LGBT Romance Deals 10/29

lgbtrd-perfecttimingSPOTLIGHT!! Perfect Timing – The Complete Boxset: A Gay Vampire-Shifter Romance Story by Aimee Brissay

Some secrets can get you killed, even if you’re already dead. 

Valentin Alekseev prays for death while running for his life, hunted for secrets he shouldn’t know exist. Sick and alone, his coven decimated, he’s in such bad shape, he can’t even tell that the man who caught his eyes is a shifter.

For Shawn Dougal, falling for a man, especially a vampire, was never an option. After all, shifters and bloodsuckers don’t mix. They haven’t for centuries, not since the war that nearly whipped out their races. But he can’t deny his attraction for Valentin. Nor can he resist from breaking into a vampire castle to retrieve him when Valentin is kidnapped in search for a powerful artifact.

With their enemies hot on their heels, their only chance to survive is to find the artifact first. Their quest leads them into Russia, Valentin’s home. More secrets are unearthed on the way there, and betrayals threaten to destroy both of them.

In a world where nothing is as it seems, can a vampire a shifter survive together? And is their relationship strong enough for them to face the powerful enemies coming for them?

This Boxset contains the entire Perfect Timing Trilogy:
Out of Hope (Perfect Timing Book 1)
Out of Time (Perfect Timing Book 2)
Out of Choice (Perfect Timing Book 3)

$ 7.99 on Amazon and available with KU

LGBT Deals Sale Promo3A Druid’s Curse Books 6 & 7: Mind Over Matter & Tears of Life by Shea Balik

From Mind Over Matter: Who would have thought there was something more horrifying than an indoor boy being forced to live in the Amazon? Yet, there was. In fact, the more descriptive word would be mind-numbingly terrifying. That it was brought into his life by a drop dead gorgeous man claiming he was there to protect Wylie, only made everything that much more surreal.

Since the first druid came into their lives, Fritjof prayed he would never meet the druid that was destined to be his fated love. He knew that emotion would always lead to devastation and heartache. He’d seen it, experienced it, when his mother disowned him for not being able to save his father.

But what happens when the Fae goes after someone they both love? Will they be able to find a way to trust in each other? Are some things impossible to overcome or is it Mind Over Matter?

PLEASE NOTE: Although each book in this series focuses on a different couple, to best enjoy the overall story arc, these books SHOULD be read in order.

*Mind Over Matter (#6): $ 2.99 (usually $ 3.99)
*Tears of Life (#7): $ 2.99 (usually $ 3.99)

lgbtrd-jonsdownrightridiculousJon’s Downright Ridiculous Shooting Case (Jon’s Mysteries Case 1) by AJ Sherwood

A psychic without an anchor. A student in trouble. A shooter on the loose.

I’m Jonathan Bane, a licensed psychic who consults for the police. I routinely help the police put the bad guys away and, for that reason, the criminal world doesn’t like me much. People like to take a swing at me, or go stabbity, or try for a gun. It makes for interesting times. My psychic ability prevents me from handling anything electronic—and I do mean ANYTHING, I fry it in seconds—so calling for help isn’t always a possibility.

I need an anchor, a partner, but I’m resigned: it’s just wishful thinking.

At least, I thought so until he walked through the door.

Donovan Havili looks like a thug and has the soul of a superhero. He shines so bright in my vision it’s like watching a supernova. He definitely has the right mindset and skills for this crazy job. But asking anyone to take me on long-term is a bit much. And now we’ve got multiple cases to handle, a Chinese exchange student falsely accused who needs our help, and someone taking random shots at me. It’s a bit much for any new guy to handle and I’m half-afraid that my new partner will run for the door.

But in Donovan Havili, the criminal world has met its match. And maybe, just maybe, I have as well.

Trigger Warnings:
Your average cop show violence and criminals

Companionable snark, Flirting, Kissing, Jon needs a hug, Donovan gives the best hugs, Getting together, Self-esteem issues, Explicit content, Anal Sex, Romantic Sex, Random shooting, Which Donovan isn’t happy about, Donovan is a gentleman, Sort of, Jon just makes it REALLY REALLY HARD Okay?, Bisexual character, Public displays of affection, Muscles, Communication, Healthy relationships, The fluff might kill you, Supernatural elements, Modern with Magic, Feels, All the Feels, Mostly accurate medical stuff, Multiple electronics died in the creation of this story, blame Jon

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-corruptionCorruption: A Bureau Story (The Bureau) by Kim Fielding

Once a proud demon of the night sky who carried nightmares to humans, Tenrael has spent decades in captivity as the star attraction of a traveling carnival. He exists in miserable servitude to men who plunk down ten dollars to fulfill their dark desires.

