LGBT Romance Deals 06/01

The Omega’s Trident by Eva Leon

Sometimes one Alpha just isn’t enough.
Growing up in Kansas meant that I’d never even seen the Ocean before.

I never expected that the sea would call to me during my first trip to the beach.

But, that didn’t surprise me as much as discovering the truth about myself, or that some Omegas were destined to love and be loved by more than one Alpha.

I am Caspian Chadic.

Would you like to meet my harem?
The Omega’s Trident is a reverse harem Omegaverse mpreg romance featuring a love story between one Omega and three hot Alphas. It is a standalone story with no cliffhanger.

Preorder now $ 2.99 on Amazon

Tempting The Omega’s Fate by Athena Blaez

No one asked what Sidney Reese wants for his life. As an omega in a pack that is on a downward spiral into oblivion, his life can’t get any worse. When his pack elders arrange a merger with the Weston Pack in the city, using Sidney as the lynchpin to the deal, he only thought his life is at a low point. Then the killing started. Now, his tiny pack is in disarray, at the mercy of an abusive new Alpha, and the merger is in danger of dissolving. His life is going to be upended in ways he can not imagine.

As the Weston Pack’s second-in-command, Aaron Wellington has his hands full managing the day-to-day business of the pack. Word comes down from the pack Elders tasking Aaron to finalize a merger with a small pack and bring back an omega offered in a show of good faith. He is not a big fan of the terms, but no one asks for his input. The pack’s Alpha expects him to get the job done. It’s what Aaron does best.

The moment Aaron steps foot on the mountain, the deal is nothing like he expects and now it falls to him to fix the situation. First, he needs to get Sidney to safety. A night of comfort sets events in motion which threaten both their standings in the Weston Pack. And that’s only the start of their problems.

Tempting the Omega’s Fate is a 40k mpreg novella with a no cheating, no cliffhanger and a sweet HEA with an over-worked Alpha, a timid omega and a heap of trouble that no amount of skill can fix easily.

$2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Heat by Wolf Specter & Angel Knots

Mankind doesn’t know that dragon shifters like Dane Bennett exist, even though their history has been manipulated by the arrogant beasts for thousands of years. Unlike the rest of his species, Dane has dedicated his life to caring for humans, looking out for them, fighting for them, protecting them — and never, ever letting them know what he really is.

Wesley Byrne just broke up with his boyfriend, and he certainly isn’t looking for another. His twin brother, Ty, thinks a night out with some of the soldiers he serves with will be just what Wes needs to stop moping over a man who doesn’t deserve it.

After four hundred years, the dragon inside Dane recognizes Wes as his destiny, but Dane doesn’t trust his dragon. He’s convinced that humans can’t survive a dragon’s heat, and if he gives in it will force him to break the vow he made the day he discovered his true nature — to never take a human life.

But neither Dane nor Wes can resist the powerful pull of a fated mate, and each of them will get more than they bargained for when they finally come together.

Heat: Fated Mates is a standalone novel with a HEA ending, a satisfying epilogue, and NO CLIFFHANGERS!

Content Warning: This book is a steamy gay romance that contains male pregnancy, or Mpreg.

Free for a limited time!

The Accidental Master by MA Innes

One accident has turned Jackson’s life completely upside down.

When Jackson’s sister inadvertently posts an ad for a puppy play book instead of his dog training business, his inbox explodes with the most interesting emails he’s ever seen. In a sea of kink that he’s never even considered, one sweet letter stands out. It’s polite and earnest, and something about the two men’s words touches him in a way he never expected…but they’re not just looking for a lover…they’re looking for a master.

If finding a master for one pup was hard, finding a master who wanted two was almost impossible.

Cooper and Sawyer know that they have a better chance of winning the lottery than meeting the man of their dreams. Mature, sweet, dominant masters don’t just drop out of the sky…and when they add in the fact that they’re looking for a man who will love them both, the odds are astronomical. When they see Jackson’s ad online, Cooper couldn’t be more excited. He’s confident that the mysterious man who hints at being a master will be perfect for them. Sawyer, on the other hand, isn’t so sure that everything will go the way Cooper imagines, but saying no to Cooper is like stopping an excitable, well-meaning train. However, when Jackson actually responds to their email, suddenly the impossible seems to be right within their grasp.

Sparks and laughter fly as Cooper and Sawyer get to know the man who just might become their accidental master.

65k Words
Story Contains: M/m/m sexual content, BDSM elements, and puppy play

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The Proposal by Piper Scott

After four years spent apart, Aaron is on his way home to marry the love of his life—his best friend. The proposal? It’s about to end in disaster.

Dedicated, determined, and head-over-heels in love, Aaron is ready to settle down with the man of his dreams—his best friend, Gage. With a prestigious degree under his belt, a promising career ahead of him, and a loving boyfriend to pamper and spoil for the rest of their lives, the future is brighter than it’s ever been.

Isn’t it?

