LGBT Romance Deals 03/27

51HMNHXtXbLSPOTLIGHT!! Ten Mile Bottom by Teodora Kostova

Hitting rock bottom is just the beginning…

I’m a son, a brother, a friend.
A writer.
An addict.
Cardiac arrest isn’t enough to keep me dead, though. The doctors brought me back, but for what?

At twenty four I’ve already achieved what most people do in a life time. I’m a successful author, own a flat in the heart of London and drive my dream sports car.
Or at least that’s what people see.
Once the spotlight fades, I’m left alone with my overactive mind, alcohol and drugs the only way to quiet down the noise.
Until an overdose nearly kills me and drags everyone I love down with me.
With the help of my best friend, I leave London and its toxic influence behind, moving to a small town in the outskirts of Cambridge to try and put my life back together again.

If only it were that easy.

NEW RELEASE! $ 3,99 on Amazon and available with KU

51L-cDmgf5L._SY346_When It All Falls Down by Tanya Chris

“When nothing’s left, what’s left is what matters most.”

Maybe Charlie should have waited until he graduated high school before coming out, because since that revelation there’s been a growing distance between him and his friends. Charlie’s tough, though. He doesn’t mind eating lunch alone or watching his former gang interact with their new best buddy. What he does mind is seeing Drew Lavoitt suffer the same fate.

Drew didn’t come out. As far as he, or anyone else knows, he’s straight. What Drew did is accidentally hit and kill a little girl. Now the boy who was voted Most Popular, and who Charlie has maybe had a crush on since eighth grade, faces financial ruin, expulsion, and the fear that if he’s not everything, he’s not enough.

Popularity, wealth, acclaim—these things are easily lost. In each other’s arms, Drew and Charlie find something that can’t be taken from them. Together the two build a foundation on which they can re-create their lives.

FREE on Amazon

51NwYHVpxvL-2Saving His Omega by Eva Leon

An Omega in pain. An Alpha with the ability to heal.

Staff Sergeant Rory Shipmond saves lives. It’s his job in Delta Squad.

When Delta Squad rescues an American base from hostiles, he saves an omega who has been hurt more than Rory could ever imagine.

Damien Raoult learned early he can’t trust alphas as a rich Omega. His tech business attracts all type of attention and Damien claims to be bonded to his business.

Damien is visiting an American military base in Hong Kong, a base that the U.S.A. doesn’t admit exists, when it’s attacked by a gang in efforts to steal his weapon technology.

When the medical officer asks Damien if he’s okay, Damien wants to open up more than he has before. But, he can’t risk the pain, even if his Omega instincts tell him Staff Sergeant Shipmond is his Alpha.

Rory is determined to heal this Omega, not because it’s his duty, but because it’s his desire. He will win Damien’s trust and his heart, one way or another.

This non-shifter Mpreg romance is fast paced and has no cliffhanger. It features an enemies-to-lovers story, steamy scenes, military action, pregnancy risk, sassy flirting, romantic interludes, and two sultry men on a mission for their happily-ever-after. This is book 3 in the Delta Squad Alphas series.

$2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

515OQemm60LOmega Sanctuary by Alice Shaw

I fell in love with the enemy.
He was unpredictable. Hardened. Dangerous.
He was my omega.

Carter Thompson is an alpha wolf shifter, an outcast in a world full of betas. Sanctuary city is the last hope for his people. He just has to find it. However, his plans are turned upside down when he’s caught in the rifle sight of a handsome soldier with a huge secret.

As a soldier for the beta army, twenty-eight-year-old omega Liam is granted a life of minuscule privileges, until a surprise pregnancy puts his fragile safety in mortal danger. Now Sanctuary City is Liam and his baby’s last chance. But an irresistible attraction to a rebel alpha soldier may be his downfall.

Escaping with Carter Thompson is a desperate roll of the dice. Falling in love should not be in the cards. They are opposites. They should never have fallen in love, but they both understand loss and want a better future. Will that be enough to keep them together as Liam’s former comrades in arms close in?

*This paranormal gay mpreg romance is a full-length 51k-word novel, complete with a HEA. This book is the first in the Northern Pack Alliance series and can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers!*

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51nSIR+LULLCaught in the Crossfire by Michael Mandrake


Book three in the PROTEKT series

Musician Bastien Desmarais is thrust into danger, but he’ll have a chance at love—not once, but twice.

Tryst Olivares aka Domingo Macaya was hired by PROTEKT to guard superstar Bastien Desmarais because of threats he’d received. However, Domingo has an ulterior motive. Instead of following through on his PROTEKT assignment, he has other plans that don’t involve the popular entertainer.

