LGBT Romance Deals 04/03

51X71MIpVwLSPOTLIGHT!! Rended Hearts by Riza Curtis

After a life on the run, witch Gabriel just wants to enjoy having a home. He’s perfectly happy pottering around his garden and using magic to quietly help people. Then the Alpha of the local wolf pack is attacked by a member of the local coven, and everything changes. There’s no love lost between the witch and the wolves, but Gabriel saves the life of the Alpha in an attempt to keep the peace.

Simon finds his mate in the witch that saves his life, but the coven is coming for Gabriel, and they don’t care who gets in their way…

This novel is intended for adult audiences only, and contains violence, swearing, and graphic sex scenes. There are also mentions of off-page past suicide.

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51FbTADWGiLHigh Lonesome by Tanya Chris

Joe doesn’t live on top of a mountain because he loves people. A late summer snowstorm is the perfect chance to send his customers down to lower altitude and enjoy a few days of solo strolls and fireside naps.

Tanner’s not staying at a high-altitude hut to admire the scenery. He’s got a date to keep with the sort of person you don’t want to disappoint, a date that’ll result in him earning some much-needed cash in exchange for what’s left of his self-respect. But that’s OK. He gave up on self-respect when he picked up the needle anyway.

Pyotr didn’t drop into a blizzard to rescue Tanner or to drag Joe back down to the real world. His mission is a lot colder than that. People are only pawns, and spies are only heroes to those who don’t know them.

Hermit, addict, spy. Three men, one snowstorm, zero reason to trust. And someone’s coming …
Content warning: this book contains on-page heroin use and detox. A brief argument follows the reveal of a character’s HIV status.

New Release! $ 2,99 on Amazon and available with KU

51nSIR+LULLCaught in the Crossfire by Michael Mandrake


Book three in the PROTEKT series

Musician Bastien Desmarais is thrust into danger, but he’ll have a chance at love—not once, but twice.

Tryst Olivares aka Domingo Macaya was hired by PROTEKT to guard superstar Bastien Desmarais because of threats he’d received. However, Domingo has an ulterior motive. Instead of following through on his PROTEKT assignment, he has other plans that don’t involve the popular entertainer.

Normally independent of security, Bastien sees this move to hire a bodyguard as a hindrance, but he’ll make the best of it. Why not have fun, especially since Tryst has the look Bastien appreciates?

In the midst of searching for a world-renowned felon, Claudius Peltier is very busy. But even this mission can’t deter his infatuation with Bastien. After years hiding his true self, Claudius won’t turn down the opportunity to be something more than the singer’s number one fan.

Three paths cross, leading them all down a very dangerous road. If they can survive this mission to catch a dangerous criminal, they can survive just about anything.



51IvpGaC8fLCaptain Merric by Rebecca Cohen

Captain Merric

A tale of pirates, lost love, and the fight for a happy ending.

After he’s set adrift and left to die by his mutinous crew, the last person Royal Navy officer Daniel Horton expects to come to his rescue is Captain Merric. An infamous pirate, Merric is known as much for stealing his victims’ hearts as their jewels. Daniel’s world is about to be turned upside down when he recognises Captain Merric as none other than Edward Merriston, someone he thought he’d never see again.
Edward can’t believe Daniel Horton is aboard his ship. While Edward is willing to do anything he can to get a second chance at their happy ending, Daniel isn’t interested in digging up the past. But Daniel is one priceless treasure Captain Merric isn’t about to let go of without a fight.

Captain Merric first appeared as short story in a pirate-themed anthology. Now completely rewritten and extended he is ready to set sail again.

Preorder now for $2.99 on Amazon

51jMs5JSnoLSugar Mine by Eva Leon

One candy shop owner. One mega-hot aspiring model. Add puppies, kittens, and a baby to make one super sweet love story.
Poe opened Keto Kandies so that people on their weight loss journey could still have a sweet treat, but his business is in hot water. His candies are to die for, but he’s having trouble getting people through the door to give his confections a try. Oh, and he’s also terminally single. Poe didn’t have much luck in love before he lost weight, and the Omega has yet to find his true mate.

Blake Campbell is an aspiring model and animal shelter volunteer. His passion lies in caring for the animals at the Paws and Claws shelter, but modeling is his ticket to paying the bills. When a mutual friend convinces him to pose for an ad campaign for Keto Kandies, Blake meets the Omega who could change his life forever.

Sparks fly from the first meeting, and the fire only grows between the Alpha and Omega. But, problems threaten to tear them apart when Blake’s career takes off thanks to a multimillion-dollar contract that forces him to travel far away from both Poe and the animals that taught him humility and compassion.