The lie Gage has been living for the last four years is about to fall apart, and there’s only one way he can see himself holding it together. The proposal? It’s everything he’s ever wanted, but something he might never be able to have…

When the steamiest summer of Gage’s life leaves him pregnant with Aaron’s child, Gage knows what he has to do. He’s made Aaron a promise, and the future of their family depends on it.

Forced to keep his son a secret from everyone—even Aaron—Gage does whatever it takes in order to keep a roof over their heads. But when his child gets sick and Gage can’t afford medical treatment, he has a difficult choice to make.

How far will he go to keep his future family together?

When an unexpected reunion brings Aaron and Gage back together, they’re faced with a choice: overcome the obstacles standing in their way to becoming a happy family, or accept that the proposal they’ve both been dreaming of is never going to happen.

The Proposal is a 70,000 word contemporary omegaverse mpreg novel featuring a quirky group of single dads, a live stream you’re never going to forget, pretty pearls in naughty places, and a love that neither time nor distance can tear apart.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Conflicted by Katze Snow

Gabriel Valentino is certain of one thing—he wants Caleb Matthews. He asks for so little. But when Caleb refuses an offer that could change his future, Gabriel’s patience wears thin. Unaccustomed to rejection and incensed at Caleb’s disobedience, he takes the matter into his own hands.

Everything has a price. For Caleb the price of rejection is freedom.

Imprisoned and alone with only his alluring captor for company, Caleb wants desperately to escape. But breaking free isn’t so simple. Awakened to a pleasure he’s never known, Caleb feels lost—conflicted. Can he escape? Or will the bonds of pleasure prove stronger than any lock and key?

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Tyler & Jason by Payne de la Cour

Dominating your new employee might be the worst idea ever… or the best. 

Broke and without a job, Tyler has been sleeping in his car. When he’s offered a job at Bound in Silk, it might just be the change in luck he needs. What he doesn’t expect is for the club owner to be so hot and dominant. He ticks about every of Tyler’s boxes – even though a relationship is the last thing Tyler needs right now.

Dominant and experienced, Jason’s whole life is Bound in Silk, his very own BDSM club. It takes one look at his new employee, and he knows he needs Tyler. Badly. And not only as an employee, though Tyler is perfect for the job.

If you like hot, sizzling romance spiced with a healthy dose of submission, then Payne de la Cour’s new series Bound in Silk is for you. Come on and join her in the wonderful world of kink.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Three by Chloe Lynn Ellis

Boston firefighters Matt Lopez and Eugene “Johnny” Johnson have been best friends for longer than either can remember. The kind of friends who can finish each other’s sentences, who always have each other’s backs, who fit together like hand-and-glove, who don’t keep secrets from each other…

Well, maybe just one, but how is a guy supposed to admit he’s into other guys when his best friend is homophobic? Besides, it’s easy for Johnny to keep that particular secret from Matt when girls are just as much of a turn-on as his best friend is.

Especially one girl in particular.

Eden Evans. She really doesn’t expect to live past her twenty-fifth birthday—not that she can admit that to anyone, since she knows darn well the reason sounds crazy—but still, burning her house down isn’t the way she expected to go.

Good thing Boston’s finest were there to buy her a little more time… her and her book.

The List.

One hundred things Eden’s determined to do before she dies.

With three months left and just three things still to check off, she just might make it, too. Especially when the hot firefighters who saved her bucket list from burning offer to help.

They also offer her a place to stay while she figures out what to do next… and living with two men who heat her up in all sorts of unexpected ways when she’s got nothing left to lose? It brings out a side of Eden that she didn’t know she had.

Suddenly, accepting the hand fate seems determined to deal her is the last thing she wants to do…

THREE is a 112,000 word steamy, standalone MMF bisexual ménage romance with no cliffhangers, some heated discussions about camels, even more heat in the kitchen, and three people who find a way to make love work, even when the odds are stacked against them. It’s intended for readers who enjoy explicit scenes of MF, MM, and MMF on the way to the kind of HEA that combines sweet with heat… and doesn’t let up until everybody is fully satisfied.

Preorder Now! Price goes up on release day! $ 2.99 on Amazon

Growing a Family by Eva Leon

Two against the world… (Three if you count the dog.)
I’m an outcast in this town, but I’m not giving them the satisfaction of running me out. Everything still important to me is here—my service dog, Jada, and the indoor farming facility I’m building from the ground up. I can’t do that alone, so when Eddie comes knocking for a job, I hire him. I should steer clear of the innocent Omega, but I’m drawn to him. I’m covered in scars, but they aren’t all visible. Loving him risks dragging him into my bleak existence, but not loving him isn’t an option.

I haven’t been in Spring Valley for long, so I can see the unfair treatment Hollis gets because of his parents’ actions. I want the job, but I also want him. He’s wounded and angry, but he’s also gentle and sensitive. He needs me as much as I need him, and we won’t let this town tear us apart. That’s easier said than done when we’re contending with malicious vandals, a biased sheriff, and everyone’s disapproval. I can survive all that, but I can’t survive losing Hollis.
Growing a Family is an older Alpha younger Omega mpreg romance set in a non-shifter Omegaverse. It is a standalone story with no cliffhanger.Growing a Family by Eva Leon

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

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