Newsletter Friday, March 3rd

Hello and happy Friday!

Great to have you all here! I’ve created a group on facebook to hang out and chat with each other. Please come and join us!  Authors are invited to join as well, so we can do takeovers, giveaways… let’s have some fun!


Our ARC Club is growing nicely as well, if you want to join this one, please email me. ( Here’s also a link to the rules and guidelines


We also have a winner for the Kindle Fire or E-Reader! Congratulations, Jennifer!

This month we’re giving away a 6 Month Prime Subscription!


Happy Reading!



Ryker & Gavin by A.D. Ellis


Gavin Mitchel has resigned himself to a lonely and unfulfilling love life, but his first meeting with Ryker Hudson is as steamy as it is random, which is precisely the way Ryker likes it. Their second meeting, while equally random, is beyond awkward.

Although a fourteen-year age difference stands in their way, a much larger obstacle is also blocking their path. Together, Ryker and Gavin must find the strength to overcome the roadblocks or bid farewell to their happily ever after.

**This is a male/male romance meant for ages 18+ due to adult language and situations.**

5166aqeekflThe Moore the Merrier by Alex Miska


“Our family will always have room for a few more Moores.”

The Moore family is growing exponentially this year! All three brothers are enjoying their Happily-Ever-Afters. Julian and Xander only have four weeks to plan their dream wedding and are waiting impatiently to welcome two homeless teens into their family. Amidst all the merriment, Chance discovers that he has siblings, and they need his help. He’s forced to confront his past, but he won’t have to face it alone.


THE MOORE THE MERRIER is a funny, heart-warming, steamy, 57k-word MM gay romance. This Moore Romance ‘novella’ (Book #2.5) takes place immediately after the events in Book 2: Love You, Moore. It is written in third-person from the point of view of 6 people and their pets, with a HEA ending and no cliffhangers.

THIS BOOK IS NOT A STAND-ALONE STORY. The first chapter reveals the ending of Book 2: Love You, Moore. We STRONGLY recommend that you first read Book 2, Love You Moore. You might wish to read Book 1, A Chance for Moore, as well.

51ttlb09g8lSliding Into Home by Aubrey Cullens


Oscar wants to play it safe —

Oscar Rosales Ortega is the first openly gay player in Major League Baseball. The fans call him “Oro” — both for his initials and for his golden touch with a bat — and say he’s destined for the Hall of Fame.

Oscar knows that the men in his life are more interested in the baseball star than in the man, and he’s learned to enjoy the perks of his celebrity while protecting his heart.

Danny won’t ask for more —

Buried by his late mother’s medical expenses, Danny Sawyer foregoes college and takes every job he can get just to keep his head above water. When he opens his home to friends in need, the makeshift family they create gives him everything he could ask for: people to love.

Danny is determined to give the people he cares about what they need. Taking care of others makes him happy. It’s never occurred to him to want something for himself.

Some things are meant to be —

From the moment they meet, Oscar and Danny are pulled toward each other. Oscar has been hurt, and his feelings scare him. Danny has never looked at a man, and his attraction surprises him.

They each have their reasons for not believing, but in the aftermath of violence, if they can learn to trust — and are brave enough to risk their hearts — these two men who aren’t looking will find the very thing they need… love.

51v0efmz45lScarred by Mia Kerrick


From bestselling author Mia Kerick comes a new Gay Romance that will keep you up reading all night!

Matthew North waited ten years to heal from the devastating wounds inflicted by the man who abducted and abused him as a child. Living reclusively on a tropical island—with no company but his four cats—he merely avoids the lingering pain.

Wearing twisted ropes of mutilated skin on his back, Matt struggles with a profound hindrance—the scars that deaden his soul. However, on the night he meets lively Vedie Wilson, a local restaurant busboy who expresses his gender by wearing lipgloss and eyeliner along with his three-day beard, things change.

Gradually, Vedie and Matt unite in friendship. Through a series of awkward encounters, the pair learns each other’s secrets. Vedie learns that an angelic face can front for a scarred soul. Matthew learns that the line between one’s masculine and feminine sides is blurred. Can they embrace the painful stories behind each other’s scars if they’re to find everlasting love? Or will surrendered love come to be yet another blemish on their souls?

51lnttq3jml-2Incoming by A.E. Wasp

Deal: 0.99!


What happens when what you need could cost you everything you’ve ever wanted?

What Dmitri Wellington wants is out – out of debt, out of his rundown farmhouse, and out of Red Deer, Colorado. Salvation beckons in the form of a job opportunity in California.

What newly-discharged army veteran Troy Johnson wants is simply to lay down – lay down his weapon, lay down some roots, and lay down the memories that haunt him. Red Deer sounds like the perfect place to do it.

Sparks fly when their paths cross one hot Fourth of July weekend, and suddenly they find that what they need is each other.

But the memories Troy is running from are hot on his heels and, whether Troy wants it or not, Dmitri is determined to save him from the demons he hadn’t even realized he was fighting.


51w2grm1holPaper Hearts by A.E. Wasp

Deal: 0.99


You never forget your first love. No matter how hard you try.

After getting caught making out with a boy in his parent’s kitchen the day of his high school graduation, Benito Quintana left his best friend (and unrequited crush) Mikey behind when he stormed off in a righteous teenage rage and joined the Marines.

The whole Marines thing didn’t work out so well, but one dishonorable discharge and a few alcohol-soaked years later, things are looking up. He’s almost a year sober. He has a new job, in a new town where no one knows his history of failure, so he can start fresh. He’s totally got this.

Michael Washington had his life all planned out. But seeing Benny with his tongue down some guy’s throat short-circuited his brain, and everything he thought he knew about himself went right out the window. Benny left before Mikey could get his head straightened out, and Mikey never did get the chance to explain.

Mikey’s world crumbled again when the death of his wife forced him to drop out of law school to raise his infant daughter. Four years later and he’s just getting his feet under him. Mikey is ready to give in to his long-suppressed desires. What better place than the Pride Masquerade Party for an anonymous hookup?

It isn’t until the masks come off that Mikey realizes he’s screwed in more ways than one.

tamingwar510w-500x750Taming War by Charlie Richards

Extasy Books

Just a little Love Bite: When the unexpected happens, it doesn’t always mean the end.

When the Horseman of War decides to have a little fun and he accompanies a favored demon into the human realm to join in a skirmish, he never expects to meet a vampire that jumpstarts his libido. A romp with Monte Hanover would be fun, passionate, and maybe even worthy of a repeat…after they finish the battle, of course. To his surprise, he helps rescue a prairie dog shifter that brings out protective instincts he didn’t even know he was capable of. Unfortunately, little Xerxes turns out to be Monte’s beloved. Scratching his itch with either man seems unlikely. Then, the unthinkable happens, and he realizes without his intervention, it would mean the death of both men. Can he take that leap? Or will War decide two lives, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t really worth the changes he’d need to make?

Enter the giveaway to win!


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