LGBT Romance Deals 10/11

lgbtrd-conspiracytheorySPOTLIGHT!! Conspiracy Theory (Hamarsson and Dempsey Book 1) by Elle Keaton

Years of grueling police work have left Niall Hamarsson jaded and disillusioned with life…although it’s likely he’s been that way all along. The last straw lands when the DA refuses to try a case Niall worked for years to bring to justice. Within hours he finds himself heading to the only place he’s ever been able to call home–a place he knows he doesn’t belong.

Mat Dempsey returned to Piedras Island after his father’s death. These days he’s Piedras County’s sheriff. He’s happy enough, even if moving home from San Francisco effectively forced him back into the closet. Mat’s well-ordered universe collapses when a local’s body is discovered floating in the cold waters of Hidden Harbor’s marina. All hell breaks loose in the community, and accusations fly…all coinciding with Niall Hamarsson’s return.Niall and Mat have a history, and it’s not one Mat’s proud of. He owes Niall an apology, even if it means getting down on his knees. However, Mat’s first priority is investigating the murder before his community tears itself apart and he may have to ask the aloof Niall Hamarsson for help.

Push apart, pull together, yes or no… The chemistry crackles between them but will the two men be able to put aside their pasts and embrace a future?

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-butterflywishesButterfly Wishes by Teodora Kostova

First love never works out.
In school, Nico and King are best friends, and each other’s first love. But their lives take a different path and they lose touch.
Now, ten years later, King is a famous musician and Nico is trying to make a name for himself as a journalist. When King’s life starts falling apart, fate brings them together on a private island, and reignites old feelings.
Can they make it work this time?
Or are their worlds too far apart?

Butterfly Wishes is a stand-alone novella featuring friends to lovers, sweet moments on a private island, a tortured musician and a soft journalist, and a very cute dog.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-neonsaturdaynightNeon Saturday Night (Low Country Lovers Book 2) by Julia McBryant

Boyfriends Audie and Calhoun carry on their long-distance romance through college. But Audie’s traumatic history of abuse leaves him with the idea that he has little to offer a committed relationship. Calhoun says Audie only needs to learn to be loved. But Audie feels stuck in an inescapable narrative: he hurts, and Calhoun saves him. Audie’s tired of always feeling like the drama queen, tired of always playing the traumatized boyfriend. He wants something real to give Calhoun — if only he can figure out what that is. And if only Calhoun will let him.

The Low Country Lovers series is a spin-off of the Southern Seduction series and takes place in the same universe; Low Country Lovers can be read on its own.

NEW RELEASE: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-guardinghisheartGuarding His Heart by Beth Laycock

He’d risk his life to find his brother. But he never expected to risk his heart as well.

Three months since his brother, Jake, went MIA, Lane Matthews is tired of waiting for answers. With a little help, he arranges a posting to Jeddah for his first overseas deployment—the perfect opportunity to find his brother.

Life in a foreign land isn’t quite like he imagined and neither are his duties. But when he meets his housemate, Tristan, while it may be memorable, it’s not one of Lane’s finest moments.

Tristan threatens to throw him way off course, and falling for the hot straight soldier is definitely not in his plans. But as tensions rise and the truth about Jake is revealed, will Lane’s heart follow orders or will all be lost like grains of sand swept away in a desert?

$ 1.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-foreverbettertogetherForever Better Together by AD Ellis

“Three B’s?”
“Brothers, besties, and boyfriends.”
“I’m pretty sure those three words aren’t usually put together.” Griffin shook his head but he smiled.
“Yeah well, we’ve always been unique. Why stop now?”

After suffering a traumatic childhood, Griffin is given a fresh start with foster parents who help him discover what it’s like to be loved, wanted, and protected.
Quincy has lived a comfortable life with his grandparents and the constantly changing faces of their foster children. Kids come and go and Quincy knows staying friendly yet unattached is best. But when scrawny, scared Griffin moves in, Quincy’s world is turned upside-down.
Griffin and Quincy have a shaky start, but soon they bond as best friends and eventually brothers. The hormone-filled teen years reveal an unanticipated attraction between the two.
Now in college, Griffin and Quincy set out to determine if the sexual tension brewing between them since high school is worth jeopardizing their nearly decade-long friendship. Will they lose everything they’ve found in each other, or will they seize the opportunity to turn their friendship into something even better?