Charles Grimes is half human, half… something else. For fifteen years he’s worked for the Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs, ridding the country of dangerous monsters. When his boss sends him to Kansas to chase a rumor about a captive demon, Charles figures it’s just another assignment. Until he meets Tenrael.

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-terrorbymoonlightTerror By Moonlight (Critter Catchers Book 1)

Cody Bower and Demetrius Singleton have been friends for over twenty years even though they are polar opposites. Cody is tall, handsome, athletic, and straight, and Demetrius is average height, more of a thinker, and gay. They have started an animal control business together and have to figure out how to be business partners without letting it affect their friendship, but that’s the least of their problems. When one of their first clients ends up brutally murdered in what appears to be an animal attack, the two realize something big and dangerous is stalking their tiny town of Parson’s Hollow, and it’s up to them to catch it before it kills again.

$ 3.99 on Amazon

lgbtrd-frenchkissingFrench Kissing Vampires for Beginners by LM Brown

When a dentist meets an average suburban vampire, it may just be a match made in heaven.

Tom is your typical modern vampire. He lives in a detached house in the suburbs, pays his taxes, and bemoans the price of bottled blood. He doesn’t usually tell people what he is, but sometimes it can’t be helped, like now, when he has toothache and needs the assistance of a dentist.

Martyn’s night isn’t going too well at all. He’s working late, his patient is a vampire, and now they’re being mugged. But what sort of a vampire is Tom if he can’t leap to the rescue and use his superpowers to save them?

There’s only one way to find out and Martyn, a self-confessed geek with a love for all things vampire, intends to get to know Tom better, despite the bloodsucker’s fear of dentists.

$ 2.99 on Amazon

lgbtrd-hisomegaroommateHis Omega Roommate: M/M Alpha/Omega Shifters MPREG (Full Moon Mates Book 1) by Harper B Cole & Kallie Frost

He never expected to find his true mate…

When Rion moved in with a random human, he never dreamed he’d be sharing the apartment with his one true mate. In spite of his tendency to keep humans at arm’s-length, he finds himself growing closer to Elliott. Once he accepts that his handsome roommate is The One, all he has to do is tell Elliott. There’s just one problem: the Alpha Parliament. If Rion can’t convince Elliott to let him claim him, the Parliament will erase the man’s memory and remove him from Rion’s life forever…

His roommate was up to something…

The first time Rion came home after a full moon he claimed he had been attacked by a stray dog. Elliott made a joke about werewolves, but when it happened again, and again, on every full moon, Elliott couldn’t resist following his roommate. He didn’t think Rion would actually turn into a wolf before his eyes. Now, Rion is talking about true mates, immortality, and shifters. He says if Elliott agrees, he’ll turn him into a wolf too, one capable of bearing their children. Time is running out for Elliott to decide if he’ll agree to spend forever with a man he has only just met. Elliott isn’t sure what is scarier: full moons or pregnancy, but when they discover a man has been stalking Rion, he has a new fear to add to his list: werewolf hunters.

His Omega Roommate is a 33k word novella about taking chances, finding out what it means to be a family, and the fun of trysts in the forest. It contains some good, old-fashioned M/M loving in multiple positions, and wouldn’t be complete without knotting!

Please note: This book is Book One in the Full Moon Mates series, but was released after The Last Alpha Dragon so if you read that first, you’ll find this one is set earlier in the timeline. They can, however, be read in any order.

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-boundbyhimBound by Him (Rough Love Book 1) by Leighton Greene

Benjamin Ballard always assumed he was straight – in every way possible. They invented the term ‘vanilla’ to describe him. But if Ben’s so straight, why can’t he get his inscrutable coffee-shop co-worker Xander Romano out of his head? And how come Xander’s rough-housing on the basketball court gets Ben so flustered?

Xander Romano keeps his private life private, and lives by a strict set of rules. No fooling around with straight guys, and definitely no fooling around with vanilla guys. Been there, done that, got his heart broken. All Xander wants now is to focus on his acting career, and keep his darker desires under wraps.

So what is it about Benjamin Ballard that makes Xander want to break all the rules? When Ben begs for a chance to experiment, Xander can’t resist taking him in hand. It’s just one quick session, after all.

