LGBT Romance Deals 5/24

EBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Magazines and Motorcycles (Sports Stringer Book 1) by Lynn Michaels

Jason Gibbons:

As an ace sports reporter, Jason is revving up for his next big story—Ryker Brennan, Supercross star, sexy and solid. He captivates Jason like no one else ever has.

“Despite having told myself not to get worked up, I am. And it pisses me off. Ryker Brennan is under my skin, and nothing good is going to come from that.”

Ryker Brennan:

Motorcycles are his passion. He’s a little sweet and a heck of a lot of wild rolled into a 250 racer who’s always primed for the next big win. Then Jason Gibbons rolls into Ryker’s life, and now his wheels are spinning.

“I fell and got a mouth full of dirt. That’s racing. The bike just got away from me, kind of like Jason did after that kiss. So why was I still thinking about him?”

When life gives them a gnarly track to follow, they have to get dialed in for the next jump. Will they accept the challenge?

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

AUDIOBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Illusion: Fire & Brimstone Scroll 3—Gay Paranormal Romance by Nikole Knight. Narrated by Kirt Graves. [11h40m]

Riley’s Guardians are breaking apart, and he fears he can’t put them back together again.

A hybrid born of an Angel-Fallen union, Riley Shepard is an anomaly coveted by both sides of an ancient war. But he doesn’t want to fight their war; he has his own battles to face. As his family fractures, bonds are tested, and forbidden feelings threaten to tear his heart into bloody thirds.

When the next attack comes, is he strong enough to separate truth from lies, allies from enemies, reality from fantasy? How can Riley know what’s true when he doesn’t even know what’s real?

Life isn’t simple, love is complicated, and reality is terrifyingly blurry.

Illusion is the third book in the slow-burn harem/poly romance series, Fire & Brimstone, featuring hurt/comfort, broken but brave guardian angels, the first spicy taste of love, and an unlikely hero who learns to embrace his deepest desires.

Audible (Regular: $24.95; Members: $17.46 or 1 Credit; Whispersync $7.49) | Ebook: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Intelligence Check (Dungeons and Dating Book 3) by Katherine McIntyre

Mason gives people too many chances, Hunter gives too few, but are they willing to take a chance on each other?

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

oceans that swim (Kings of Airlie Book 1) by Casey Cox

Terry King may have been born into kitesurfing royalty, but he’s been overlooked and overshadowed his entire life. He’s also harboring a crush on his older brother’s best friend, Richie Brown, a six-foot-four, anxiety-riddled, ginger teddy bear who writes heart-melting poetry.

Richie knows better than anyone why Terry King is strictly off-limits. They grew up together. They’re practically family. Richie’s seven years older. Terry is his best mate’s younger brother… But then there’s the biggest reason of all. A closely guarded secret Richie’s never revealed to a single soul.

Terry is determined to defend his world title and turn his dreams into reality. But when life throws a spanner into his season, and with the King family remaining as stubbornly dysfunctional as ever––will Terry be able to get Richie to see him as more than just the kid he grew up with?

SALE: FREE (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Late Bloomer (Second Impressions Book 1) by Silvan Ash

Is a year and a half enough to turn friendship into love? 

Davey Bloom – twenty-five, newly single, and awkward as a cow on a crutch – has something to prove to himself and his family. When he accepts a job secondment to move halfway across England for eighteen months, no one (not even himself) is convinced that he’ll manage on his own for that long.

Enter his new flatmate Rob, who is steady, funny, dependable and pretty much perfect.

Is there enough time for something to bloom between them? Or are those feelings destined to wither on the vine?

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Flaring Ember: Wolf shifters of Norse Lore (The Vargr Book 4) by Meraki P Lyhne

Matt is finally reaching the age to get the Bite from his Pack Alpha.

The Vargr in him is ready to rise.

With all the problems the packs are facing, a strong Alpha is needed.

But will he rise to the many expectations of being Sköll?

NEW RELEASE: $ 5.99 at all retailers

MM Sci-Fi Romance (3 book series) by Deanna Wadsworth

The MM Sci-Fi Romance series is a trilogy of erotic, graphic gay romances set on an isolated planet in an alien “bug” infested universe. The stories should be read in order, and all end with a happily ever after, or happy for now.

$ 2.99 each on Amazon and available with KU

Silent Knight: A Fog City Novel by Layla Reyne

Holt Madigan has had the worst year of his life and that’s saying something for a man who nearly died in combat. Through it all, his best friend Brax stood by his side, even though Holt is a criminal and Brax is the chief of police. When tensions come to a head between the law and the Madigans, Brax has no choice but to pull away to protect Holt. But when Brax’s career and life are threatened, Holt has no choice but to unleash all his digital assassin skills on their enemies—and fourteen years’ worth of growing love and affection on his best friend.

SALE: $ 0.99 at Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

Also available on audio. Narrated by Christian Leatherman. [9h3m]. Audible (Regular: $19.95; Members: $ 13.96 or 1 Credit; $ 7.49 w/Whispersync)

Ruled by TM Chris

When Prince Cyrrus Maccucius insists on being taken as hostage in his sister’s place, he imagines he’s doing an honorable thing. But he has no idea what kind of environment he’s heading into. From his humiliating arrival to his devastating surrender, Cyrrus is teased, tortured, and taught his place by a host of men, most particularly his sternly distant trainer, Torun. Cyrrus’s cell is nightly visited by opportunistic guards, and his days consist of struggling to maintain an erection without ever being allowed to climax. In the midst of this horny subjugation, Cyrrus discovers his true nature.

