LGBT Romance Deals 04/26

lgbtrd-crossingthetouchlineCrossing the Touchline (Auckland Med) by Jay Hogan

An Auckland Med. Story

What if you’ve worked your whole life for a dream, to play rugby for the most successful sports team on the planet, the New Zealand All Blacks?

What if that dream is so close you can smell it?

What if you meet someone?

What if you fall in love?

What if your dream will cost the man who’s stolen your heart?

And what if the dream changes?

Reuben Taylor has a choice to make.

Cameron Wano is that choice.

SPOTLIGHT!! $ 6.99 on Amazon

lgbtrd-selkieprincesecretbabyThe Selkie Prince’s Secret Baby: An MMM Mpreg Shifter Romance (The Royal Alphas Book 5) by J.J. Masters

An alpha prince, required to find his fated mate, has already pledged his love to another. But there’s a problem…

Prince Caol of the North has enjoyed a very active, carefree life. Being the youngest of five alpha-born princes, he hasn’t had a lot of responsibilities. As he watched his brothers find their fated mates and produce sons, he knew the time would come when he’d be forced to do the same. However, he’s in no rush since he’s quite happy with his current lover. While Caol wants to take his beta servant as his mate, the king demands the law be upheld and he find an omega who can give him sons to continue the Selkie race.

Beck can’t bear the thought of losing his alpha—the prince he not only served for years but loved just as many—to an omega. A male fated to bear his alpha sons. However, Beck’s gender makes it impossible for the prince to take him as his mate since betas cannot produce heirs.

Galen has lost so much. Trying to mend his broken heart, the omega’s thrown into the path of his alpha when he becomes a wet-nurse to the prince’s son. A son Caol has no idea even existed. The only problem is his alpha already has a lover. One Caol’s been with for years, one he loves. Just when Galen thought he’d never find a mate due to his past circumstances, the omega unexpectedly finds two. Was this what the fates intended?

Note: A 66k-plus word m/m/m ménage shifter mpreg story, this is the fifth book in the Royal Alpha series. Due to the “knotty” times in this book, it is recommended for mature readers only. While it can be read as a standalone, it’s recommended to read the series in order. And, like all of my books, it has an HEA.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-winterspromiseWinter’s Promise: Omegaverse Romance (Captured Heart Book 1) by Giovanna Reaves

A promise broken, is a promise not treasured.

Winter Di Matteo
Winter made a promise to his best friend Caroline the day she died that he would take care of her son. He was ready to put finding his mate on hold, making Connor his top priority. Until a knock on his front door changes his plans.

Creed Makami
For twenty-four years Creed served his country proudly and was ready to start living as a civilian. A few months before retiring from the service, devastating news about his brother Richard and his mate brings him home quicker than expected. Finding out that he has a nephew, gives him a new mission.

Two men and the baby in the middle.
What happens when Winter, and Creed meet? Will they deny their attraction to each other as they try to keep their promise to their loved ones?

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-salutetothestudSalute to the Stud by Beth Laycock

A mystery sexter, a hookup, and some sexy yoga times…but real life isn’t all rosy sunsets and walks along the beach.

Jasper is licking his wounds in paradise after being dumped, according to his ex, for someone more adventurous. The romantic Hawaiian getaway for two he booked hadn’t featured his sister as his plus one, but sometimes real life sucks.

For the two weeks he’s there his plans include hot dates with a sun lounger and working his way through the local craft beers. Nothing more.

Until he receives a sext from a wrong number. A mystery yoga instructor offering a private session to teach him the plow, and maybe even get plowed. Jasper’s never had a hookup with anyone before, but perhaps it’s time to prove his ex wrong.

One night with Tamal, no matter how hot it is, isn’t enough, yet that doesn’t change the fact this thing between them can’t last. Because time is running out. Jasper has to leave, has to return to London and real life.

SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-hissecretsummerHis Secret Summer: A Portville Mpreg Summer Romance: (M/M Non-shifter Omegaverse) (Portville Summer Series Book 3) by Xander Collins

Shane has a secret.

He likes to be bad.
He spends the little free time he has searching online for guys he can hook up with in men’s bathrooms.
The hookups are hot, but they never give him what he desperately craves …
a deep connection … and a baby.

Austin has a secret too.

He also meets men for no-strings hookups.
But he’s the professor at Portville State University and would lose his job if anyone found out.
He’s careful to meet men far from Portville, so no one recognizes him.

But one night Austin realizes he hasn’t been careful enough.

He finds out the young man in the stall next to him, the one he just used through a glory hole, was one of his students.

Austin knows he’s the one that’s screwed now.

His Steamy Summer is a forbidden, student/teacher, Dom/sub romance of 30k words.

It includes some men’s room sex, kinky D/s activities, male pregnancy that leads to the birth of a baby, and the kind of disgustingly optimistic HEA you’ve come to expect from Xander Collins.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-toseetheskyTo See The Sky by L.M. Brown

Can a lab rat whore find love with the servant of his master, or will their different backgrounds and prejudices keep them apart?

In the distant future, where the devastation caused by war has driven the human race below the surface of the Earth, society is split in half. The rich scientists live in towers where they can monitor the surface and determine when the poisonous gasses have cleared and the world is safe for humans once more. Meanwhile the majority of the human race lives in crowded labyrinthine caves, where life is harsh and short. Uneducated and with no real prospects for the future, a ‘lab rat’ is lucky to live to see thirty years of age. Employment options are minimal and few can escape the fate of choking to death on the dust of the caves.

When AJ, one of the poorest members of society, needs credits for medicine for his sister he is in a desperate situation. With no other options available he risks alienation from his family by selling himself to the highest bidder. Love is the last thing on his mind, but while Blake, his new owner, might not be Mr Right, Ryder, his servant, just might be. Unfortunately, their different backgrounds, prejudices, and AJ’s brutal owner seem destined to keep them apart, but true love can be theirs for the taking, if they can only find a way.

