LGBT Romance Deals 10/05

51E+fpFBpjL._SY346_SPOTLIGHT!! Savor Me by Beth Bolden

When Chef Xander Bridges leaves the warmth and safety of his car on a cold, stormy night and approaches a stranger, the last thing he expects to find is a future. He’s wanted to leave his job for awhile, but with no good opportunities on the horizon, he’s been stuck in a long, painful rut. But when he befriends the stranger viciously tearing up his own vineyard, Xander discovers something inexplicable. Maybe he’s not the bitter, sarcastic man that everyone, including himself, has endured for years.

Maybe, with someone like Damon in his life, he could be something more. Something better.

Damon Hess doesn’t just want more, he demands it. With his alcoholic past, there are no gray areas for him. Only black and white. In love or not. Sober or drunk. But the chance meeting with Xander opens Damon’s eyes, and gives him a vision full of something he hasn’t experienced in years: hope.

Hope that he can expect companionship and affection, hope that he doesn’t have to grapple with his family’s questionable Napa legacy any longer, and most importantly, hope that there’s a future worth believing in. But the longer he and Xander spend cultivating that future, the more Damon realizes that the key is so much simpler than he ever imagined–it’s Xander.

Savor Me is an 80,000 word contemporary m/m romance starring an irascible man with a soft, gooey marshmallow center and another who knows he likes men, but has never been with one before. It is third in the Kitchen Gods series, but can be read as a standalone.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51mKzYfFZrL-2Portrait of a Ghost by Parker Avrile

A male/male romance about second chances…

Twenty years after a tragic accident, Mark lives alone in a haunted house. Can a young artist from the big city break him free of a ghost that’s more than a metaphor?

Leo is too busy chasing his dreams to think about love. Then, in Mark, he meets a muse who inspires him to produce portrait after portrait.

Is this obsession? Or is it something deeper?

Portrait of a Ghost is a May/December contemporary gay romance novel about second chances, triumph over tragedy, and a ghost who has to learn to let go of the past. Absolutely no cheating and no cliffhangers. Always a happily ever after.

Note: Although there is a light haunted house theme, there is NO gore or horror in this novel. Expect a fast-paced read that focuses on the evolving relationship between two passionate men with a magnetic attraction to each other.

$ 3.99 on Amazon

$ 3.99 at other stores

51Nei7DtB2L-2Callum and the Cupids by Riza Curtis

Recent university graduate Callum is in urgent need of a job if he plans on eating or keeping a roof over his head. Desperation finds Callum attending an interview at a local dating agency, but Public Limited Cupids isn’t exactly a traditional matchmakers…

Caught up in the middle of demigods, cupids and a whole host of crazy, Callum isn’t sure what’s going to snap first; his sanity or his temper. He just needs to keep thinking about that pay cheque… and his two rather attractive colleagues.

This novella is intended for adult audiences only, and contains violence, swearing, and graphic sex scenes.

FREE on Amazon

51eCIlA+tnLThe Dragon’s Dearest Omega: Heat (MPREG Romance) (Nightfyre Book 2) by Dora Hendricks

Imagine being forced to choose between the betrayal of your honor and the death of your most beloved.

Blaze is strong enough to admit that he fears many things, and losing Dylan sits at the very top of that list. As an Alpha, he desires to protect the young man at all costs. However, vampires and goblins sought to tear his world asunder and succeeded in placing him in the worst position imaginable, one where every choice requires a great sacrifice. Thus, he must do the unforgivable to save Dylan’s life— and then he must work tirelessly to tend to his Omega as they are set into a great many trials. But Blaze doesn’t mind a good challenge: all he cares about is protecting Dylan, and he will stop at nothing to right the wrongs of the world.

Love is not a birthright but a miracle of labor and passion. 

Dylan is lost and alone. All of his memories are gone. And deep within him, there is a terrible heat that proves to him that he is pregnant— how he was impregnated and who the father is, he knows not. All he wants is for everything to return to normal. If only “normal” was ever a thing with the crew of shifters who find him. An alpha dragon shifter named Blaze catches his eye and soul and offers to help him recover his memories. Yet Dylan feels as if he’s known Blaze from somewhere before and he can sense that his Omega’s soul yearns for Blaze’s touch….

The Dragon’s Dearest Omegais a steamy 60k novel with an HEA, no cliffhangers, and a surprise at the end. It is the second book in the Nightfyre series. Sign up to my newsletter to receive a FREE novel!

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51n7XICELUL._SY346_Second Chance Earth by Alexander Elliott

We ruined our first chance. Can we survive the second?

Abused past the point of no return, a dying Earth is host to only a handful of sick old men – and something else. Scott Hayes awakens to discover Earth has been rescued by a strange alien entity he names the Cloud.

Restoration of the planet is underway, but the survivors have also been changed, given young bodies and the ability to carry children. As Ambassador of the first community to be awakened, Scott welcomes a new love and embraces the Cloud’s vision of the future.


FREE on Amazon (Friday and Saturday)

41tpTa3YSbLWorth the Wait (Giving Consent Book 2) by Kate Hawthorne

Finally ready to dip his toe into a lifestyle he’s only been a bystander to, Callum Jardine convinces himself long-distance is the safest bet, and he activates an online dating profile. Almost immediately, he receives a message from DaddyJM, a handsome, older man who lives across the country and offers Callum far more than he ever expected.

Jack Martin has no intention of getting involved with anyone seriously, let alone with someone who lives so far away. It’s been so long since he had someone worth taking care of though, and Callum triggers all of his Daddy inclinations. Jack is smitten from the start, eager and willing to give Callum everything he wants and more…except proximity.

After an unplanned hospitalization, Jack is forced to confront his fears about commitment and finds himself three-thousand miles from home with a shocked and stunned Callum finally in his arms. With Callum’s overwhelming eagerness and Jack’s fears unwilling to abate, navigating togetherness proves to be more work than they bargained for.

Finally figuring each other out, Callum and Jack settle into a comfortable routine juggling home, work, and each other until an unexpected encounter shatters their world. Faced with making another new start, they need to find the strength to rediscover what was lost and rebuild what’s been broken. Time may heal all wounds, and the road to recovery is a hard one, but as long as they’re together, Callum and Jack will learn that love is worth the wait.

Worth the Wait is the second book in the Giving Consent Series. It can stand alone and is 66,000 words of dirty Daddy kink that starts online and becomes very real. For other content warnings please look inside and review the preface.

DEAL $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51I09maDScLLovefool by Ian Lewis

“Will he give me a second chance?”

Dr. Kent King left home to attend medical school, and to experience life on his own. He also left behind his first love, and he’s never forgotten the sizzling chemistry they shared. Offered the job of his dreams, he returns home excited to be making a difference providing medical care to the less fortunate. Will the blue-eyed man he can’t forget be able to forgive him for leaving in the first place?

Never able to forget his first love, Erik Rhoads struggles to keep his head above water. Like a turtle he retreats into his shell when tragedy strikes. Unable to cope with his feelings or the people who care for him the most, he hits rock bottom. A true survivor, he will pick himself up, shake the dust off, and begin the process of becoming whole again. But will his heart survive the return of the only man he’s ever loved?

Lovefool is a second chance gay romance novel about a Doctor who lives to help others and the man he can never forget. It’s a steamy tale of love with a guaranteed HEA.

DEAL $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU





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