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sr-sins-thief-vov-3180925_0935SPOTLIGHT!! Sin’s Thief (Vampires of Vadim #3) by Shelby Rhodes

Foul mouthed, snarky and overly pessimistic, Cecil Baxter’s rules for life are to trust no one and to never become attached. Since birth, his life has been one pitfall after another. But when freedom was a fingertip away, Sin, a sophisticated man with a vocabulary to match, jumped in his path. Thrown into a world he doesn’t understand, Cecil finds himself breaking all his rules just for a chance to be with Sin.

Sin Draven, leader of the Draven Zaytari, knows he has quirks. Many would see him as an overly calm, civilized individual. However, people often forget that almost everyone has darkness inside them and Sin is no exception. When approached by a hurt young man his honor demanded he help, thief or not. That instance leads to Sin finding the one thing he has always wanted—a home.

When outside forces, misunderstandings, and inner turmoil pulls them apart, they must fight their fears before all is lost.

Note: This book contains self-harm and touches on suicide and depression. 

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, vampires, HEA]

Available on Amazon:
Adrian’s Bodyguard (Vampires of Vadin #1)
Stephan’s Monster (Vampires of Vadin #2)

$ 4.99 on Bookstrand

lgbtrd-cityofstarsCity of Stars (Cities of Love: Book 1) by Belle LaBlanche

When Damien Cunningham’s monotonous life is upended out of the blue, he seeks solace and solitude in an unusual way: by booking himself a spontaneous solo getaway to the sunny, glamorous south of France. Perhaps some soul-searching by the Mediterranean coast will explain why he doesn’t seem to care that his ex-girlfriend left him for another man.

For Jacques Villiers, ‘not caring’ is easy – in fact, it’s the blueprint. It’s easier for the successful painter if he doesn’t develop feelings for his lovers, who he uses as models and muses. But his no-strings-attached approach is wearing thin, and he desperately needs new inspiration for his upcoming solo show.

When Damien and Jacques quite literally bump into each other in the old village of Mougins, there is a certain je ne sais quoi between the two. Damien is boldly invited for a modelling job by the painter, and, determined to break away from his old self and old life, he accepts.

Over the course of a few short days, the two men discover that life isn’t always about monotony and the loneliness that accompanies it. Sometimes, it is better to break away from the past and give yourself to the present. But the past always finds a way to rear its head: can they overcome painful secrets and hidden truths to find ever-lasting happiness?

City of Stars is Belle LaBlanche’s debut novel, and is a standalone story with no cheating and a HEA.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-onlyhomeMy Only Home by Lina Langley

Anthony Marin has the perfect life. Fine clothing, a good estate, a rising position among the social elite of 1920s New York–and a beautiful summer villa, where he has every intention of enjoying a few days away from the social pressures placed on any fine young gentleman of good breeding.

Yet the moment he steps foot in his sprawling summer home, he’s taken by a chill. The house is nothing as he remembers it; the lush Victorian decorations have been replaced by tawdry things in tasteless colors, and everywhere are these strange machines that actually run on electricity, perish the thought. Even worse, his house is full of strangers. The worst of them all?

A brash, entirely common upstart named Noah who actually claims he owns the place.

Noah’s not quite sure what to make of the man who shows up to the mystery dinner fundraiser to save his failing bed and breakfast. At first, he’d thought Anthony was a plus one for one of the guests, but from his perfect period dress to his mannerisms, the man fits in to the scenario too well. But when the dinner’s over and Anthony’s still not out of costume, Noah slowly begins to realize he’s got a twentieth-century stowaway catapulted into his twenty-first century life. He’s got to help Anthony get back to his own time, his own life…but with every moment the two men spend together, a budding attraction turns into more. Something forbidden, in Anthony’s world. Something breathless and compelling, in Noah’s.

And if he’s willing to open his heart and overcome his fears, Anthony may just forget returning to 1923…when he discovers Noah Oyler is his only home.

This story is approximately 30,000 words in length and contains adult language & explicit erotic scenes. It also contains scenes of internalized homophobia.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

starStarf*cked by BL Morticia

Some skeletons are better left in the closet.

Steven Sharpe is on the road to recovery. After boozing, drugging, and sex with just about anything that moved, he’s making a comeback. Age is only a number, right? Why should he hang up his mic and guitar at thirty-seven when hard rock music needs a shot in the arm? And with his powerful voice, Steven figures he’ll have no problem regaining the adulation he once embraced as the lead singer of StarHaze.

Despite all the crazy, fun times from back in the day, one night will forever be emblazoned in his mind—the moment he fucked up his chance at love.

Driven and determined, Noah James is quickly climbing the corporate ladder. At twenty-eight, he’s been promoted to junior partner and has finally gained his peer respect. Though Noah still gets crap for being a gay black man, he doesn’t allow that to deter him from fulfilling his goal of being the only James man graduate college and build a successful career. But the past has a way of sneaking up when he least expects it and biting him in the ass.

Ten years ago, Noah and Steven were strangers at a run-down bar with their only connection being a song. When they’re thrown together again by chance, neither of them is prepared for the roller coaster of emotions they can no longer deny. Now, the two men must face the truth that while love is a fierce emotion, so is fear.