Can their relationship survive the distance and a surprise pregnancy? Neither of them was looking to start a family, but is a home and children exactly what they need? More importantly…

Will Puff Puff the fabulous fluffy tabby finally find her furever home?
Sugar Mine is a syrup-drenched M/M Omegaverse Mpreg romance with an HEA and more than a hint of heat.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

519pQCF-KMLOmega Shadow by Quinn Michaels

One is accused. One is betrayed. One is a killer.

Midwife-apprentice, Kyle’s sheltered world is shattered when a patient’s mate flies into a murderous rage and attacks him. Kyle is rescued by a handsome alpha visitor, but as attraction blazes between the two men, and they fall into each other’s dreams, what starts as lust becomes something impossible. Kyle is a beta. He can’t be an alpha’s true mate. And yet, what else explains their connection?

Pine Creek Lake alpha, Shadow isn’t looking for his true mate when he stumbles across a beta being attacked in the middle of the night. But when a simple rescue reveals a chain of possible murders, Shadow must learn the truth about the man in his dreams before it’s too late. Something is driving alphas in the Blackcreek pack to rage and die young. Is Kyle as ignorant as he pretends, or is he hiding a dangerous secret?

As Kyle and Shadow work together to discover the truth, both men are forced to question their deepest assumptions about themselves and each other. Are they fated mates? Is Kyle living a lie? And when the truth is revealed, will Kyle have the courage to face it before Shadow suffers the same death as the others?

Find out in Omega Shadow, Book 3 of the Pine Creek Lake Den series, an action-packed Mpreg romance with a happily ever after to melt your heart.

Fast paced. Sexy. No Cliffhanger.

If you love Mpreg Omega werewolf romance with life-or-death action, knotting, babies, and hawtness, start reading Omega Shadow, Book 3 of the Pine Creek Lake Den series, today!

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51uJSU9PXsLOmega’s Arrangement by Stephan Lyons

He chose to follow the path that was laid out for him rather than choosing me. That was his choice.

I choose to be better than the chaos that surrounded me but now I’m right back in the middle of it.

It was easy for him to let me go back then but now his goons are bringing me right back to him.

Right back running errands for his MC and taking care of his son like we are some kind of family.

I should be starting a family of my own but I can’t let his son go unprotected.

He is my responsibility.

Omega’s Arrangement is a stand-alone romance that includes mpreg and suspense. Not appropriate for readers under 18.

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51Iq1WrXunLCalisto’s Quest by Michael Mandrake

A battle between good and evil or does love conquer all?

For centuries Calisto and Valios had been frenemies, growing up in the ranks on two different sides. Over a mortal year ago, Most High granted Calisto one wish. A night with Valios, the Dark Lord’s son. By doing this, he thought Calisto would get over his fascination with the demon. However, Calisto developed feelings for the Soul Catcher that would never disappear.

Valios had lost out on true love in two instances, so he created a harem for himself to forget the pain. Though Valios has feelings for Calisto, his loyalty to his fathers’ Luci and Death must be upheld or he’ll face the wrath of both. Because of this, he’s kept his distance, ignoring his desire for one of High’s most prominent angels. Nothing, not even the commitment he seeks, is more imprtant than making his parents proud.

Once Calisto and Valios realize their emotions for one another run deep, they make plans to have children, which runs the risk of enraging their families and bringing punishment to both.
Calisto and Valios are long time rivals with a chance of gaining something more. Will they bypass it in order stay loyal to their respective sides?

WARNING: Rough sex, violence, and MPreg. Relationships that others might find objectionable. Books must be read in order.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and free with KU

51vQQch1EvLRainbow Rebel by Lina Langley

Jordan Serrano’s match-making business is successful enough that he can finally take some personal time off, spend a few weeks with his teenage nephew, and relax a little.
Problems, what problems?
When he signs up his long-time friend and movie star Harry Walker however, though, his success rate is in danger of plummeting. It doesn’t matter how many amazing candidates Jordan sets Harry up with, he can’t seem to hit it off with any of them, and Jordan can’t figure out why.
Harry is successful, attractive and a great conversationalist. As Jordan starts to spend more time with him, he comes to a heartbreaking realization.
He can either do his job right and remove himself from the situation, because Harry paid him good money and he can’t put himself forward as a candidate, or he can follow his heart, and risk losing the reputation that made his business so successful in the first place.
Warning: This story contains depictions of alcohol intake. It is approximately 23,000 words in length and contains language & erotic adult scenes. It is intended for adults.

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

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