$ 2.99 on Amazon

lgbtrd-whatbloomsbeneathWhat Blooms Beneath by A.D. Ellis

Kellan considers himself lucky to have an adequate existence on earth where, in the year 2044, common citizens toil under the oppressive thumb of a corrupt and unscrupulous government. Kellan dreams of becoming part of the Department of Paranormal, Supernatural, and Fantasy Sciences, but his application is continually denied because he has no extra-sapien blood. Kellan’s simple reality shifts when Rhône unexpectedly enters his life.
Rhône, living in a camouflaged, underground village, never planned to get involved with an individual from the outer world. When Rhône and Kellan cross paths, there’s no denying the attraction and pull between them. But there’s something else, something more, just beneath the surface.

A hidden world and painful secrets are a potentially complicated blend. However, with Rhône by his side, enlightening details and unexplored powers provide Kellan with an opportunity for deep self-discovery. Will Kellan’s open and accepting heart allow for an extraordinary love to bloom? Or will the vast differences between Kellan and Rhône take root and strangle any hope for a flourishing future?

**What Blooms Beneath is an LGBT+ Fantasy Romance featuring a pansexual male and genderqueer intersex individual.**

PRE-ORDER: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-deepinthedarkDeep in the Dark (Volume 1) by N.J. Lysk

Deep in the dark, where love doesn’t quite reach… is the domain of lust, unbridled and out of control–passionate but cruel. Can these men survive there or will their minds shatter forever?

Intended for an adult audience and containing elements such as: male pregnancy, feminization, arranged marriages and more.

This volume contains the first three books in the series:

Soldier On – When a humble young man is captured by the enemy lord during battle, he is expected to offer defeat to his captor by allowing him to bed him. But he is young enough that the act might unintentionally activate a hormonal process that will irreversibly feminize him. Dub-con, Non-con, mpreg, feminization, debasement. 

The Will of Heaven – Prince Hiram of Pradeira is deemed unfit to be king after his father dies. But as a direct descendant of the gods, only those of his bloodline can reign and so to avoid civil war, he agrees to have a child with each of the princes of the other noble houses of the kingdom so that his first born and heir can inherit the throne from whoever fathered him. Dub-con, mpreg, feminization, medical kink, debasement. 

His Brother’s Dowry – Tony agrees to accompany his brother to a new pack, knowing he will have to submit to alphas in the absence of omegas but willing to sacrifice his comfort to give Peter a chance to find love. But his brother is already in love with an omega girl and he will give anything to get her. Even Tony. Dub-con, non-con, mpreg, feminization, debasement, body modification. 

lgbtrd-theroyalspetThe Royal’s Pet: A MMF Ménage Royal Romance by Adora Crooks

Note to self: when engaging in a ménage à trois with a swoon-worthy prince and his alpha bodyguard, turn off your camera!
What the readers are saying…
“Separately, they are good – all three together are magical…”
“This is on my favorites list and I’m recommending it to everyone!!!” 
“I loved the humor, banter, intrigue, and hot steamy scenes between the three of them.”

I was nobody, a lone American backpacking her way through Europe, until my steamy night with the Prince of England accidentally went viral.

Uhhhh. YOLO, I guess?

Now the queen wants my head on a platter, his bodyguard keeps shooting me icy glares that would make a penguin shiver, and the prince…well. He thinks this is all “bloody hysterical.”

My instinct to flee is increasing, but when these two British hunks get their hands on me and their tongues everywhere…

It’s enough to make this kitten purr.

Prince Roland:
I’m trapped in my mum’s ivory tower. She’s kept me locked up for my own protection ever since my father’s assassination.

But now? I’m itching to break free.

Rory and her luscious lips, wild ginger hair, and bedroom eyes might just be the key to my release. One taste of her and I don’t want to stop…

My mate and I are going to tear her apart.

I hate it when he calls me “mate.”

I want to be so much more than mates. And he has no bloody idea.

Rory changes everything. Now, I can’t stop imagining the three of us together:

The royal brat, his loyal bodyguard, and our sweet, submissive pet…

Get on your knees for your prince, kitten…

Prepare for a ROYALLY wicked time with this steamy MMF bisexual romance! Brace yourself for a royal masquerade ball, a dash of action and suspense, and an unconventional happy-every-after for everyone involved. No cheating, no cliffhangers; this 75K word standalone novel is guaranteed to heat up your Kindle!

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-thefwordsThe F Words (Enemies to Lovers Book 4) by Anyta Sunday

A gay romance “enemies to lovers” story about two guys trying to move on from the past, and the healing power of love.

Rory A. Phillips is sick of being haunted. Sick of hurting. Sick of being so fucking lost. Whenever he ‘sees’ his best friend William, he’s packing up his motorbike and on the move. But is there a place he can run to that will ever be free of William? A place where he could ever learn to love? A place he can call home?

After losing his last living relative, Eric Graham moves to Wellington to start a new job and a new life. Alone—save for his grandpa’s ashes he can’t bring himself to scatter in the sea. The only guy in the city he knows is a homophobic prick that he wants nothing to do with—but he just can’t stop running into him.

Rory and Eric, both grieving and alone, are searching for a way to move on.
And maybe the best way to do that is together.

Tropes: enemies-to-lovers, second chance, redemption, big city, fish out of water, inconvenient attraction, first time, slow burn romance
Genre: New Adult contemporary gay romance
Length: ~72.000 words

Each of the four fun & sexy gay romance novels in the “Enemies to Lovers” series can be read as a stand-alone and in any order.

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

Please check the prices before you buy!

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