LGBT Romance Deals 11/5

lgbtrd-crossingthelineCrossing the Line: A Dirty Angels MC/Blue Avengers MC Crossover by Jeanne St. James

When the wrong man turns out to be the right one…

Nash, a longtime Dirty Angels MC member and lead singer of Dirty Deeds, has a secret. For years, he’s hidden his bisexuality from his brothers, fellow bikers, worried how they’d take the news. But Nash isn’t the only one keeping secrets from his brotherhood. So is Cross, a police officer and member of the Blue Avengers MC.

As opposite as they come, when Cross spots Nash across the bar, he can’t resist the unexpected attraction. Then lines are crossed, boundaries blurred. And they need to survive in two different worlds where men who like other men aren’t usually accepted, and where bikers and cops don’t mix.

Reality and fantasy are two different things. The fantasy being Cross and Nash can be together, that they can make it work. The reality being their situation is impossible. Cross will never give up being a cop. Nash will never give up being a biker. What either of them would have to walk away from is more than anyone should ask for. In the end, fighting reality could be a losing battle in a war they might never win.

Note: A standalone, Crossing the Line is a crossover gay romance involving a member of the Dirty Angels MC and one from the Blue Avengers MC. It includes forbidden love, enemies to lovers, cop vs biker, alpha vs alpha. As with all my books, it has no cliffhanger and an HEA.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-magicandmirrorsMagic & Mirrors: A Gay Fairy Tale (Gay Ever After Book 4) by LM Brown

When King Lucius is imprisoned in a magic mirror by an evil wizard, he is forced to watch as his life is destroyed and his kingdom brought to the brink of ruin. Trapped in his own reflection, he only has the freedom to move and talk when the wizard sleeps.

With his subjects under the dark spell of the wizard, Lucius is forced to rely on the most unlikely of heroes if he hopes to get his life back.

Harry comes from a long line of assassins and prides himself on being one of the best in the kingdom, but when he is hired to kill King Lucius he discovers that all is not as it seems in the Kingdom of Cinders.

Harry agrees to help Lucius in return for a full pardon for his crimes, but to complete his quest he may have to give up everything, including his freedom and the king he has come to love.

$ 1.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-gildedcagesGilded Cages by R. Phoenix

Formerly banned from Amazon. Now reinstated. 

“All I want is a puppy for my baby boy. That’s all. Just a good puppy for my boy. The better you behave, the happier you’ll be.”

When Cammy’s Daddy asked him if he wanted a puppy, he expected the fluffy, four-legged kind. Instead, he finds that his Daddy meant something else entirely… and he isn’t sure what to think of the new addition to the household.

Zay’s life might not have been perfect, but it was still better than being kidnapped and sold. When his new Master tells him he’s going to be Cammy’s puppy, he has to decide just what he’s going to do…

Please note that Gilded Cages is a dark book. It contains themes that may be offensive or triggering to some readers (including Stockholm Syndrome, kidnapping, age play, ABDL, puppy play, and more).

Please note that if you purchased it before the ban, it may not show as purchased now because it’s essentially a “new” product.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-bryanandjaseBryan & Jase (Something About Him Book 1) by AD Ellis

Jase Rafferty grew up hiding his sexual curiosities—until he meets Bryan Keating. Bryan’s sexuality is no secret, and being deployed overseas together allows the two men to forge a solid friendship. The sexual attraction is undeniable, but after one lust-filled week, they must go their separate ways.

A year later, a chance meeting gives them one more weekend together, even though they know Jase can’t risk his military career or his family obligations to be with Bryan.

Several years pass before Jase finally accepts the desperate longing in his heart and body. But when fear and hatred threaten to tear them apart, Jase must make a tough decision, one that he isn’t sure he and Bryan can overcome. Together, they must choose to weather the storm or say goodbye forever.

Bryan & Jase is a military, bisexual romance with a single daddy doing the best he can.

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-talktomeTalk to Me: The Sloan Brothers Series by DK Sutton

Chase Corrigan is the competition and the reason I can’t sleep at night. How does he beat my customer service numbers—and get the bonus—every month? We’re complete opposites. I’m a people person, and he avoids everyone. Sure, he’s gorgeous with long blond hair and icicle-blue eyes, but I like my guys a little more thawed out. I’m determined to take him down.

