LGBT Romance Deals Tuesday, 01/23

SPOTLIGHT!! Healing Alan by Aimee Brissay

$ 2,99 on Amazon and available with KU

Gay and submissive, Alan Montgomery came to the big city to make a place for himself. But instead of finding a perfect Dom, he gets himself attacked and abused. Now, weeks after the ordeal, he is out of the hospital and trying to find a way to live with what happened.

Jakob Henschel is skilled, experienced, and tired of all the wannabe subs that throw themselves at his feet. From the first time he meets Alan, he sees that he is different. Alan is sweet and innocent and hurting, and Jakob finds himself drawn to him.

Will Jakob be able to help Alan put the past behind him? Will Alan allow Jakob to give him everything he ever wanted?

Dead Man’s Tale by Riza Curtis

$ 1,99 on Amazon and available with KU

Police Detective Andrew Holden has a secret; he can see ghosts. It’s a pretty handy skill considering he works in the homicide department. His solve rate is at an all-time high and has attracted the attention of higher ups. His latest case—a kid found with fang marks on his neck—can only cause more issues. With a ghost that won’t talk, one that talks too much, and rumors of some kind of cult, another detective breathing down his neck is the last thing he needs.

Fae Detective Sean Farley, team lead of Supernatural Liaisons East, doesn’t have time to waste investigating police detectives whose only discernible crime is competence. He has real supernatural cases to solve and humans to keep safe (and ignorant). When the team is sent to Detective Holden’s backwater precinct, Sean’s not convinced of foul play, especially after he finds out that Drew is completely human. Drawn to Drew, the two men grow closer, and Sean wonders if they could be more than just colleagues. But when another body appears, Sean isn’t sure that Holden’s so innocent anymore…

This novella is intended for adult audiences only, and contains violence, swearing, and graphic sex scenes.

Less Than A Day by April Kelley

$2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Opposites attract in a major way when Upperworld Humans and Otherworld Faeries meet for the very first time.

The door between the Upperworld and Otherworld only opens twice a year. Samhain marks one of those days and even though Talli’s Oberon forbids him from leaving the Otherworld, Talli walks right through the door. Talli has never seen a real human before. Once he gets a glimpse and experiences a bit of what the Upperworld has to offer, he fully intends to go back to his friends and the library he loves so much. That is, until the first human he sees just so happens to be his soulmate.

Where There’s Smoke by BL Morticia

$ 5,99 on Amazon and available with KU

Santiago Mendoza

Chicago nearly destroyed me, but moving to Cobalt, I found everything I needed to put my life back together. Or…almost everything. I have an amazing man, a job I love, and a budding career as an author. Why does it feel like something is missing?

Jonas Sandbauck

Being a gay firefighter in a small town like Cobalt is tough, but the day I met Santiago in a coffee shop, all the struggles in the world wouldn’t keep me from his side. I’m ready to give him everything, including a white picket fence home filled with all the strange antiques he could ever want. But first I have to clear the path to our future, by digging through the wreckage of his past.

Myles Greyson

I’m no stranger to heartbreak, but I’m a man who knows how to get what he wants. Chaos in my life stole the man I love. Between my Fortune 500 company, my mother’s failing health, and my sister abandoning her daughter for drugs, I barely have time to breathe. But I rise above it all to give my niece the family she deserves. Which means getting my man back, no matter what—or who—tries to stand in my way.

Three men. Three different lives. And a chance at love just out of reach.

TRIGGER WARNING: Flashbacks and mentions of rape. On page violence.

Cynthia and Eve by Cailee Francis

$ 0.99 on Amazon (Countdown deal, not available in all countries) & available with KU

Cynthia and Eve is a tale of oceanic adventure and sensual F/F romance above the waves.

In the underwater city of Grenmere, Eve – a mermaid – is a guard of the Demesne; an ancient building that houses the teal pearl, an artifact of power. When the teal pearl is stolen and its protectors slain, Eve must venture into the human world, along with her ally – Ken, to help retrieve it and punish the culprits. Eve has to take human form for the first time when she reaches land, and she’s stuck in human form for a year and a day in a world she doesn’t know.

She soon meets Cynthia, a powerful yet beautiful witch, and discovers more about herself, her burgeoning sexuality and the world above than she imagined possible.

This novella contains strong steamy content and is just under 20,000 words in length.

Broken in Silence by Katze Snow

$ 2.99 on Amazon & available with KU


Tannerian Wulfric is a leader—a strong alpha who bows to no-one, especially those who try to undermine his authority.

When an opportunity arises, he grabs it with both hands and lets nothing get in his way. Trouble is, his brother has been caught in the crossfire of glorious retribution, and Tanner is in need of assistance.

For many years, Alex Jonas has lived his life in peace. But when fate lands him in the hands of his ex-lover and alpha, he finds himself in the centre of a feud he never knew existed, and must immerse himself in ways he had never imagined. One chance encounter, one night, and everything comes crashing down around him. Alex must fight for his life while Tanner fights for one thing and one thing only—vengeance, which has never tasted sweeter.

Can Tanner avenge his family’s death without spilling more blood? Or will his inner demon tear apart everything he has worked for, and lose the man who owns his heart?

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