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This is the last newsletter before Christmas and time has really flown by. In a few days, the newsletter will be one year old. The last year was amazing and I can’t thank you enough for making it happen. Every one of you supports this newsletter and the authors advertising here and that’s simply awesome!!

As a thank you, there’ll be a huge giveaway next week, with lots of free books! We’ll have a regular newsletter on 26th, and then the big one on 28th (that’s Thursday). There won’t be a regular newsletter on Friday next week.

Until then: Merry Christmas, enjoy time with your loved ones!



51nf7vcPgKLSPOTLIGHT!! An Ex, A Dog and Winter Wonderland by Alina Popescu


What could be worse than a breakup right before Christmas? An old flame who broke you barging back into your life…

Vlad has his life together. Great job, great home set in a typical winter wonderland mountain resort, a loving dog, and amazing friends. On top of that, he loves Christmas. All’s jolly until the universe conspires to ruin it for him: breaking up with his flaky boyfriend days before the holidays, his former best friend who broke Vlad’s heart returning home, and enough snow to ruin all of Vlad’s plans.

Vlad knows why Geo came home to Romania: to visit his family for Christmas. He wasn’t supposed to meet Vlad at the airport, or spend a few days at Vlad’s place while his parents are snowed in elsewhere. To protect himself, Vlad does his best to avoid any real connection, but old habits die hard and they find themselves entangled once more.

The last time Geo left him, Vlad almost failed to put the pieces back together. However close they get this time, it won’t change the fact Geo has to return to his life in another country. Is a little holiday romance worth the heartbreak Vlad knows he’ll have to face?

An Ex, a Dog, and Winter Wonderlands is a perfect read for those who love Christmas romances and second chances.

516vEXL7nwLSPOTLIGHT!! The Omega’s Christmas Wish by Alex Miska


I will not jump my sexy boss.

Not in the car.

Not under the stars.

Not at the light.

Well… maybe I might.

No! I will not jump him here or there.

I will not jump him anywhere.

I will not jump my sexy boss. I will not jump you, To-bi-as!


TOBIAS is a salty, snarky omega who doesn’t play well with others. But does he really need more friends than the sister he adores and the puppies at the shelter where he volunteers? The only thing keeping Tobias’ job safe is his pliable assistant, Malcolm — an alpha who knows his way around code and takes care of everything and everyone for which Tobias has no patience.

MALCOLM is willing to be an omega’s PA, if it means getting a foot in the door at a prestigious tech company. It’s essentially a paid internship — Tobias helps him grow as a programmer, and the alpha provides a buffer between Tobias and the world at large. Without Mal’s help, the little guy would either starve or freeze to death… or get stabbed by another coworker.

When an alpha-omega matchmaker sets them up on a date, one stolen kiss confirms what their wolves already knew — they’ve found their True Mate. If only they could find a way around the company’s strict non-fraternization policy, because neither man can afford to lose his job.

An apartment overflowing with holiday cheer has Tobias camping out in his office… until Malcolm convinces him to stay at his place. Fate may want them together, but their precariously-balanced careers could very well keep them apart.

Will their futures be sealed with one Christmas Wish?


Warning: This tale includes a pouncy niece, a pretend date, a puppy named Kitty, a potential litter of platypuses, and some knotty holiday fun.

51rFyABJL9LSecond Chances by Kiska Gray


Fear took him away, but longing brought him back…

Six years ago, Nikolas Steele’s heart was broken when his best friend—the man who he thought was his forever—walked out on him without an explanation. Now, Ky Kendall is back in town, just in time for the holidays. When he shows up at Nikolas’s Santa Shop with a little girl who looks like him, Nik has questions.

In a time of need, Ky steps up to play the part of Santa’s Helper to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, but neither of them expect those old sparks to fly. Despite their renewed passion, Ky’s still running scared and Nikolas knows that at any moment, their fragile relationship could be shattered once more.

And this time, he isn’t sure if he’s strong enough to survive it.

Second Chances is a 28,000 word MM contemporary romance novella with a guaranteed HEA, and no cliffhangers or cheating. Each book in the Sheltered Hearts series can be read as a stand alone.

511Dok5B8MLMy Undying Love by Dana Niteshade & Ava Stark


“I’ve searched for you so long, my beloved.”
Katherine is haunted by dreams of past lives. They all have one thing in common: the undying love of a vampire who goes by the name of Mercy. But when Mercy storms into her life, she’s nothing like the woman from Katherine’s dreams. The terrifying vampire steals everything from Katherine—her family, her friends, even her life when she turns Katherine into a vampire.
“This time we’ll be together for eternity.”
Katherine struggles against her undead captor and yet she can’t fight the love she feels for Mercy. Is she going insane, or could what Mercy says be true—That Katherine is the reincarnation of Mercy’s soulmate, loved and lost four times in eight hundred years? All she knows for certain is that Mercy’s obsession will never allow her to let Katherine go. Katherine begins to realize that Mercy is just as much a prisoner of her own love, and begins to wonder, can she find a way to free them both?

My Undying Love is a 60,000 word lesbian romance with steamy scenes and depictions of violence that may disagree with some readers.

51TzblSB7cLJust Chance by Dillon Hunter


Big celebrities don’t turn up in small towns every day.

Frankie Moretti isn’t exactly bored with small-town life in Bridgewater, Georgia… but he isn’t exactly notbored with it, either. He certainly never expects to run into a celebrity there. A hot, friendly, singlecelebrity who may or may not be flirting with him. One who turns out to be gay, likes his flowers, and needs a favor…

A visit home wasn’t supposed to cause so many problems.

Hawk Hawkins doesn’t mind coming back to Bridgewater… for a day or two. But getting stuck there for six weeks? Oh, hell no. He’d much rather recover from his latest football-related injury back in the big city where there’s actually a chance to have some fun. The trouble is, this injury wasn’t earned on the field, but rather in his family’s backyard.

And if his NFL team owners get wind of it? It might just prove to be one too many injuries for his career to take.

Lying has never been so much fun.

The paparazzi have descended, and they’ve got no interest in protecting Hawk’s career by keeping his hospital stay under wraps. It’s a good thing they got distracted snapping pics of the football star’s new boyfriend.

Wait, what? Hawk doesn’t have a boyfriend…

Just Chance is a gay romance novel of approximately 88,000 words that contains a flower delivery guy who has no trouble pretending to fall for the famous football player who treats him like gold, cracked ribs, seniors offering tips on gay dating etiquette, a chance at true love, and a whole lot of vacuuming. This feel-good standalone novel has a whole lot of sweet, plenty of heat, and a happily-ever-after that will make true romantics swoon.

51j3fmi1JTLUnder The Gun Box Set by BL Morticia


Book One

Pre DADT Repeal…

Jaded by his lover leaving him for a woman, Camdyn Hardy is looking for love and partnership. When he goes to the local shooting range, he only wants to let off a little steam, but meeting Malik Day, a discharged army serviceman is a welcome surprise.

Malik’s issues go farther than just a lack of love. Discharged for defending a fellow gay soldier got him kicked out of the Army and back at home with his bible thumping parents. When Malik meets Camdyn, the sparks are there, but both of them are too afraid to make their desires known to each other.

After several conversations and dates, Camdyn and Malik are hot for one another and ready to take the next step. When they do, they discover they have a lot more in common than just a need for a committed relationship.

Win a Kindle Fire!!


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