LGBT Romance Deals 11/06

lgbtrd-piratethiefSPOTLIGHT!! The Pirate and His Omega Thief by Giovanna Reaves

Finding a mate was never in their plans—but fate keeps bringing them together.

Ashlyn Tuesday is a thief, moving from town to town, robbing rich men of their gold—and their hearts. Each time he gets into trouble, one man seems to come to Ashlyn’s rescue. Until one day he has to decide to stay in the clutches of a man who wants to keep him in a cage or another who wants him to be free on the open seas.
Since the day he took up piracy, Captain Dagger Crowe’s only love has been the sea. He’s roguishly handsome and has never had trouble finding a bedmate. Except for the sweet omega thief, he keeps bailing out of trouble. Dagger’s true desire is finding the sunken treasure of Booker “Deadeyes” Thorin. 
Sharing stolen kisses with Ashlyn, Dagger realizes he wants not only Booker Thorin’s treasure, he also wants to be more than the omega thief’s savior. He wants to steal Ashlyn’s heart and make the man his own. 
Will his mistress, the sea, be kind to him and give him what he desires, or will her jealousy be his ruin?

The Pirate and His Omega Thief contain sexual content suitable for readers 18+. Male pregnancy is apart of this story and apart of the Omegas of the Caribbean. This book is not historically accurate.

$ 3.99 Countdown Deal on Amazon!

lgbtrd-hiddendepthsHidden Depths by L.M. Brown

Book five in the Mermen and Magic series

Lost beneath the ocean, Atlantis has become a myth. When it rises from the deep everything will change for Kyle, Finn and the merpeople.

Jake Seabrook, a human descendant of Medina, the Atlantean Goddess of Love, never asked for magical powers. Unfortunately, not only does he have them, but they are also growing stronger as more of the Atlantean gods wake from their long slumber.

When Jake develops the power to hear the thoughts of anyone thinking about love, lust or sex, it is strange and embarrassing, but also reveals cracks in his relationship with his mermen lovers, Kyle and Finn. If they are going to continue to live as a ménage, they will have to learn to be honest with each other.

With Jake’s powers out of control and their relationship on shaky ground, the last thing any of them need is a crisis in the sunken city.

The Atlantean gods want to regain the powers they lost when the Atlantean people were banished from the city, but the solution will leave the mer who live in the city no choice but to evacuate and search for a new home or risk exposing the existence of the mer to the whole world.

Kyle and Finn return to Atlantis to help with the evacuation and insure the safety of their families, but time is not on their side. When Atlantis rises, the consequences could tear apart their ménage forever.

$ 4.99 on Amazon

lgbtrd-threetimesThree Times As Good by T. M. Chris

Jared may only be older than his brothers by a few minutes, but he’s always been the leader, the one to make sure Jim and Johnny get everything they need. That’s why it’s so hard to say no when Johnny asks Jared to initiate him into the pleasures of the flesh. But giving in would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

Of course Jim thinks he should help Johnny out. Jim can never deny his baby brother anything. The three of them have always been there for each other, and Jared can’t seem to explain why this should be any different.

Johnny needs what he needs. Jim wants to see him get it. And since Jared can’t bear the thought of random strangers fulfilling either of their dirty fantasies, it looks like he’ll have to do the job himself. Can he teach his brothers to be good little bottoms without revealing the lust he’s been hiding in his heart?

Content warning: this triplecest novella contains explicit sexual content of a taboo nature

$ 1.99 at Smashwords Only

lgbtrd-ferryA Ferry of Bones & Gold (Soulbound Book 1) by Hailey Turner

When the gods come calling, you don’t get to say no.

Patrick Collins is three years into a career as a special agent for the Supernatural Operations Agency when the gods come calling to collect a soul debt he owes them. An immortal has gone missing in New York City and bodies are showing up in the wake of demon-led ritual killings that Patrick recognizes all too easily from his nightmares.

Unable to walk away, Patrick finds himself once again facing off against mercenary magic users belonging to the Dominion Sect. Standing his ground alone has never been a winning option in Patrick’s experience, but it’s been years since he’s had a partner he could trust.

Looking for allies in all the wrong places, Patrick discovers the Dominion Sect’s next target is the same werewolf the Fates themselves have thrown into his path. Patrick has been inexplicably attracted to the man from their first meeting, but desire has no place in war. That doesn’t stop Patrick from wanting what he shouldn’t have. Jonothon de Vere is gorgeous, dangerous, and nothing but trouble—to the case, to the fight against every hell, and ultimately, to Patrick’s heart and soul.

In the end, all debts must be paid, and Patrick can only do what he does best—cheat death.

A Ferry of Bones & Gold is a 115k word m/m urban fantasy with a gay romantic subplot and a HFN ending.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-oddsOf All the Odds by R. Phoenix

When the fae play such deadly games, falling in love with one of them can have devastating consequences…

Fickle and capricious, the fae lack a true understanding of human emotions. Though they can masquerade as human, their behavior inevitably betrays them as something utterly other. When Ichabod bested him at a card game, Sebastian abandoned his human lover, leaving him only with a cursed deck to keep him alive.

