ARC Club & Reviews

If you’re interested in reading and reviewing ARCs or are an author looking for reviews, please check out the post below.

This is a FREE service for the authors promoting with me or wanting to promote with me 🙂


First of all, a few rules for reviewers  (most are pretty clear, but I need to spell it out)

1. The books you’re given are usually not yet published books. Sometimes, there might be a spelling error or something like that in them. If you want, you can let the author know. However, don’t base your review on that. Chances are it will be fixed until the books goes up for sale.


2. Don’t sell the book or give it to someone else. (Yes, it makes me sad to write that, but it’s the hard truth.) The author trusts you with a book that’s not yet published. The worst thing is for the book turning up on a pirate site. 99.9% of reviewers are absolutely honest, but sadly, it’s happened before, so we have to protect all of us. (Because if an author’s book turns up on a pirate site before release, said author won’t ever give away a review copy. There are “reviewers” out there who are bragging about receiving every book they want and uploading it on pirate pages!)

That’s why the books will come watermarked and we’ll collect the email addresses of those who download the books. This is simply to track who’ll download which book and to protect those who are honest reviewers. You’ll have to sign up to a list in order to get the book. This won’t be a real list, but just a way to collect the email addys. (Instafreebie offers no other way)


3. Stay kind. You don’t have to write a good review (write a honest one, please!! If you think the book deserves two stars, give it two stars), but you’re not allowed to write hurtful things. If I see that, you won’t be given any more ARCs.


4. Same goes for authors. If you attack a reviewer, you’re done here.


5. Post your reviews on time or let the author or me know if you won’t make it. Also, if a book is a DNF (Did Not Finish), let me know. You won’t have to write a review then. (my email: Chris(a) )


6. With downloading a book you agree to those rules. Same goes for authors, with giving me the permission to send out the ARC requests, you agree to those rules as well.


7. Be kind, be fair, enjoy our love for books. 🙂


Those are hard rules. If I see anyone violating them, you will be blacklisted. NO excuses, NO second chances.



This is how it’ll work:

I’ll send out emails with the cover, the blurb, the due date, where the author wants the review posted.
There’ll be also a way included how you’re receiving the books. Sometimes, it will be an email addy of an author, so they can email you the files directly. Sometimes it will be a link where you can download the book. (Usually, it will be available in .mobi, .epub and .pdf)

If there’s a limit of copies, I will tell you (we’ve got over 100 interesed reviewers right now, and the numbers are growing rapidly, so please understand that not every author can give away that many copies.)
Usually revies should be posted on Amazon and maybe GR, but I’ll leave that open to you guys. Some of us don’t like GR at all, so I won’t force anyone to go there.
If you don’t want to read a book, simply don’t download it. You’re welcome to email my anytime, but please, please don’t email me every time you don’t download a book. With about 4-6 review requests and over 100 reviewers, you can imagine what will happen with my inbox if you all tell me your reasons for downloading or not downloading. I’m always there for you for a chat, a few nice words, to help you. Really. Just… don’t make my inbox explode  🙂


If you’ve downloaded the book, read it, write the review, let the author know if you’ve written a good review. (For example, tag them on fb) If you didn’t like the book, I recommend to not tag him or her, because it’s hard to read a bad review on release day. (see rule 3. Be kind) You don’t have to send links with your reviews to me, but you’re welcome to do it. (I’ll forward them to the author, too)


I’ll leave it up to you how much you’ll write. You don’t have to write a novel, recap everything that happens or something like that, but a couple of sentences would be nice. Simply say what you’ve loved, what you didn’t like, and it’s good. Also, you don’t have to include that you received an ARC.


If anything else comes up, please let me know. (I won’t bite)


Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to working with you!

If you want to be included (as author or reviewer), please send me an email and add your Amazon reviewer name. (Otherwise keeping track of reviews is hard since a lot of you have quite creative names…)

Much love,