Author FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


Requirements: Books (except new releases) need at least a 3.5 stars rating on Amazon. They also *should* have an error free blurb and a catching cover. We’ll promote romance, erotica, paranormal and everything else, as long as it doesn’t include sexual activities of/with underage characters, bestiality and other things generally not accepted. You probably know what we mean. We reserve the right to refuse promotion of a book we believe is violating the trust our readers have in us.


Discounted books should be at least 25% off, although $ 0.99 or free sells best. We will do our best to post them as close to the discounted dates as possible.
Your book doesn’t have to be discounted, nor does it have to be a new release!


Why is GLBT Romance Deals different?
Well, mainly because there is a large difference between sending out newsletters and sending out newsletters that will be read. We have huge giveaways to make sure the newsletters will actually be opened. You want the best response from readers? Then promote with us!


Which genres do you accept?
Everything except hetero. It’s that simple. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans*, asexual, menage? You write it, we promote it! 😉

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