LGBT Romance Deals 12/25

lgbtrd-oursecretchristmasSPOTLIGHT!! Our Secret Christmas by H J Perry

A feel-good, heartwarming, sexy story unlike any other story that you’ve read with Christmas in the title.

Christmas is a really big deal in Britain. The parties and preparations begin in November, at the latest. In the construction industry, Christmas means two weeks off work for Connor and Lee. Yes, two weeks. They’ve only been dating since September. In secret.

They just want to spend the holiday time together, like any other gay guys in love. Alone and mostly naked. And we all know the true meaning of Christmas is explaining and justifying to friends and family how you are spending the holiday and who with.

This is another Sky High Scaffolders story, written mostly in British but with American spelling. An M/M story of 44,000 words. A long novella, not quite long enough to be a novel when size matters.

Our Secret Christmas is a companion to Our Secret Wedding.

SALE: $ 0.99 for a limited time (usually $3.99) at AmazonB&N/NookKobo, & iTunes.

412Jzg952VLSanguine (Fate of the Fallen #7) by R. Phoenix

In the epic conclusion of the Fate of the Fallen series, the stage has been set for a revolution. After the Council’s lack of reaction to the assassination of one of their own, the rebels grow bolder — and if they truly allow supes to join their ranks, they might be able to achieve the impossible. Hope has been rekindled, and nowhere has it been stronger than with the son of the former rebellion leader, Noah Franklin. Will he and Khaz throw in for more than a night, or will they choose to isolate themselves from what might still be a futile cause?

Reese’s allegiance to Elias Ivers has compromised his own desires to aid the rebellion, along with his disapproval of their “take no prisoners” approach. He and his claimed humans, Ashton and Leo, have different agendas, but can they come together in a time of need?

Newly-ascended Elder Elias Ivers has a target on his back — and it’s not only from sympathizers and rebels. Even those amongst his own ranks are loath to accept him, and he finds that taking control is not as easy as he’d thought. With his werewolf pet, Jace, at his side, can he show the Council what it truly is to rule?

Humans have fought for a decade to regain their freedom, and now, the time has come to reclaim it. The restlessness and strife among the vampires, witches, and werewolves who rule over humanity leaves them a unique opening… if they can only figure out how to take advantage of it.

Need to catch up? Start with Book 1: Bought ($ 0.99/KU)

NEW RELEASE: $3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-christmashitchThe Christmas Hitch by Chris Ethan

All they want for Christmas is…love!

​Curl up with Chris Ethan’s cozy sweet romance, The Christmas Hitch

Snowed in on a train across England the day before Christmas.

Is it a disaster? Or a Christmas wish come true?


lgbtrd-wolfchristmasThe Wolf Who Saved Christmas (The Wolf Who Saved Series Book 1) by Athena Blaez

Baxter Lawson doesn’t like the holidays. He especially doesn’t like Christmas. But when his well meaning Aunt Hilde throws her stunningly handsome single neighbor Baxter’s way, maybe the holiday won’t be a complete wash.

Let’s face it, a gift like Logan Price isn’t the kind you return to the store.

When a Christmas tree and ornaments disappear right before a community Christmas Eve party, and their scheduled Santa is nowhere to be seen, Baxter is given no choice but to step in. Luckily for him, he won’t be spending Christmas Eve solving this problem alone. Using his wolf powers for good, he and Logan search for a way to make it right before the party is ruined. After all, if you think he’s going to stand by and let someone else’s Christmas be ruined…you have another think coming.

The Wolf Who Saved Christmas is a sugary-sweet first installment in a holiday-themed series. This 18k novella features a VERY slow burn romance, a reluctantly festive Alpha wolf, a spitfire aunt, bad Dean Martin impersonations, a John Deere mower, and a creative use for kinetic sand. The Wolf Who Saved Series will follow Baxter and Logan book to book while building on their relationship, so hold on tight! We’re starting off slow, but by the end, you’ll never want to say goodbye.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-oneperfectchristmaseveOne Perfect Christmas Eve (Not So Perfect Christmas Eves Book 2) by Chris McHart

It’s been two years since Jonas missed the biggest folk music concert of his career. But back then, he also met Fritz, and the two have been ridiculously in love ever since then.
Now, Jonas is ready to take the next step and ask Fritz to marry him.

Fritz still hates folk music, just the way he did when he was forced to attend Jonas’ concert. That never changed, even though he suffered through a lot of them by now. Nevertheless, he’s ready to make sure Jonas knows Fritz is perfectly fine living with a folk music star… and marrying one.

But the weather has other plans, and once more, they’re stuck in traffic. And that’s just the beginning of a day that might not lead to a perfect Christmas Eve… or will it?

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-whiteoutWhiteout (Unexpected Book 1) by Ann Grech

The closeted sports star and a straight paramedic, the heli-skiing trip that traps the two men on a mountain and a game of twenty questions. What could go wrong? Or will it be the moment they get all they’ve ever wanted? In discovering their bisexuality, will Reef and Ford be brave enough to reach for each other?

