LGBT Romance Deals Friday, July 14th


Like a Torrent by Olivette Devaux & Mason Winters


Navigating a new relationship? Hard. Doing so as an ill-trained elementalist? Impossible – but odds improve when well-meaning family steps in.
Ash, the water-whisperer, and Cooper, the earth elementalist, seek help from Cooper’s grandparents while at their small farm in upstate New York. Fessing up to grandma might lessen the horror of their power control issues. When Ash and Cooper are together, the earth moves and the rivers rise to flood stage.
Keeping their relationship going without leveling the city pales in comparison to facing off with the greedy Brian Clegg and his gang. Brian works for the environmentally destructive frackers, threatening Pittsburgh like never before.
Two men. Their love. Their leadership. Will they rise to the occasion? And will Pittsburgh survive their struggle to set an evil deed to rest?
Book 2 in the Disorderly Elements series, LIKE A TORRENT features paranormal battles, a spicy romance with two hot guys in love, and a Japanese sword with a mind of its own. For adult audiences only.

51qRbNACTQLInfectious Love by Aiden Bates


An omega with a mission. An alpha sworn to serve and protect. And an outbreak that will change both of their lives forever.

Dave Stanek has spent the past decade of his life trying to atone for his family’s sins. While his parents bilked thousands out of their life’s savings and tried to bring him into the family business, Dave has built a successful career in medicine as an infectious disease specialist at Silver Oak Medical Center.

Ken Sykora has seen a lot during his time in the Army and during his years on the force. When someone finds a vial at the scene of a meningitis outbreak, he’s obliged to consult with the Infectious Disease Specialist at Silver Oak Hospital.

When Dave is assigned a meningitis case one evening, he finds himself face to face with the most attractive alpha cop he’s ever seen – and neck-deep in a biological terror case.

Ken shares Dave’s attraction, notwithstanding the doctor’s superiority complex. Despite the gravity of the case they’re working, their mutual desire proves too much to contain. But when a night of pleasure leads to unintended consequences, they’ll have to decide if they can overcome their differences and build a life together – while catching a killer.

Overflowing with passionate, explicit scenes of gay alpha/omega mpreg romance, Infectious Love is a 52,000 words and intended for adult readers only.

51y8-FJSZdLFear of Getting Burned by Peter Styles


He’s one hot firefighter who’s afraid to get burned.

When Kyle saves a sexy Jewish man from a fire, things start to really heat up. Growing up with a mother he couldn’t count on, Kyle fears getting too close to someone. But as Kyle and Rick grow closer and their relationship blossoms into something more, Kyle falls for the man who tears down the walls around his heart.

But when they both discover that the innocent fire that engulfed Rick was more deadly than they ever realized, Kyle struggles with the truth. Someone doesn’t condone Rick’s heritage or lifestyle and will stop at nothing until the gay Jewish man is dead.

Now, Kyle is about to get a lesson of his own. With Rick’s bravery and strength guiding him, Kyle learns that true love starts with trust. But can this firefighter fight the fear that’s held him back his entire life?

In this 25,000 word gay romance novel, two men fight the hatred in society that plagues all oppressed groups. But with their own courage and strength, they find a way to battle the fear that stifles them. With steamy scenes and strong sexual content, both men will learn the most important lesson of all: love always wins.

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