. Jameson’s an uptight psych newly arrived on the half-world of Oberon trying to solve a mystery. They’ll need to figure each other out before they can get down to the serious business of saving the world together.

SALE: $ 0.99 at all retailers

lgbtrd-newgroundNew Ground: An M/M/NB psychic romance (Psions of SPIRE) by Alex Silver

Henry Anselm was born to a powerful family, but when his nature as a psion goes against everything they’ve stood for, his existence becomes a catalyst for sweeping changes. As a psion, Henry needs a connection to an anchor to stabilize his telepathy. When his family hires William to fill that role, Henry finds so much more than a simple psychic connection. In William, and his partner Dana, Henry finds the familial bonds he’s never had before, lovers who accept all of him, and a daddy who loves him unconditionally.

$ 3.99 on Amazon

lgbtrd-wildpitchWild Pitch: An M/M Friends to Lovers Sports Romance (Homeruns Book 1) by Quinn Ward

Rivals on the baseball field, best friends off…

Mason is adrift. His marriage has failed and he no longer loves the game that has consumed his life. To make matters worse, he can’t stop wishing he’d been honest with his best friend years earlier.

Sean didn’t keep secrets from his friend. Mason is one of the few people who know Sean’s staying in the closet until his baseball career comes to a close.

When Mason admits he’s always known he was bisexual, Sean doesn’t know how to feel.


Mason is the one man he’d consider breaking his rules for. The first time they touch, he knows a single night could never be enough. But can the two of them find a way to fall in love without it costing Sean the career he’s still devoted to?

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-gypsyheartGypsy Heart by Ann Lister

Can two grieving men find lasting love together and uncover the connection Kirby already knew existed between them? Dead men can’t talk, but their dreams can still come true—even from the beyond.

Gypsy Heart is a stand-alone rockstar romance with a slow burn, high emotions, grief/comfort, and an HEA.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-atarnishedstrengthA Tarnished Strength (Pickleville Book 4) by April Kelley

Opposites attract when the timid bar owner asks the resident bad boy out.

Brad Flynn’s reputation doesn’t change just because he has. Prison might not have been fun, but he’d made the most of it. Since his release, he’s tried to make the most out of his freedom as well. His handyperson business is taking off, but his clients are in nearby towns. When local bar owner, Kendrick Ashby, calls him to fix a leaky roof, he doesn’t expect the attraction he feels to go anywhere. Kendrick’s violent past doesn’t make asking him out on a date a simple task. Can Brad be brave enough to start over?

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-cuttersmissionCutter’s Mission (Valhalla Warriors Book 1) by Rosie Jarvis

Abbott is a boy on the run.

Cutter is a member of the motorcycle club who longs for a boy of his own.

When Abbott needs help, the last place he expects to find it is in a small-town biker bar.

When Cutter takes one look at the scared but gorgeous redhead, he wants to do more than help. He wants Abbott for his own. But can he protect Abbott from the evil that’s chasing him?

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-thedragonprincesbindingThe Dragon Prince’s Binding: An M/M MPreg Shifter Romance (Royal Heat Book 2) by Lorelei M. Hart, Trisha Linde & Colbie Dunbar

Life as a Dragon Prince is all fun and games… until someone uncovers an ancient law.

Omega dragon shifter Brenton is living his best life. As the middle prince of Montipan, he has all the benefits of his family bloodline with none of the responsibilities. When his brother is unable to attend the Assembly of Nations on the mainland, he finds himself flying there in his stead.

Alpha hawk shifter Gavin is boring. Or at least that is what his roommate keeps telling him. Truth is—he kind of likes it that way. Except, if that were really true, he wouldn’t have taken his roommate’s dare to go to a local munch—a casual meeting for like-minded people—would he? Maybe he has a wild side after all.

When the pair have an accidental run-in at a coffee shop, they find something they didn’t know they were looking for.

 $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-henryHenry the HuCow: A Gay Lactation Fantasy by R. Phoenix

Henry has a secret: he’s “udderly” fascinated with the idea of lactating. He wants to play cow to someone else’s bull, and he’s not afraid of doing whatever it takes to see his dreams come true. When he has the opportunity to join a study about male lactation, he jumps at the chance. He probably should’ve read the fine print, but he’d have agreed to everything anyway, right?

Henry the HuCow is 15k words of “udderly” filthy smut. He’d very much like you to read his story.


Contains consensual male lactation and body modification. No hucows were harmed in the making of this udderly naughty book.

$ 2.99 on Amazon | Payhip | Smashwords. | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

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