Pro-snowboarder, Reef Reid, is at the peak of his career. He has it all. Except the one thing he desperately wants: a lover, the white picket fence and his happily ever after. Disillusioned and exhausted, he flees to a tropical paradise to defrost.

But a ticketing mishap lands him in the ski village of Queenstown, New Zealand.

Stratford ‘Ford’ Wallace loves the ladies, but rarely sticks around longer than a night. Falling for a man wasn’t on the cards, but everything he knows is flipped on its head when the enigmatic Reef Reid literally drops out of the sky.

When a whiteout traps them on a mountaintop neither expects sparks to ignite. They’re unable to resist each other, but will they give into temptation? Or will the avalanche that tears through the mountain end them?

Whiteout is book one in Ann Grech’s international hit male/male romance series, Unexpected. Books 2 and 3 continue Reef and Ford’s story through the highs and lows of the pro-snowboarding circuit. You’ll fall in love, want to slap a certain someone or two and swoon over these two men who are made for each other.

FREE! Amazon, iBooks, Nook, & Kobo

41ZVQE7lW1LDaring the Neighborhood (Men of Rugged Heights Book 3) by Jaylen Florian

Neighborhood men getting together for a game of night basketball expect just another friendly competition.  Nude modeling is the furthest thing from their minds.

But amidst all of the bravado and trash talking, one player proposes raising the stakes.  His dare is simple.  The winning team splits a cooler full of beer, while the losing teammates pose in the buff for his “Masculinity and Tenderness” fine art painting series.

Three men, convinced they will triumph, are not expecting any shocking adventures.  Vance is a confident young police officer with a robust libido.  Mike is a 30-year-old businessman with an athlete’s body and a private jacuzzi.  Weston, the manager of an electronics store, considers himself homely and sees nothing special in his unique facial features.

“Daring the Neighborhood” is a work of gay fiction (a novelette, 9,500 words) with erotic content intended only for mature audiences.  It is the third book in the Men of Rugged Heights series and can be read as a stand-alone story or as part of the series.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-kinkawareKink Aware (Kiss of Leather Book 9) by Morticia Knight


Book nine in the Kiss of Leather series

Cruella can’t wait to show Ray the ropes…

Working at Rogue Ink is a dream job for Cruella, especially being around the hunky co-owner, Ray. Even though the money isn’t great, the eye candy and Ray’s caring heart make it all worthwhile. When Cruella risks rejection by inviting Ray to be their partner for a shibari class at Kiss of Leather, they’re thrilled when Ray accepts.

Cruella’s invitation both excites and terrifies Ray. He wants Cruella, but does he also want to become more kink aware? Still, he could kick himself for not already making a move on the sweet and beautiful Cruella, so maybe this is his chance. His protective instincts have gotten him into serious trouble before, so he’ll be sure not to make the same mistake with Cruella. They’ve made it clear they can take care of themself.

Cruella fears that Ray won’t accept their genderqueer identity and Ray aches to be the strong man Cruella needs. However, when Cruella’s dark past intrudes on their blissful present, Ray’s definition of strength might turn out to be harsher than Cruella is willing to accept.

$ 3.99 at AmazonB&N/NookiTunes, and Kobo

lgbtrd-breakablefaithBreakable Faith by Michael Mandrake

One night equals a test of faith for Father Lance…

Trouble always finds Mateo and he’s succumbed to it several times with or without help. However, after running with the wrong kinds of people, he’s decided to turn a new leaf. His attention to detail lands him a job as a tattoo artist, making people’s dreams come true through body art. With this steady gig and his grandmother’s support, Mateo is convinced he can live mostly anxiety free.

Father Lance has always suppressed his needs to care for others. The older alpha is Vale’s most handsome and available bachelor, but Lance has no interest in hooking up. Instead, he puts all his energies into his church. Although loneliness is a constant partner, Lance refuses to let it stand in the way of his goal.

One wintery night, Lance spots a man in need of assistance and immediately calls for help. Despite Lance’s instincts crying out to the victim, he ignores those desires.

As he’s being rushed to the emergency room, Mateo feels his destined mate near. Once he recovers, he’s determined to find his forever partner to build the relationship that will stabilize the young omega’s life.

Warning: On page violence and a near death experience. This story is set in an omegaverse with the possibility of male pregnancy.

Breakable Faith is the eighth book in a multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. This story features a tattooed omega that has the hots for the priest. Naughtiness and general unholy thoughts are the running theme in this book. Be prepared to clutch your rosary and have a fan nearby.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-takencrownedTaken and Crowned by Michael Mandrake

Ambrose’s family tradition destroys his plan to be a forever bachelor.

