LGBT Romance Deals Tuesday, June 27th


Deviation From Destiny by Jordyn Monta


Pedryllis: A raid on Pedryllis’s planet Weyntu at the young age of 10 left him with a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect other people. When his homeworld ultimately joined the Republic, Pedryllis knew he needed to join their space fleet. The only issue is the Numize are a touchless people, and Pedryllis’s own are the exact opposite. Trying to stave off skin insanity, Pedryllis takes to club Fetlix every chance he gets until one night he stumbles upon Revion in Fetlix’s famous Back Rooms trying to lose his virginity. Seeing an opportunity for frequent skin to skin contact, Pedryllis makes Revion an offer he can’t refuse. Pedryllis knows it’s a temporary solution to his problem, but as he and Revion grow closer, Pedryllis can’t help but dream of more with Revion.

Revion: Hailing from the upper echelons of the Republic, Revion is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. He’s known from a young age that once he graduates from Owan Officer Academy he’ll enter an arranged marriage with a woman of similar stock, begin his career as a fleet officer, and ultimately become a general. However, Revion isn’t attracted to women, and the thought of spending his days on battle stations leaves him breathless with anxiety. In a last ditch effort to feel in control of his life, he enters into a sexual agreement with Pedryllis, only to find himself growing more attached than he ever intended. His feelings put him at odds with everything his parents planned for him, and he doesn’t know if he’s courageous enough to deviate from his destiny.

The Making Of Us by Debbie McGowan


When English Lit. student Jesse Thomas meets Leigh Hunter, he has to reconsider a few assumptions he’s made about himself.

Two years ago, Jesse joined Pride—the uni’s LGBT+ society—to support best friend Noah, and Noah’s boyfriend, Matty. As a straight, cismale ally, Jesse keeps a low profile—not difficult for someone as shy and body-conscious as he is.

Leigh Hunter is Noah and Matty’s new housemate. Born with a life-threatening congenital condition, Leigh is intersex and identifies as queer—none of which alters Jesse’s conviction that they are the most beautiful person in the world.

While Jesse and Leigh get to know each other, a new academic year begins in earnest, bringing with it the usual challenge of balancing work and play. Add in a week’s holiday in Cornwall that Jesse and Leigh half-wish they hadn’t agreed to, Jesse’s unplanned involvement in the election of Pride’s new officers, and some big decisions for Noah and Matty, it’s going to be an interesting semester all round.

NOTE: this is a stand-alone novel, but you might wish to read the series in order.

Royal Affair by Preston Walker


All’s fair in love, war, and wolves…

Cast out by his father, young omega wolf shifter, Keiran Smith, is sold to slave traders. After only a short time in the slave caravan, Keiran and the other shifters are rescued by a group of alpha wolves, lead by Jace Culvers. As Keiran tends to the needs of the injured shifters, he captures Jace’s eye and interest.  

Heir to the throne of Head Predator, Jace always goes after what he wants. This time, he wants Keiran as his servant, sealing his fate. As the two men grow closer, they realize that there’s more than just a physical attraction. Their hearts are on the line. But after an attack on Predator, nobody is safe as a civil war threatens the land. As sides are being decided, only one thing is certain: Jace and Keiran are in this together. But how much must they risk for a chance at peace and love?

In this 60,000 word gay, paranormal romance, two men battle all that threatens to destroy their future. With explicit sexual content and steamy scenes, this novel will have you clawing for more. But when one man reveals that he’s pregnant, his prince will stop at nothing to give him his “happily-ever-after.” 

Chosen Family by Austin Bates


How far will one man go to protect the man he loves?

As a personal assistant to Thomas, a former hockey player, Eric encounters his fair share of hunky athletes. But when he meets his boss’ new architect, Eric can’t deny the attraction he has for Daniel. However, Thomas is used to calling the shots and playing games by his own rules. And the last thing he wants is Eric to be swept off his feet by his new architect. This time, Thomas is playing defense, refusing to let Daniel near his assistant.  

However, Daniel and Eric can’t be stopped. The attraction is irresistible. As the two men succumb to their love and desire for one another, tragedy strikes. Now, all three men must navigate the road to trust, loyalty, and family–together. But can they restore their sense of family when they’re being torn apart?

In this 50,000 word gay mpreg romance novel, the sense of love and family is challenged as three men question their place in each other’s lives. With strong sexual content and hot, hunky men, you’ll devour this story, begging for more. But when one man discovers he’s pregnant, how far will they have to go to save the family they chose together?

Club by Parker Avrile & Alec Stark


A student in search of a gay fight club uncovers a hidden community of kink– and the ringleader is the hottest professor on campus.

Nick isn’t just another rich kid partying away his senior year of college. He’s ready to prove he’s tough enough for Brayden’s twisted games, if only the mysterious professor will give him half a chance.

Brayden is well aware of the rumors that follow him all over campus and beyond– rumors that are only a pale reflection of the kinky reality. Nick has no idea what he’s asking for. When he learns the truth, will he decide Brayden’s too hot to handle?

This steamy gay romance novel includes a smokin’ hot professor with plenty of ink, a town’s most shocking secret, and a student of BDSM who won’t quit until he learns the truth about his own desires. Absolutely no cheating and always a happily ever after. 

Back To The Start by Peter Styles


Can you ever really go back to the beginning? 

Determined to be there for his ailing mother, Greg moves back home, despite his unresolved issues with his brother. The two men harbor guilt from their father’s death years ago, destroying their brotherly relationship. As Greg cares for his mother, he reconnects with an old friend, but doing so, opens up a whole new world of possibility for Greg.

His friend’s brother, Ben, is everything he’s ever wanted. But Ben is reserved and not open to love, forcing Greg to take his chances on a man he may not be able to have. As Greg’s life begins to spiral out of control, there’s only one person to comfort and love him. But can Ben be that man for for Greg? 

In this 50,000 word gay romance novel, one man learns that despite the trials and tribulations of love and life that the fight is worth it in the end. With explicit scenes and sexy men, you’ll want a redo too–over and over again. But will starting over be the beginning they’ve always wanted?

Game Night by Zane Menzy


Small town Kiwi lad Callum Bradshaw is terrified of stepping outside of his comfort zone and taking risks. He is struggling to move on with life after his fiancé Misty abruptly ended their engagement, breaking his heart and bank balance in one go. Meanwhile, he is left with the stress of running his fledgling café business and is haunted every night by a nightmare poisoning his dreams.

An energising remedy in his life though, is his friendship with cocky womanizer Garrick Masters. Every Thursday Garrick holds game night at his swanky apartment where the two men gamble and booze it up. One evening things take a sexy detour when Callum loses a bet and has to clean Garrick’s apartment… naked.

An entirely unexpected passion explodes between the two friends and leaves Callum questioning his sexuality and aching heart. Callum soon realises that if he wants to explore these forbidden feelings then he must tackle his biggest fear… taking a risk.

Game Night is a 60,000 word erotically-charged tale with a HFN ending. It is sexy, heartfelt and most definitely filthy. It is the opening chapter of a new steamy romantic adventure but can be read as a standalone. It is loaded with hot d/s action where characters do not always make the wisest decisions. Please avoid if you do not enjoy these things. 

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