LGBT Romance Deals 3/16

EBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Little (99 Daddies Book 5) by Casey Cox

Nick Macklin doesn’t do “normal” or “typical.” So when this loud, out and proud big boy explores being a little, things don’t exactly go according to plan. Despite feeling a deep pull that draws him to age play, there’s something that’s…off. Something is holding him back and he has no idea what it is.

Neither does his Daddy, Steel Crawford. And it’s driving him crazy not being able to give his boy what he needs. Steel begins to question himself and starts doubting whether he’s the right Daddy for his boy.

Until one day, fate brings Addison Mark into their lives. He’s smart, sexy, and has the cutest Australian accent Nick and Steel have ever heard. Could he be the missing piece that Nick and Steel didn’t even realize they were looking for?

(Little is the fifth––and final!––book in the 99 Daddies series.)

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

AUDIOBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Heartless (Room for Love Book 2) by Kate Hawthorne. Narrated by Evan Carolina. [7h34m]

Heartless is a steamy and kinky, enemies to lovers romance with some humiliation kink, some kitchen (hate) sex, and a whole lot of unconventional love.

For James Motel and Levi Kadish, it’s hate at first sight.

Levi thinks James is an arrogant out-of-towner, and James thinks Levi is a smug local with an overblown opinion of himself. Together, the two of them are like oil and water, but Levi likes the way he feels when James looks at him, and James really loves the sound of Levi’s voice when he says….

When he says those heartless things.

In the middle of a baking lesson James never wanted, the unresolved tension between Levi and him boils over, and James is left with more than rug burn. Levi’s words are emblazoned in his heart, and he’s eager for more.

Audible (Regular: $19.95; Members: $13.96 or 1 Credit); $7.47 w/Whispersync | EBOOK: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Familiar Mates (6 book series) by TJ Nichols

For readers who like steamy romance, fated mates, witches, shifters, magic, and suspense.

Some shifters believe becoming a familiar is an honor, others that it’s something to be feared and one kiss is all it takes. Join each couple as they fall in love and navigate what being familiar mates means to them.

Discover the world of the Familiar Mates with book 1, the Witch’s Familiar!

Currently Available: Witch’s Familiar (Book 1) | Vampire’s Familiar (Book 2) | Rock Star’s Familiar (Book 3) | The Vet’s Christmas Familiar (Book 4)

Release Date 3/28: The Detective’s Familiar (Book 5) 

Pre-Order: The Siren’s Familiar (Book 6)

SERIES: $ 3.99 for each book or read in Kindle Unlimited

Emerett Has Never Been In Love (Love, Austen Book 1) by Anyta Sunday

A man who acts before he thinks, a man who thinks before he acts, and the ensuing mishaps on the path to the ultimate love match.

“. . . [T]here may be a hundred different ways of being in love.”
~ Jane Austen

And a hundred different ways not to recognize it.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The Foreman and the Drifter: A Gay M/M Cowboy Romance (Farthingdale Ranch Book 1) by Jackie North

“If only Leland would forget that Jamie was a drifter. If only he’d give their hearts a chance.”

With Farthingdale Ranch at risk, Leland Tate, ranch manager, has to get tough and make sure everyone on the ranch follows the rules he’s laid out. That means no handouts, no fraternizing, and no drifters.

But what happens when a young drifter comes looking for a job? What happens when that drifter makes Leland want to break all the rules?

A gay, m/m cowboy romance with age gap, hurt/comfort, first time, rescue, sunshine/grumpy, boss/employee, emotional scars, and opposites attract. A little sweet, a little steamy, with a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Second Nature (Shape-Shifter Book 1) by Jae

For solitary novelist Jorie Price, true love is as fictional as the shape-shifting creatures she writes about. But when her work gets too close to the truth, shape-shifter Griffin Westmore is sent in to investigate. When Griffin unexpectedly finds herself drawn to Jorie, her world is turned upside-down. Hell, she’s supposed to kill the human, not fall in love with her! How can she complete her mission now?

SALE: FREE (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

After Happily Ever After, Edited by Astrid Ohletz & Alex K. Thorne

What if the story didn’t have to end? This anthology gives you the after happily-ever-after for eleven popular lesbian romances by authors such as Jae, Lee Winter, Lola Keeley, Roslyn Sinclair, RJ Nolan, Chris Zett, Cheyenne Blue, Alex K. Thorne, and G Benson.

These charming, funny, and entertaining short stories can each be read as standalone pieces to whisk you into new and different worlds…or immerse you in universes you already know and love, and can’t wait to revisit.