Although Ambrose doesn’t wish to be with anyone long term, he must find a spouse immediately. According to the rules, no one inherits the throne unless they’re married. Additionally, his father wishes for Ambrose to seek a human. Despite not being elated with the decision, Ambrose figures doing the necessary requirement of mating and impregnating will be enough.

Max, who identifies as non-binary, is tired of being shamed and manhandled. They wish to make a living off their “hobby” but it’s not in the cards. Relationships aren’t even on their list of things to strive for, and they don’t want to change. Unless the person is a certain Hollywood star they have a crush on, Max isn’t interested.

When Ambrose meets Max at their place of employment, Max refuses to give the alien king-in-waiting the time of day.

Little does Max know Ambrose’s calm exterior is a cover up for the monster willing to go great lengths to claim them for a partner.

This title is a standalone dark romance with forced mating, dub-con, MPreg, and smartass aliens who hate to be wrong. On page violence, rough sex, and knotting are included.

$ 3.99 and available with KU

lgbtrd-drummersheartbeatThe Drummer’s Heartbeat: A Winter Romance (Vale Valley Book 11) by Giovanna Reaves

When Grayson makes a proposition to Chance for them to become lovers, does he say yes? Or does he walk away from the man that could be his heartbeat?

Grayson Vale
Following his family’s advice, Grayson goes off to college to expand his horizons beyond his small hometown. Years later, Grayson is ready to head back home after accomplishing his goals, both socially and academically. The holidays are the perfect time to return home with a mission in mind. Grayson is ready to start the next stage of his life, a new business and the man he’s been lusting at from afar for years, the sexy as hell Chance Knight.

Chance Knight
Chance is a mechanic who owns Knight’s Auto Repair by day and the drummer for his local band Scott and the Crimson Knights by night. He enjoys his life in Vale Valley, and he has a thriving business and friends, the only thing missing in his life is a lover. With the holidays right around the corner, Chance envies the couples he sees around Vale Valley. It’s been a while since he’s had a warm body to cuddle with on the cold winter nights. A night playing with his band ends with a surprise, a sexy little thing he can’t get out of his mind.

The Drummer’s Heartbeat is the eleventh book in a shared world series about Vale Valley, a small town that is open to all who are searching for sweet love and their own happy ever after.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

From KU Fun for December & January! Check out more here.

41Z6xbJvHjL-3Plus Ones by Hank Edwards

Each time Paul and Evan meet at another same-sex wedding, they’re interested…but the timing is always wrong because one of them is involved with someone new. They try to make do by falling in and out of the beds of several different men as they search for their own Mr. Right, and along the way, they learn new skills, like the secrets to Tantric sex, or the moves required to succeed at lube wrestling.

Yet all through the hot summer months, they flirt and eye each other by the buffet tables and open bars of reception halls crowded with men, even though they never get a chance to take their relationship to the next level. When the summer draws to a close and their two best friends are about to marry, the stars might finally align for Paul and Evan. They might just get to be each others’ forever ‘plus one’.


51KoR2Grp4LThe Prince and the Bodyguard by HJ Perry

“I like my men available now and gone in the morning.”

Currently in personal security, Oscar sees his future as forever closeted and single.
His lovelife can never be more than a series of hookups with men who want the same. No repercussions and no emotional involvement.
Definitely not a client.
But it’s lust at first sight when he meets the ultimate temptation, HRH Prince Tobias.
Oscar was supposed to be guarding that body not getting to know it better.
For a week.

“Seducing the bodyguard was easy. Moving on and forgetting about him was impossible.”

Toby can’t stop thinking about his first time with a man.
The instant attraction between him and the gorgeous bodyguard was impossible to ignore.
With his anything’s-possible attitude, Toby can only see why they should be dating.

In this sizzling high-heat romance two men reassess what they want in their futures.
Among other things this high-heat, low- angst book features:
* Two men in their thirties.
* A bisexual prince charming.
* A temporary secret boyfriends arrangement.
* The International Year for Indigenous Languages.
* A Cornish pasty.
* A very romantic happy ever after.
Approx 50,000 words.

Standalone novel, there is no cliffhanger, no cheating, and there is a happy ending.


511SCE6zFkLRemember Me, Omega by Lorelei Hart & Summer Chase

A few words can change everything: Remember Me, Omega.

I loved being a parent. But now that my son is moving away from home, I’m recapturing my identity as the strong, intelligent, determined, and fun omega I used to be—and to follow my artistic dreams.

But the last thing I expect is to reconnect with my high-school sweetheart.

We loved each other from the moment we met, but were separated before we could fully explore our feelings for each other. But now that my son is interning at his tech company, he’s doing everything he can to pick up where we left off.

He never forgot me. And I remember him.

When I learn I’m pregnant, we’ll have to decide if a shared dream is enough to build a future together.

Remember Me, Omega is a super-sweet, romantic, steamy standalone romance that brings the knotty heat, perfect for readers who love stories with second chances, beautiful dreams between two men, male pregnancy, cute babies, and amazing HEAs.


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