Forever Better Together is an opposites attract, friends-to-lovers story, but it’s slightly more complicated than that.
This book is a part of the Common Elements Romance project.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-sonofapreachermanSon of a Preacher Man by BLMorticia

The one kid that bothers you likes you.



Just his name made my blood boil. I’d seethed at the sight of him, knowing he was an entitled brat with a silver spoon in his mouth, with more money than God…

And untouched. With that in mind, I’d been thinking of the perfect way to get revenge on the bastard for making school life a living hell. Time to make Pastor Winterroth’s boy my b*tch.


Jared and I have been rivals for years. He always tried to out class me in everything but failed at every turn. In my mind, we were too old to continue fighting, but since the jackass wanted to carry on this BS, I’d let him. Even better, when I heard his hatred covered up lusty feelings he’d harbored since we were kids.

When a mutual friend of theirs makes a bet with Jared, he’s confident that he’ll win. But Aren plans to beat his nemesis at his own game and best him again.

Son of a preacher man is a short story with snippy characters, dirty talk, and some serious sexing in the end.

$ 0.99 on Amazon

lgbtrd-traitorsmoonTraitor’s Moon: An explicit MM gay paranormal romance. (Gladstone Shifters Book 2) by Alexander Elliott

Equality doesn’t come easily, and Ben Blair’s Gladstone pack is about to pay the price.

Opposed to inclusion, Lyle Wilburn is determined to eradicate gay shifters and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Is this the end of Ben’s dream or does Luna have something else in mind?

Amid plans for self-defense, Gladstone continues to thrive even as Ben’s Second, Nolan Sweet, is rejected by his mate. As he and his packmates prepare for an epic battle, Nolan’s heart aches for his beloved in the face of an uncertain future.

This second book in the series is packed with all the romance, drama, intrigue, and action you’ve come to expect. Welcome back old friends and exciting new characters as you follow the lives, love, and loss of the Gladstone Shifters in TRAITOR’S MOON! Notice: This story contains explicit M/M content.

SALE: FREE on Amazon (usually $ 3.99) and available with KU

lgbtrd-blazeBLAZE (Heartthrob Heroes Book 1) by Christa Tomlinson

Fighting villains is easy. Falling in love is hard.

Blaze. St. Louis’s elusive superhero. In the dark of night, he wages war against the city’s criminal masterminds. Once the sun rises, he’s Jordan Wells, quiet custom body shop owner. Jordan has accepted that it’s his destiny to walk alone in the shadows… until the night he meets Daniel. The sweet, untrained submissive seeks a Dom, and Jordan would love to take on the role.

Jordan dreams of dominating the young man, of finding respite from his harsh life as a lone vigilante by losing himself in Danny’s softness. Unfortunately, past trauma has taught the superhero that letting others into his world leads to tragedy. Jordan knows he should let Danny go, but he can’t seem to tear himself away from the submissive’s gentle smiles and soft kisses. Can Jordan risk a relationship with Danny when his life as Blaze is rife with danger?

BLAZE is Book One in a steamy D/s superhero romance series. It has dramatic rescues, hot D/s sex, and evil villains. If you love shipping your favorite superheroes you’ll want to give the Heartthrob Heroes series a try!

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-friendsloversfamilyFriends Lovers and Family by MA Innes

Understanding who we are and accepting our needs isn’t always easy—and sharing that side of ourselves with others is even harder.

When five littles get together for their first playdate, it will take more than confidence and toys to bring them together. The family and friends who love them just the way they are will make all the difference, giving the men the support they need to shine and the push they need to show who they really are inside.

Author’s Note: Friends, Lovers, and Family shows the first playdate between five of my age play characters: Bryan, Ryland, Hayden, Cody, and Miles. While this book can be read as a standalone, it is best enjoyed after you have met the characters in their own books and series.

Bryan: His Missing Pieces (Pieces, book 1 of 4)
Ryland: Unexpected
Hayden: Without Limits
Cody: Embracing Faith (Embrace, book 1 of 2)
Miles: Rethinking Fate

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-pantherabductedPanther Abducted (Operation Elevate Book 1) by Lynn Michaels

Caught between a mad scientist, a witch, and a hard place
—and that was before he shifted.

Austin thinks he’s a guy trying to do the right thing, live a decent life that he’d fought so hard for. Then his world changes forever…

A secret government project, Operation Elevate, abducts him for their nefarious and mysterious purpose, and what are they giving him in return? A mission, a lover, and the ability to shift into a panther. Now he’s battling against forces he doesn’t understand.

