LGBT Romance Deals 03/13

51PSfBX1DOLArrows Through Archer by Nash Summers

$ 0,99 on Amazon and available with KU

After the loss of his parents, Archer Hart is consumed by grief. Each day, he struggles his way through classes, parties, and trying to put on a good front for the sake of his best friend. But at night, he falls asleep to the sound of gunshots ringing in his ears.

Mallory is a man fighting a war of emotions all his own. When his son invites his best friend back home to Banff over a college break, he’s happy for the company.

Some time during the late-night talks, subtle smiles, and long, long silences, the two men begin to find solace in one another.

But love isn’t always easy, especially when it strikes you straight through the heart.

Arrows Through Archer is a slow-burn romance with an age difference, first times, a happy ending, and no cliff-hanger.

Possible triggers/tags: grief, loss, age difference, family, mentions of suicide, recovery, hurt/comfort, homophobia

51Hdr7JDDfLThe Omega’s Royal Baby by Taylor Bishop

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The fiance isn’t real. But the feelings might be.

A spoiled, alpha playboy prince and a penniless commoner must fake the romance of the decade to save the throne…

My life used to be normal, until the night I met Gabriel.

Before him, I was just trying to make ends meet. I worked three jobs to make rent, pay my sister’s medical bills and take care of her cat Agatha.

I clearly didn’t have time to play pretend fiance to a playboy prince to save his name…but I really needed the money.

But Gabriel’s not like any alpha I’ve known before: he’s kind, protective, and his body keeps a virgin like me up at night. With him I feel safe, cherished and wanted. I know he’ll guard the baby he put in my belly with his life.

If only his enemies don’t tear us apart before we have the chance to be a real family…


As the Crown Prince of Merovia, all my life I’ve known that I can have any omega in the world with a snap of my fingers.

That is, until Noah.

I’ve never met an omega like him before: he’s gorgeous, vulnerable and irresistible all at once. I want to hold him, to keep him safe and guard him fiercely from the world.

When we get tangled up in a fake tabloid romance to save my reputation, we fall in love with each other for real and I put a baby in Noah’s belly. I almost dare to hope that things will go well for our little, growing family.

But the royal family has its fair share of skeletons in the closet, and the latest one to emerge might ruin us for good…

The Omega’s Royal Baby is a 30,000 word steamy, knotty and romantic mpreg romance with a guaranteed HEA!

41hca5xIRoLLittle Infinities by Kiska Gray

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

On my darkest day, a handsome stranger saved me, but one look into his eyes and I knew he was broken, too. I promised myself that one day, I’d find him and thank him, but what do you do when your savior turns out to be rock god Sebastian St. Crow?
I’m about to find out…
On my darkest day, I found someone who needed help maybe even more than I did. Someone whose pain echoed mine, and in that moment, I’d wanted to save him. I gave him a second chance–but forgetting the beautiful young man with those haunted eyes was next to impossible.
I can have anyone I want, but I want him…and I think he wants me, too.
Little Infinities is a 74,000 word MM contemporary romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and of course, a guaranteed HEA.

513uvVpj2TLSaving The Omega by Tamsin Baker

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

M/M Dystopian, Paranormal romance. Standalone story.

In a world where only paranormals survived…

A cruel virus wiped out all humans. Now there’s a war between the supernatural factions…

Life is bleak for Angus. As a wolf shifter, living under vampire rule is intolerable. He hates the rules. He hates their power. He hates not having control over the lives of his pack.

He keeps himself under tight control…until he cracks. A young wolf is being beaten by his mate. Unforgivable. Angus reacts and everything changes. Saving Clayton may just turn the tide for everyone, including the true Alpha in Angus.

This new world for Clayton is hell, and living with an abusive mate makes everything worse. But when Angus saves him from that torture, for once in his life there is an inkling of hope

With jealous pack mates and vindictive rival gangs on their doorstep, danger is around every corner. Can Clayton pull on his Omega strength for his Alpha, and will Angus accept the love only his true Omega can bring.

***short, sexy Dystopian M/M. Guaranteed Happily ever after.***

51K-Zf33ODLAunt Belle’s Time Travel & Collectibles by Marshall Thornton

$ 0.99 on Amazon (US & UK only) and available with KU

Where would you go if you could travel to any part of your past? That’s the question Terrance faces on his 45th birthday—and right away, he knows. He wants to go back to 1992 and not meet Mr. Wrong. But what begins as a journey to change the past becomes a trip to find the future. From the writer of Femme comes a story of best friends, time travel and falling in love.


51TqYLV7niLLeather Head by Matt Converse

$ 0,99 on Amazon and available with KU

Gable is just playing dress up for San Francisco’s leather S&M fair, but Leather Head isn’t playing. His friend Shawn warns him to be careful what he’s advertising for since the community has been rocked by four brutal murders. Gable still thinks it’s all in fun, but it isn’t. Desire can be deadly.



41-lrxG-0iLIrreplaceable by EM Denning & Kate Hawthorne

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Kyle Stafford has a crush.

He’s his own boss and answers to no one…except his sister, who he’s hired to help out with his highly successful food truck business. But he’s drowning in paperwork he doesn’t understand, and while he should be focusing on that, all he can think about is the attractive man who just moved into his building. When Kyle finally gets an opportunity to introduce himself, he fails miserably and is rebuffed in a spectacular fashion. But Kyle is persistent and won’t be so easily dissuaded.

Kyle struggles to find an in with his hot neighbor, until one night, thanks to a package with a familiar return address, Kyle discovers that they have a lot in common than he thought…

Alex Holloway is starting over.

When most twenty-one-year-olds were club hopping and graduating from college, Alex Holloway was filing for divorce and dropping out. Freshly relocated to a new city, his ego is bruised and his emotions damaged, but Alex is determined to be happy. To be himself. His best friend urges him to go out and meet someone, anyone… anyone except the neighbor who comes on too strong, steals Alex’s mail and bakes him cookies.
Kyle is everything Alex has ever wanted. Strong, smart, capable, caring, and kinky as hell. But is a mutual appreciation for silk and lace worth another heartbreak?

51t0Zsl-35LBroken Boy by Loki Renard

Preorder for $ 0.99! Price will go up on release day!

They’ll Bring Him To His Knees.

Aiden Taylor-Chapman had it all until he threw his life away on drugs and crime. Now he’s being targeted by a mob boss who wants him dead, and he’s been captured by two military grade bodyguards who are holding him on the orders of Mason Malone – a man who was once his best friend, but is now keeping his sister prisoner.

If only Steven and Robert would let him go, he might have a chance of putting things right, but the two ex-Marines are more than a match for him. They demand obedience and submission, two things Aiden has never been able to give anybody. It’s a battle of wills he loses every time as they subject him to their unique brand of military discipline.

It’s bad enough that they won’t give him the fix he craves. Worse still, he’s falling for them both.

Broken Boy is a dark gay menage romance, and companion novella to the bestselling dark romance Shamefully Broken.

Win A Kindle Fire!!

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