LGBT Romance Deals, June 23rd

Very sad news reached us two days ago. Mary Lynn Hansel aka A.C. Katt passed away in her sleep.

She was a loved and active member in our community and her passing leaves a hole in our midst, even though she will always be remembered through her books.

You will be missed, Mary.


Monster by Soren Summers


Bloodied corridors. Mangled bodies. Deranged test subjects. Just another day at Vertex, a corporation devoted to perfecting humanity by any means necessary. It’s up to Jarod Samuels to keep the hallways pristine and safe, but scrubbing bloodstains and bagging bodies is losing its luster.

Then someone new joins his department, this man with a huge ego and an even huger mouth. Gabriel Anderson is infuriating but intriguing, as brash as he is beautiful, and almost enough to keep Jarod preoccupied. Almost.

But between workplace hazards, psychic sociopaths, and a mysterious formula that alters the human body, Jarod’s doubts are surging. Should he stay with the corporation, or run like hell? This is Vertex, after all, where the walls watch with glass eyes, the laboratories groan with secrets – and employee termination ends more than just careers.

This romantic horror story is approximately 88,000 words in length.

515F2q-wgMLGrowing Desires (A Serrano Novel) by Bryce Winters


Royce Thompson has been working his whole life toward his goal of making a difference in the world. Now, the only thing standing in the way of his research and earning his doctorate degree is money. When the university partners with Serrano Investments to fund Royce’s research, Royce finds himself looking into a very familiar pair of dark eyes, eyes that have been haunting his dreams for the past two years. Not that he has told anybody, especially his best friend, Landon. As far as Royce is concerned, he’s straight. Very straight. Isn’t he?

Isaac Serrano remembers feeling drawn to Royce the second he saw him almost two years ago. But he also knew he could never allow it to grow into anything more. He has his own responsibilities to consider, both to his career and his family. If he had his way, he would never see Royce again. But when a coworker and friend begs Isaac to take his place at an upcoming meeting for a new investment opportunity, Isaac finds himself rushing into a conference room occupied by none other than Royce Thompson.

As their business relationship develops, Royce struggles with his new desires directed toward Isaac. Isaac tries to keep his distance, as they both know their affair would not only put Isaac’s career at risk, but would halt any funding for Royce’s research. Helpless against their growing desire for one another, will they lose everything?

Growing Desires is a gay romance novel of approximately 60,000 words full of stubborn, smart protagonists, a meddling professor, Landon and Derek’s wedding, a farm in the middle of nowhere, and two men who want to be together but don’t know if they can. It does have a Happily Ever After (complete with epilogue), no cliffhangers, and can be read as a standalone (though a few minor things will make more sense if you’ve read Making Music first).

51M6KygyHYLDare to Love by Amanda Kaitlyn


Advanced Praise For Dare To Love:
“It captured my attention from the beginning and left turning the pages in hopes of it not ending.”
– Heather Lyn Author

“It was sweet and emotional, everything that a good romance should be.”
– LLS Book Blog

“Beautifully written.”
– Paula’s Book Blog

One moment changed my life forever.
Her big green eyes looked at me and I knew I would never be the same.
But sometimes in life, the things you want are the ones that stand just out of reach.
The pain her loss in my life caused was indescribable.
Hot, piercing pain that in all of my twenty years of living, I had never experienced.
I remembered her.
Every day.
Every bad date my friends pushed me into.
Every lonely holiday I spent without her to talk to.
Until we met once more.
And I found her all over again.
My father always told me that love snuck up on you when you were least expecting it.
That’s what happened with her.
Charlie was my girl from that moment on and I would do anything to protect her.

Dare To Love is an installment of The Beautifully Broken Series but can be read as a standalone.

51OB7rH0YTLInstant Family by Aiden Bates


He finds his true love, but can an instant family really be what he wants?

Just as oncologist, Dr. Allen delivers a baby girl into the world, the mother dies, dimming Allen’s typical sunny disposition. Desperate and determined to do something to help just one person, Allen agrees to help Brantley. He’s in danger of having his asylum revoked, which will send him right back to an unsafe situation.

But when Allen agrees to “fake it,” and pretend that Brantley is his lover, he has no idea what he’s in for. As feelings grow deeper between them, the two men cannot resist the passion that ignites them. However, the timing just couldn’t be worse. Allen’s fighting to adopt his late patient’s daughter, while the sword of ICE threatens to destroy them. Can the two men turn something fake into the real love they’ve both always wanted?

In this 110,000 word gay mpreg romance novel, two men discover that happily-ever-afters aren’t just for fairytales. When one man is asked to pretend to love another, he learns firsthand what true love is all about. With steamy scenes and loyal, intelligent, and sexy men, this novel will have you begging for a physical of your own. And when one man discovers he’s pregnant, you’ll see just how “playing house” can turn into making a home.

51PHtghSYZLKingdom Vol 2 by RJ Scott


NB: The three books in this volume were previously published titles available separately. There have been no changes to the stories.


The Demon’s Blood

When Simeon is wounded Asher hides him and suddenly, next to a king’s death, a cousin’s hate, and Ludvik’s black magic, love falls on the agenda.

Surely love must wait, when there is an entire kingdom at stake?

The Incubus Agenda

When Nicholas Tarrant sees a broken and bloody Brody Lennox dragged into the Werewolf Coalition he has to decide. Stay under cover or help the incubus live. His decision is simple.

The Third Kingdom

The story that began as a simple Retriever case has become the tale of the fight against a thousand years of evil.

In a battle on the barren fields of Arberfan is where this story will end.


Word Count: 75,000

51T7H-5GEKLCrossroads: A Quest for Love by James Lee Hard


Ethan has spent his entire life not wanting to admit that he’s gay. He didn’t feel like he had a choice. His mother has been clear, since he was a child, that she wouldn’t tolerate what she deemed deviant behavior. However, on the very day of his engagement dinner with Rachel, he realizes he can’t pretend any longer. When he tries to call off the wedding, though, Rachel hints that she’s known all along he was gay and threatens to kill him if Ethan does anything that jeopardizes their engagement.
Compelled to start his life anew and be true to himself, Ethan seeks shelter in his grandmother’s house, the only place he’s always felt happy and safe. It’s in this heartening background that he runs into Daniel, the son of the former property’s caretaker. Daniel is a lifelong fantasy of Ethan and someone he hasn’t seen in over thirteen years. Dan has grown into a big, strong man, a man’s man whom Ethan simply can’t resist.
Caught between a hurricane of new emotions and desires, his smothering mother, and Rachel’s threats, Ethan will have to find the strength to battle for his happiness.

Romance, ~50K words
This book contains explicit sexual scenes as well as some graphic language. It is intended for a mature, adult audience.

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