He had thought he could stop fighting, but Austin’s fight is only beginning.

$ 1.99 on Amazon

lgbtrd-lostandfoundlrLost and Found by Liv Rancourt

A dancer who cannot dance and a doctor who cannot heal find in each other the strength to love.

History books will call it The Great War, but for Benjamin Holm, that is a misnomer. The war is a disaster, a calamity, and it leaves Benjamin profoundly wounded, his mind and memory shattered. A year after Armistice, still struggling to regain his mental faculties, he returns to Paris in search of his closest friend, Elias.

Benjamin meets Louis Donadieu, a striking and mysterious dance master. Though Louis is a difficult man to know, he offers to help Benjamin. Together they search the cabarets, salons, and art exhibits in the newly revitalized city on the brink of les années folles (the Crazy Years). Almost despite himself, Benjamin breaches Louis’s defenses, and the two men discover an unexpected passion.

As his memory slowly returns, Benjamin will need every ounce of courage he possesses to recover Elias’s story. He and Louis will need even more than that to lay claim to the love – and the future – they deserve.

SALE: $ 2.99 (usually $ 4.99) at Amazon and at all retailers

lgbtrd-predestinationunknownPredestination Unknown by Tanya Chris

Luther is almost enjoying a rainy day in Salem, Massachusetts on All Hallow’s Eve when his pursuit of a light-haired, light-skinned guy in a Pilgrim costume sends him crashing back in time to Salem 1692 and the start of the Salem witchcraft trials.

Ezekiel was only going about his chores when a gay, bi-racial man from the future dropped into his life. He doesn’t know Luther is from 2017, not from Boston. He doesn’t know that it’s OK to feel about a man the way he’s coming to feel about Luther. And he has no idea that the wealthy men running Salem are about to hang twenty people for the trumped-up crime of witchcraft.

Ezekiel has a lot to learn, both in bed and out, and he’s going to have to get up to speed fast if he and Luther are going to prevent a Colonial American tragedy, one that has already kind of happened. Is our future predestined? Or can Luther and Ezekiel change the course of their country for the better?

Predestination Unknown is a full-length M/M time travel romance.

Content warning: Some unsympathetic secondary characters hold and express racist views. Most of these are immediately refuted by other characters, but a few comments go uncorrected.

SALE: FREE on Amazon (usually $ 2.99) and available with KU

lgbtrd-alittlesinaudioA Little Sin by Sionnach Wintergreen. Narrated by Anton Rush. [4h18m]

Sheriff Avery O’Rourke has tried to obey his strict Christian faith and lead a “normal” life. In 1923, in a rural East Texas town, “normal” means heterosexual. A cholera outbreak has made Avery a young widower, so he is married to his job. When a murder investigation forces him to confront his truth, will he finally be able to accept being gay?

Veterinarian Garland Sands has returned from Europe to take over his father’s practice. Struggling with shell shock (PTSD) and heartbroken by the suicide of his French lover, he resigns himself to a quiet, solitary life as a country vet. But the murder of the town doctor brings the sheriff to Garland’s doorstep looking for help with the investigation. Seeing Avery awakens dormant feelings. Can he love a man who hates who he is?

This isn’t the lavish 1920s of The Great Gatsby. This is the flip side of that coin – rural East Texas. No electricity. No indoor plumbing. No flappers. In 1923, the timber barons have left and racism, homophobia, and sexism thrive. A Little Sin is a realistic mystery with unlikely heroes and a timeless romance between lovers caught in a world where their love is forbidden.

AUDIOBOOK: $ 14.95 [1 Credit] on Audible | EBOOK: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-aquafolliesAqua Follies by Liv Rancourt

The 1950s. Postwar exuberance. Conformity. Rock and roll.


Russell tells himself he’ll marry Susie because it’s the right thing to do. His summer job coaching her water ballet team will give him plenty of opportunity to give her a ring. But on the team’s trip to the annual Aqua Follies, the joyful glide of a trumpet player’s solo hits Russell like a torpedo, blowing apart his carefully constructed plans.

From the orchestra pit, Skip watches Poseidon’s younger brother stalk along the pool deck. It never hurts to smile at a man, because good things might happen. Once the last note has been played, Skip gives it a shot.

The tenuous connection forged by a simple smile leads to events that dismantle both their lives. Has the damage been done, or can they pick up the pieces together?

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 4.99) at Amazon and at all retailers

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