Includes: herbal aphrodisiacs, itching oil, orgasm denial, sounding, prostate milking, erotic pain, gangbangs, humiliation, dubcon, slut shaming, internalized homophobia, and erections lasting longer than four hours.

Doesn’t include a monogamous HEA.

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Incubus Bonded (The Incubus Series Book 2) by AH Lee

Mal is an incubus, poised to finally take revenge upon the sorcerer who bound him. There’s only one problem: he’s fallen in love.

Though this is book 2 in the series, each can be read as a standalone. Also available on audio. Narrated by Lauren Harris. [9h49m]. Chirp: $ 5.99.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

The Royal Roommate Disaster (Frat Brats of Santa Barbara Book 2) by Hayden Hall

My crown never weighed as heavy as when I had to leave the guy I love.

The Royal Roommate Disaster is the second book in Frat Brats of Santa Barbara series. It features one bad-boy-turned-nice, one sweet, secret prince who wants to break free, all the steam you can handle, heart-melting sweetness, and a guaranteed happily ever after. It can be read on its own, but it’s just more fun to read it after The Fake Boyfriends Debacle.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Rage Unleashed: Wrecked by JK Jones

This maddening infatuation has destroyed him.

And the worst part was, Damian let it.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

An Omega Bear for Kit: An MM Shifter Mpreg Romance (Bruin Ridge Bear-Ginnings Book 2) by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

Grant didn’t know an omega could become Beta of his Bear Den, but that’s exactly what just happened.

Omega bear shifter Grant loves all of the positive changes that his den has seen since their new Alpha arrived. But he yearns to take another step and do what no one from his den has attempted—get a college education.

Alpha mountain lion shifter Kit enjoys his life in the city. Great food, fun nightlife, and best of all… no pack politics. That’s until his pack’s Alpha sends word he’s needed at home. Kit has no choice but to agree and decides to take a detour to the Bruin Ridge shifters to visit his old roommate, their new Alpha.

Kit’s short trip is complicated when he scents his true mate and doubly complicated when Grant, his fated, is named den Beta.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The First Door (Café Seuil Short Stories) by KP Maxwell

Damien Lambert has dropped out of law school. He finds himself running away to Portland, Oregon, after leaving his life in Seattle behind. He has nothing lined up, too much debt to think about, and nothing to look forward to.

After a drunken night out with an old acquaintance, Damien stumbles upon a mysterious door in a dark alleyway. What does he have to lose? But when he walks through it, he ends up somewhere entirely unexpected…

FREE on Amazon US & all retailers. Also available on Bookfunnel.

Riding Sin: Wounded Inked MC Series: Book 1 by Sky McCoy

“It started one night, in one room, with one look, and one kiss.”

Morgan Sinclair left the Army a broken man, but established his own security company with his brothers, Jack and Logan. After all, he needed to make a living and he couldn’t spend his life with the Wounded Inked MC club drinking and womanizing his way through one town after another.

One night on duty, a handsome stranger made Morgan an offer he couldn’t refuse. Morgan accepted the proposition against his better judgement, because he’d always been straight, and just this once when his body hungered for something different, he took a chance that no one would discover what he’d done that one night, and in that one room. Straight to gay, enemies to lovers.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Double Dare (Dare Menage Series Book 1) by Jeanne St James

One woman. Two men. And a simple dare that changes everything…

Thanks to a dare from her friends at a wedding, Quinn finds herself in a sexy ménage with businessman Logan — and his lover, ex-football player Tyson. Can this good girl learn to walk on the wild side?

Available on audio. Narrated by Ava LucasTeddy Hamilton, & J. F. Harding. [7h15m]. Audible (Regular: $14.95; Members: $10.46 or 1 Credit; $7.49 w/Whispersync)

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

Always: An M/M College Romance (Indigo Falls College Book 1) by Loren Leigh

I avoid Kepler Quinn. He does… something to me, a quickening of breath. A zap low along my spine.

But he isn’t just a random guy. He’s my brother’s best friend. He’s also my TA for physics. And also, a guy, which is new for me.

But suddenly, I can’t avoid him when we’re in the back stacks of the library—alone. And instead of walking away from him, I let out the two words that are burning in my throat:

“Kiss me.”

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Covert Strength (Crush Book 7) by Elouise East

As a single father, Zak tries to find a balance between his son, his business and his friends. When loneliness seeps in, he loses himself in a one-night stand. That night turns into more than he bargained for, and he finds himself adrift, not knowing the right course of action.

Ex-Army officer, Kenzo, needs to help everyone. After letting down his best friend at the moment he needed him, Kenzo is trying to make up for it. One night with Zak reminds him how precious life is, and he works harder to be the best he can be. Keeping his roommate’s secret is taking its toll, and his relationship with Zak suffers.

Unable to deny their connection, Zak and Kenzo try to work out a future for themselves, but secrets are still being kept. Ones that threaten their foundation.

What happens when the columns of emotional support begin to crumble?

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

The Lies of Gravity: Lost in Between #1 by CN Marie & Lizzie James

I was a player. Relationships and me never seemed to work out. I was career-driven and focused on my goals. I had no clue how my life was about to change when he blew into my world. I always thought I was an open book. Unfortunately, there was a secret in my life that could possibly destroy us. How wrong was I? I was completely unprepared for how much damage one secret could cause.

Watching my friends get married, it changed me. For the first time, it made me want to be as happy as they were. Unfortunately, when my forever did turn up, I would push him away. That the lies & secrets would push us apart and create a distance that I had no clue how to fix.

These two were like gravity… Will they let the lies & secrets continue to come between them?

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

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