SALE: FREE (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Falling for Trouble (His Best Friend’s Brother Book 5) by R Cayden

Steamy trouble with his best friend’s long lost brother. Falling for Trouble is a steamy, low-angst MM romance with an HEA. Peyton and Jet’s story features sizzling heat, new beginnings, and a man learning to accept that he’s become a hot bear.

NEW RELEASE SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Claimed : Ramjin Alien Warrior Mates (The Hidden Nebula War Book 1) by Leona Windwalker

I feel a great love, and I know what will set my beloved’s heart free. A life with me would never be enough while he remains captive. If I wish to declare and prove my love to him, I must do it by setting him free. With my military position and the backing of others within the rebellion, I have a plan to get him home and expose my people and our crimes to the rest of the galaxy. I know I will be seen as the enemy, but as long as he knows the truth and the evil is stopped, I can die a happy male.

For love, honor, and justice!

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon

Omega for the Pack: M/M/M/M/M/M Dark Romance Mpreg (The Stars of the Pack Book 1) by NJ Lysk

Five alphas.
One omega.
The fate of their pack is in their hands.
But what about the fate of their hearts?

When Ray presents as an omega instead of an alpha, his life changes forever. As a male omega, he’s expected to mate with a select group of alphas.

One of them is his best friend, Josh, who Ray was sure could never return his feelings. But now they all must deal with the mating instinct that the power of the Moon brings out in them; and after that… Ray will have bigger problems than a crush.

Can Ray become the submissive omega his pack needs him to be? Will the alphas understand how hard it is for him, or demand more than he can give?

FREE at all retailers

The Young Man’s Guide to Love and Loyalty: MM Alternate Historical Romance by Clara Merrick

Loyalty is Lieutenant Owain Morgan’s watchword—loyalty to England’s Queen Elizabeth XII, to her daughter the Princess of Wales, and to the Royal Navy in which he serves. When his loyalty leads him into danger, an unseen something—or someone—lends a helping hand.

Enter the intriguing Benjamin Fletcher. Owain knows that sharing a drink and a steamy afternoon together doesn’t have to mean anything, but Benjamin’s quiet charm works its way into his heart…. Until Benjamin turns out not be all he seems.

Every encounter with Benjamin binds Owain’s heart more tightly to this enigmatic man yet tests his loyalty to Queen and Country. Will Owain be forced to choose between love and loyalty?

This magical alternate history contains adventure, mysterious happenings, fumbling lovers, and a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Memory Lane (Pine Cove Book 5) by HJ Welch

Childhood best friends get a second chance in this unforgettable romance

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Foxes by Suki Fleet

Danny finds interaction difficult and must keep his world small in order to survive. By day he lives in an abandoned swimming pool and fixes electrical devices to trade for supplies, but by night, alone, he hunts sharks—a reckless search for the dangerous men who prey on the vulnerable. A search for his best friend’s killer.

A chance meeting with an American boy selling himself on the streets throws Danny’s lonely existence into disarray. Micky is troubled, fragile, and Danny feels a desperate need to protect him. Though from what, he doesn’t know.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 5.99) on Amazon and available with KU

AUDIOBOOK: Love Always, Wild by AM Johnson. Narrated by Kirt Graves & Tim Paige. [9h21m]

After a tragic accident, Jax makes a choice that separates him from Wilder, the one person he’s ever loved, and a life where he is able to live as his authentic self. Ten years later, Wilder is living his “best life” in Atlanta as an author, while Jax is miserable living a lie. One night changes everything, when Jax finds Wilder’s book and the story inside hits a little too close to home. Miles and time separate these two men, but love has always connected them.

Love Always, Wild is a full-length emotional standalone, HEA, contemporary MM romance featuring second chances, southern accents, a cat named Gandalf, and a sassy best friend who moonlights as a therapist.

Audible (Regular: $17.49; Members: $12.24 or 1 Credit); $7.49 w/Whispersync | EBOOK: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Coaching the Nerd: An Opposites Attract, Campus MM Romance (Nerds vs Jocks) by Eli Easton & Tara Lain

Super-bod meets super-brain

What happens when marshmallow-bodied supernerd Sean volunteers to be on the jocks’ flag-football team? It screws Bubba’s fraternity’s chances at the coveted flag football title, that’s what.

Bubba is drafted to be Sean’s personal trainer. He has to whip Sean into shape and make sure he doesn’t F up their team.

Sean may be a supernerd, but to Bubba he’s funny, and wise, and kinda cute. He’s also the one person on campus who doesn’t see Bubba as a big, stupid jock.

One BIG problem. Sean’s motivation for getting into shape is to lose his virginity — and Bubba isn’t happy when guys start sniffing around.

But Bubba’s straight. Isn’t he?

Can a big, dumb jock from Nowhere, Wisconsin change his whole life for a genius who just wants to get laid?