$ 0.99! Click to choose your favorite retailer!

lgbtrd-secretworkoutSecret Workout by Jason Collins

From the moment Damien walked into my gym, I knew he was trouble. But I couldn’t resist when he gestured for me to follow him to the locker room. I watched as his workout clothes dropped from his perfectly-toned body, but I couldn’t keep my distance for long. Little did I know, we’d met before, but this time he made it clear he wanted to show me something I’d never forget…


FREE on Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie)

lgbtrd-starstruckStarstruck: An Enemies to Lovers Fake Marriage MM Romance (Opposites Attract Book 1) by LJ Stark

Faking a marriage to my worst enemy shouldn’t be this easy.

Peter. I was a working actor struggling to make rent when I scored a part in Aiden Hunt’s latest blockbuster.
Too bad the man himself turned out to be rude, abrasive and annoyingly cocky. But at least I’d never have to see him again after filming.
Or so I thought.
One drunken wrap party and two gold rings later, I’m married to the bastard and we need to sell a fairytale romance to the tabloids, his legions of fans, and the world.
Falling for him in the middle of all this should be out of the question.
But there’s more to him than I thought, and if it turns out that he really does have a heart underneath his bespoke suit?
Well, then I’m in trouble…

Aiden. Hollywood has a bad habit of chewing up young, starry-eyed actors and spitting them right out. That’s what I thought would happen to Peter Czerny, and I didn’t care.
He was rude, self-righteous, and…distracting.
Ending up married to him was an inconvenience, but I could use it for my own gain.
I just didn’t bank on Peter getting under my skin. He slipped into my life like he’s always belonged there, and we have an attraction that my body can’t deny.
I just need to get him out of my system.
Then we can both go back to our two separate lives.
Somehow, playing a role has never felt this complicated.

This is a standalone, 60k+ Enemies-to-lovers fake marriage contemporary MM romance with an HEA and no cheating.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

41Nh8NXhCvLAsymmetry (A Sweet FotF Standalone) by R. Phoenix

One fledgling vampire. One nearly-powerless witch. Two underdogs in society. Will a chance encounter between two should-be enemies lead to anything but violence?

Until three weeks ago, Dorian was a human — one of those subjugated by the supernatural beings who now rule the world. He spent ten years struggling to survive, but now that he’s been turned, he needs to learn how to live. Problem is, there’s a lot to learn but not much time to learn it in. Loneliness is far from the only problem, but it seems to be the most pressing.

Supernatural or not, Emery doesn’t have a fancy family name to back up his standing in society. The most memorable thing about him is his red hair, not his magic, and he’s had to throw in with those whose price for protection isn’t low. Even though he’d never admit he’s lonely, he’s fascinated enough by his run-in with a brand-new vampire to not dismiss him despite the tensions between their races.

Can they cure their loneliness with one another, or will society prevent them from doing anything but wonder what might have been?

Asymmetry is a sweet, dare I say fluffy, approximately 11k words long story. Asymmetry, Spoiled* & Anticipation*, the Need Trilogy, the Tamed & Trained Trilogy**, the Fate of the Fallen series, and Gifts can all be read separately from each other. Though they are all set in the same universe and there is occasional crossover, the timeline is ambiguous and there are minimal spoilers across the books.

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-servingServing the Neighborhood (Men of Rugged Heights Book 1) by Jaylen Florian

Mike, the good-looking straight guy next door, does not expect to have his desires challenged.  A successful business owner, but lonely and widowed at thirty, Mike occupies his time playing sports, drinking bourbon, reading spy novels, and watching classic movies.

Colton, a mysterious stranger, is capturing the sexual fascination of Mike’s friends.  New to the suburban neighborhood, Colton is taking a break from modeling and tempting other men with exploits, no strings attached.

On the prowl, Colton makes it clear his sights are targeted on Mike.  When Mike discovers the opportunity to test his boundaries, how far will he yield to another man’s touch?

“Serving The Neighborhood” is an erotic novelette (11,000+ words) intended only for mature audiences.  It is the first story in the Men of Rugged Heights book series.  

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-becauseyoulovedBecause You Loved Me (Again Book 1) by BL Morticia & Remmy Duchene

Hitoshi Ren has a pretty good life—a great education, friends he considers family, a crush on one of the world’s biggest crooners, and a secret he believes has died. But when that secret walks back into his life in the form of late-night phone calls, he has to put his life aside and hop on a plane to face his past demons. To make matters worse—Rixton Corrigan seems quite determined on turning Hitoshi’s head.

Rixton Corrigan has been on a nonstop ride and he wishes to get off. The exhaustion of touring the world in support of his latest album and his brother’s disapproval of his carefree lifestyle has taken its toll. Since he’s doing a video and a couple of shows in Japan, he decides it’s a good time to unwind and cut himself off from the western world. Time that’s best spent alone until he can get his head on straight.

However, those plans are tested when Hitoshi Ren shows up at his hotel, looking sexy and irresistible. His brother tells him to stay away, but how can he when he’s always been attracted to Dustin’s best friend?

$ 3.99! Click to choose your favorite retailer!

44513232_328068484662848_5813160186990297088_o (1)

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