Normally independent of security, Bastien sees this move to hire a bodyguard as a hindrance, but he’ll make the best of it. Why not have fun, especially since Tryst has the look Bastien appreciates?

In the midst of searching for a world-renowned felon, Claudius Peltier is very busy. But even this mission can’t deter his infatuation with Bastien. After years hiding his true self, Claudius won’t turn down the opportunity to be something more than the singer’s number one fan.

Three paths cross, leading them all down a very dangerous road. If they can survive this mission to catch a dangerous criminal, they can survive just about anything.

$ 3.99 on Amazon

$ 3.99 on Kobo

517HC6c2BsLMen At Work (Bundle) by Lina Langley

Men At Work is a collection of steamy m/m stories by best selling author Lina Langley. The steamy things happen around or at work. Okay, mostly at work.

Stories include:
– And The World Begins With You
They used to be friends, but that was before everything changed. Can they leave the past behind and learn to work together?
– Gilded Silence
When Daniel asks Bryn to marry him, it’s supposed to be a bribe. Love shouldn’t have anything to do with it.
– Lighting Up The Night
The recession forces Sal back home. But it’s not supposed to force him into his best friend’s arm, because Sal is pretty sure he’s straight… and even if he wasn’t, Ethan has too much on his plate to be interested.
– Finding Home
Nev is overworked to the point that his boss forces him to take a vacation. When the option appears to have a short holiday romance between a hot woman or her drifter brother, he chooses the latter… and he gets far more than he bargained for.
– Under The Rug
Max is a rising star in the firm. But the new janitor has him distracted, and when Max learns who John really is, he realizes that he might have put everything on the line for something that can’t ever go anywhere. No matter how much he wants it to.

Warning: This story may content triggering content. It is approximately 80,000+ words in length and contains language & erotic adult scenes. It is intended for adults.

DEAL (You see it first!!) $ 2.99 on Amazon (instead of 5.99) and available with KU

51jMs5JSnoLSugar Mine by Eva Leon

One candy shop owner. One mega-hot aspiring model. Add puppies, kittens, and a baby to make one super sweet love story.
Poe opened Keto Kandies so that people on their weight loss journey could still have a sweet treat, but his business is in hot water. His candies are to die for, but he’s having trouble getting people through the door to give his confections a try. Oh, and he’s also terminally single. Poe didn’t have much luck in love before he lost weight, and the Omega has yet to find his true mate.

Blake Campbell is an aspiring model and animal shelter volunteer. His passion lies in caring for the animals at the Paws and Claws shelter, but modeling is his ticket to paying the bills. When a mutual friend convinces him to pose for an ad campaign for Keto Kandies, Blake meets the Omega who could change his life forever.

Sparks fly from the first meeting, and the fire only grows between the Alpha and Omega. But, problems threaten to tear them apart when Blake’s career takes off thanks to a multimillion-dollar contract that forces him to travel far away from both Poe and the animals that taught him humility and compassion.

Can their relationship survive the distance and a surprise pregnancy? Neither of them was looking to start a family, but is a home and children exactly what they need? More importantly…

Will Puff Puff the fabulous fluffy tabby finally find her furever home?
Sugar Mine is a syrup-drenched M/M Omegaverse Mpreg romance with an HEA and more than a hint of heat.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and avaliable with KU

51nxeq5iOjL-2Green’s Thumb by Alexander Elliott

Real men, real love, real happy.

Mitch Graham and Karl Hartman are meant for each other – they just don’t know it yet. They’re both gay, middle aged, single, and open to meeting that special someone. Problem is, they never get out of the house!

With Karl working from home, and Mitch’s non-existent social life, it seems unlikely the two will ever meet. When Mitch decides on a whim to visit a new dog park, Karl’s greyhound takes a shine to him and the game is on.

In a sneaky bid to spend more time together, Karl hires Mitch to do some landscaping work on his front yard. It doesn’t take long for something special to grow along with the flowers.

Notice: Recommended for readers 18+. This book contains adult themes and sexuality, including M/M romance, and is suitable for mature readers only!

DEAL $ 0.99 on Amazon


51n7XICELULSecond Chance Earth by Alexander Elliott

We ruined our first chance. Can we survive the second?

Abused past the point of no return, a dying Earth is host to only a handful of sick old men – and something else. Scott Hayes awakens to discover Earth has been rescued by a strange alien entity he names the Cloud.

Restoration of the planet is underway, but the survivors have also been changed, given young bodies and the ability to carry children. As Ambassador of the first community to be awakened, Scott welcomes a new love and embraces the Cloud’s vision of the future.

Notice: Recommended for readers 18+. This book contains adult themes and sexuality, including M/M romance and male pregnancy, and is suitable for mature readers only!

$ 3.99 on Amazon


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