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Strawberry Pie Smooches (Bake Sale Bachelors Season Two Book 9) by Colbie Dunbar

I only have pies for you.

Alpha Simon’s day job is demanding. One of his favorite ways to unwind is by reading and coming up with great puns. You could say he thinks they’re egg-cellent. He’s also a skilled baker.

Guy, an omega who works at the same company as Simon and whose job is equally high-stress, runs an online joke site in his spare time.

Simon is peeved when a pun he submits anonymously to the site is rejected. Guy dismisses the childish behavior but is intrigued by an alpha he brushes past in the office elevator, with neither of them knowing they’ve interacted online.

Strawberry Pie Smooches features an alpha and omega brought together by the love of pies, puns, and all things sweet.

What’s not to love about love at almost first sight, and strawberry pie with a dollop of cream on top?

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Fascination Series Boxed Set: Books 1-3 by Sky McCoy

A chance encounter between a seemingly straight man and obviously gay man. The sparks will fly in this blisteringly hot romantic boxed set with fake boyfriend, hurt/comfort, and HEA.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 8.99) on Amazon

Rebel: An Outlawed Story by Sally Malcolm

Falling in love on the brink of the American Revolution…

When dazzling, sophisticated Nate Tanner walks into Sam Hutchinson’s law office one crisp fall morning in 1774, he has no idea that his sedate world is about to be turned upside down…

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Caleb (Carnal Pleasures Book 3) by Summer Stanton

Caleb Knightly is a Professional submissive at Carnal Pleasures. After escaping a dangerous situation and reluctantly being turned into a Vampire, he is finally happy with his life. He doesn’t need, or want, anything else. Until fate decides to turn his world upside down—again.

Callum Rutters and Eli Dran’s complex relationship keeps things interesting and they couldn’t be happier. Until fate throws them into the path of someone they never knew they needed. Now, they have to convince Caleb that being bonded doesn’t mean he’ll lose his autonomy.
Just as the three men are beginning to find their footing and learning how they work as a three, fate steps in once more. This time in the form of Lucian Drake, local Pack Alpha.

Separately, the four men are vastly different, but together they have something extraordinary. It may not be conventional but it can be all theirs—if they survive.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Three Shots by Brigham Vaughn

An amateur musician, a computer designer, and a tavern owner walk into a bar: it’ll take three shots to get this right…

When Reeve Jenkins picks up his guitar to sing at a local dive bar, the last thing he expects is to bring a guy home that night. Grant McGuire is a man drowning his sorrows in bed after a painful breakup. Having some fun in bed is easy for the two of them but pursuing a relationship never feels quite right.

Rachael Bradford has seen a lot of attractive men walk into her tavern but she’s too busy running it to worry about taking any of them home. The chemistry between them is off the charts but when Reeve and Grant offer her more than a quick fantasy, they’ll have to figure out how to navigate an openly poly relationship in the small town of Pendleton Bay.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The Frogman and the Spy: A M/M Superhero Romance (Royal Powers II Book 2) by Irene Preston & Liv Rancourt

Spy vs Spy

Jim Calhoun and his sister Lori are just two Americans in North Abarra exploring their roots. They are definitely not off-duty CIA agents.

Enzo da Silva is the head groundskeeper on Princess Odile’s country estate. He is definitely what he seems to be – the guy who trims the hedge maze and measures oxygen levels in the national forest.

The Princess’s birthday bash is a major celebration every year. As the big day approaches, a series of accidents plague the preparations. It’s almost like someone wants things to go wrong. But it’s not as though two commoners like Jim and Enzo – with absolutely no super powers – can stop a rogue supervillian. And if Jim and Enzo keep showing up at the same crime scenes, it’s not because they can’t keep their eyes off each other.

Definitely not.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Twenty-One Arrow Salute: An Order Series Novella Book 2.5 (The Order) by Kasia Bacon

Verhan Tŭrryés of Black Mountain is a handful.
Freshly enlisted in the Highland Regiment, he does all he can to steer clear of responsibility and commitment. Loose of tongue and morals, he rarely misses an opportunity to get into trouble—and the other archers’ knickers, too.

In a unit composed almost entirely of Dark Elves, Hernan Seinnés, with his green eyes and auburn hair, is an outsider. When Verhan, up the creek again, is blackmailed into helping Hernan, he never expects to fall for him. But during the hours spent training Hernan for the Honour Guard, feelings strike the Highlander right in the heart—with the force of an arrow.

Unversed in relationships, Verhan finally plucks up enough courage to tell Hernan how he feels, only to drive the Asirhwӱnian away instead. If Verhan can swallow his pride, he might get one last chance—and maybe this time he can hit the mark.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 2.99) on Amazon and available with KU

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