But Ben has other ideas…

Bound for Him is the 13,000 word first part of the Rough Love series. Join Ben and Xander in their continuing odyssey of self-discovery, experimentation, and steamy fun as they work out the kinks together. This is just the beginning of their wild – and sometimes dark – ride, but never fear: these two will get their HEA. It’ll just take them some time to figure out what that happy ending looks like for them…

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-theproblemwithmistletoeThe Problem with Mistletoe by Kyle Baxter

A Gay Christmas Romance!

David Cooper did not believe in happily ever after. He thought he’d let his chance at that pass him by—between work, being a single father and planning a Christmas party for his mother’s charity, his life was complicated enough. And then he has to ask Alex Capili, an old friend who just returned from the big city, to help run the charity event. Spending weeks working closely together, old feelings come up and David wonders if fairy tales really do come true.

Alex came home to help sell off his family’s restaurant. He was not looking for love, and happy endings only happen in movies. But nothing about this return trip home town is quite what he had expected, and David is still the best man he’s ever known: a good father, with a heart as big as all outdoors… and disarmingly handsome.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-caretakerThe Caretaker (The Sin Bin Book 2) by Dahlia Donovan

Who cares for the caretaker when his burden grows too heavy to bear?

Freddie Whittle devotes his life to his cancer patients, cheese, and his overprotective fathers. His big move to Cardiff is tainted by bigot neighbors and a dismal social life. He wants something more but doesn’t know what until he runs headlong into a Scottish-Maori mountain of a man.

Taine Afoa retires from international rugby feeling restless. He left his career behind and relocates for a change of pace. The last thing he expects is to become infatuated with someone who seems far too young and innocent for him. No matter how hard he tries, it’s impossible to get Freddie out of his mind.

Can Freddie handle the intensity of Taine’s naughty sexual desires?

And when the strong alpha male tangles with the playful nurse, will this May-December romance end before it even begins?

The Caretaker is book two in Dahlia Donovan’s international bestselling gay romance series, The Sin Bin. Each one features hot rugby players and the men who steal their hearts.

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-recreationalloveRecreational Love (The Boys of Oregon Hill Book 2) by Ian O Lewis

“You still want to have sex? Because if that’s all you can handle right now, I’m prepared to keep it light, no strings attached.”

Michael Reynolds had it all. A successful real estate developer who could have any man he desired, but only on his terms. Recreational love was all Michael wanted; no feelings required, just a good time for the night. He only gave his heart away once, and twenty years later, he is reunited with the love of his life. Determined to win Spencer back, he agreed to a simple fling, no strings attached. Could he play by the rules of recreational love, or would he lose his heart instead?

Spencer Talbot returned home to escape rumors and gossip after being abandoned at the altar by his philandering fiancé. Secretly relieved the wedding didn’t take place, all he wanted was a quiet place to lick his wounds and get on with his life. When his first love reappeared after decades apart, his world was turned upside down. The attraction between Spencer and Michael was overwhelming, but the timing couldn’t be worse. Giving in to his feelings would make him vulnerable, and he’d had enough rejection to last a lifetime. Could Spencer open himself to Michael and finally be with the only man he’d ever loved?

This is a second chance romance between reunited high school sweethearts. It features a wise aunt, an eccentric family, and a love that refuses to die. And of course, there’s a guaranteed happily ever after. Each book in the series can be read as a stand alone novel.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 4.99) at Amazon and all other retailers

lgbtrd-austinAustin (Romance & Revolutions Book 2) by Shaw Montgomery

Sometimes you have to leap before you look.

At least, that’s Austin’s philosophy on life. He knows better than anyone that looks are sometimes deceiving, but when he thinks he meets Mr. Right—who appears to also be Mr. Tall, Sexy, and Dominant—he’s ready to jump in headfirst. It isn’t every day that an alpha Dom falls from the sky and drops right into his lap, and he’s not going to question fate.

Looking twice at every situation has always been Silas’s motto, but he’s ready to make an exception for the firecracker omega who holds nothing back. Austin is outrageous, has no filter, and is utterly devoted to his friends. The fact that he’s also a submissive who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it makes him almost perfect. But when perfection comes with millions of dollars and paparazzi, maybe they could both use some caution.

Sometimes it’s just chemistry, but sometimes when the right person comes into your life it just might be fate. Figuring out the difference isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the effort if it brings you everything you always dreamed of.

Story Contains: M/m sexual content, BDSM elements, non-shifter alpha/omega dynamics, edging, and spanking.

Author’s note: While future stories in this universe might contain mpreg, most books will not. Also, there is a free prequel to the series. You can find the link on the author’s site.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

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