For a century, Ichabod has waited for his fae lover to return to him. Every day to prolong his life, he must trick an oblivious outsider into choosing a card from a cursed deck — a card that spells everything from a stomach full of bees to a full body swap… to death. Having their deaths on his conscience weighs on him, but to fail would mean the end of his existence… and he isn’t ready to let go when Sebastian might return…

Their reunion is as erotic and dangerous as their time together, with the two exploring the depths of dominance and submission, of pleasure and pain, of sadism and masochism. But can one of the fae truly care for a human? Or will Ichabod’s ferocious love for Sebastian prove to be the end of him?


Of All the Odds is a non-traditional love story and modern-day fairy tale of the Grimm variety. Warnings/Temptations: unsafe BDSM (in all senses of the phrase), a Master/slave style-relationship, and consensual breath play.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-wrongorderWrong Order by Morgan Noel

Josh wants wealth and good fortune, without all the trouble of hard work. When he summons a demon as a quick and easy way, he gets more than he anticipated he would. The tentacled demon is not the hot vixen the book of rituals promised him, and the deal he asks for is more intimate and mindblowing than Josh could have conjured up in his wildest nightmares.

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU


lgbtrd-meikMeik&Sebastian – Obsessed: A Gay First Time Series by Quin Perin

All Meik cares about is lust, not love.

An eager boy toy, that’s what he’s looking for. Someone who worships the ground he walks on. The very second he lays eyes on the enigmatic, street musician Sebastian, he believes he found his new playmate. Obsessed with the young man, Meik introduces him to a world full of sins and desire until the man’s presence threatens to reveal dark memories he had locked away tightly.

This is the first book of the Gay Erotic Romance “Obsessed”. It features explicit adult m/m content. The book ends on a cliffhanger but can be read as a standalone. This part does not entail any romantic elements.

FREE on Amazon!

lgbtrd-steeleSteele My Heart (Bridge to Abingdon Book 1) by Tatum West

I survived cancer. I started my own business from scratch. And I’ve put up with hate and small town politics. But nothing prepared me for love at first sight…Gil Steele melted my heart and set my soul on fire the first time I saw him. And, God help me, he’s caught up in a dangerous game–trying to change this town. It might get me killed. Might get us both killed. But Gil, he might just be worth it.

Gil: I was tired of working the police beat in Northern Cali. Exhausted–my whole body was yearning for a place I hadn’t been in years, my old home. When my mama died, I knew I had to come back, and my new job as police chief sealed the deal.

I got away from heartbreak. From being so tired. From the constant, never-ending world of crime I’d come to know. In Abingdon, I can relax, see all my old friends from Jackson Academy. Maybe I can even change this place and make it better for all the kids like me. The ones who were different, who needed a place a little bigger and broader than a small mountain town could provide. I always promised myself I wouldn’t come back. But Kendall Vincent–he might get me to stay for good. When I’m in his arms, I feel complete, whole again, like a man reborn to the world.

Everything seems perfect, right up until the moment that it’s not. When two gay kids get hurt bad by a gang of thugs, I realize that Abingdon needs me far more than I thought. And I’m here to protect the town–and the man–that I’m growing to love.

Kendall: I’ve survived everything this world has tossed my way–ignorant parents, falling for men who want to play straight, and running a food truck in a town that likes its men butch and its hot dogs bland as all hell. I even got through chemo and three bone marrow transplants when I was a kid. But nothing prepared me for meeting Gilman Steele. Six feet of pure muscle with eyes that shine like gold and a smile I’d like to see every morning for the rest of my life. I know I’m crazy, but I swear to God almighty that I fell in love with that man of Steele from the first second I laid eyes on him.

There’s a secret I know that could change my relationship with Gil, a lie I’ve been hiding for over a year. It could threaten Gil’s life here, everything he’s worked for. But justice is justice, and I believe in the Abingdon that Gil wants to create. When the drama gets worse than I ever imagined, I realize that Gil’s not the only one in danger. I’m toppling off a bridge and getting sucked down into the murky water of Holston Lake when I know for sure–this isn’t the day I meet my maker. I didn’t survive everything I’ve been through just to die at the hands of an evil man with a secret far darker than my own. I’ll make my way back to Gil. He’s mine, now and forever. This town might not be ready for us, but I am.  And I plan to let the world know it.

Steele My Heart is the first book in the Bridge to Abingdon series. Each book focuses on one amazing couple, and each can be read as a total standalone.There’s lots of steam, a heaping dose of mystery, a dash of insta-love, and a happy ending that’s guaranteed to make your heart melt. There are a few chilling scenes and some ignorant jerks who meet justice in every sense of the word. Gil Steele and Kendall Vincent are the future of Abingdon, and the men who set up the story for the rest of our lovers. Enjoy!

DEAL: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

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