All that changes when my plan backfires. I get to know the real Chase and realize why he’s so private. I can’t stop thinking about him. The problem? I’m a casual-type of guy. And Chase Corrigan has serious written all over him.

Maxwell Sloan is everything I detest in a man. He’s loud, obnoxious, and way too full of himself. He loves being the center of attention, while I just want to be left alone. I’m not competitive, but I enjoy beating Max out of the top spot each month. It also makes me his favorite target.

When Max and I are thrown together on a work project, I want to throttle him. He makes me so angry—and more alive than I’ve felt in a long time. But I’ve been with men like Max before, and I’ll never put myself in that position again. If only my heart would listen.

Talk to Me is a 50.000-word m/m romance with a HEA. It’s the first book in the Sloan Brothers series but can be read as a stand-alone. The book includes a steamy office romance, scheming gamers, and an adorably high-maintenance terrier.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-sonsofdestructionSons of Destruction: Cash by Noelle Smith

Sabastian “Cash” Cook always thought he’d settle down with a nice woman and have a few kids. But, he also has a different side to him that had been dormant since early high school. That is until Chance Peterson comes into his life.

Cash, the secretary for the Sons of Destruction Motorcycle Club and the owner of Destruction Ink is looking for his mate and a new tattoo artist. Not realizing they are one in the same man. Tall, dark, and covered from head to toe in tattoos, Cash for some reason, has intimidated every applicant who’s walked through his door. He doesn’t understand why; he’s kind, quiet, and does his job well. But, for some reason, people don’t want to work for him. Maybe fate has something better in mind for Cash. After spending four years with the wrong person, Cash has watched members of the club, meet their mates and fall in love while wondering if, and when, he might get his turn — not knowing that the answer is heading his way.

Chance is a twenty-one-year-old who’s had a hard life, in a short amount of time. He lived with a tyrant for a father and a mother who never defended him, then was kicked out at eighteen for being gay. When he moved in with Ian, he didn’t know the hell he was walking into and is abused by someone he loved. Chance has endured it for as long as he could. With help from his best friend, Chance leaves and never looks back. Going to an abuse shelter, they help him escape Florida and into the hands of the Sons of Destruction Helpline. Chance makes it out and doesn’t look back. But Florida and certain people don’t want to let him go.

Chance and Cash meet at the new center, the Sons of Destruction are trying to get started, and it’s an instant attraction for Cash and Chance. Cash finds his mate, and Chance finds his freedom. Join the guys of the SOD for another ride, but this time it’s Cash at the front of the line.

This book has over 87,000 words. There are talks of abuse and murder-suicide, so please read with caution. Sons of Destruction: Cash has a smart-talking Harley, sexy times, dirty t-shirts, and a HEA, like all the previous members of the pack.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-wildflowersWildflowers by Suki Fleet

Xavi has given up on love, unable to bear the pain he’s caused.
Sam has given up on everything. He only wants one thing—to see Xavi again, one last time. He doesn’t expect Xavi to drop everything and promise to stay with him.
They travel through the countryside in a stolen sea-green Cadillac, both searching for something neither has the courage to admit to. But as the days slip away, Xavi isn’t sure he can keep his promise to Sam; he isn’t sure about anything anymore.
Saving Sam becomes the only thing that makes any sense, the only thing Xavi wants. Loving Sam becomes the most important promise he will ever make.
Now he just has to convince Sam that life—and love—are worth fighting for.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 2.99) on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-rebelwifeRebel Wife by Annie Amos

Only a rebel could agree to a plan as wild as this.

37-year-old Dior Grainger is in need of a fake wife – and fast. Just six months ago, it seemed like Dior had it all. A successful architect’s business, a mansion, a dream. Now, the whole lot could be about to go up in smoke. And the strange figures lurking in the shadows tell her that this is no joke. What elegant, Gucci-wearing Dior needs to fix this mess is a fake marriage. Or, failing that: a bodyguard.

26-year-old inked bad girl Ruby Potts doesn’t play by the rules. She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. When Ruby is fired from her job as a bouncer at a local nightclub, she’s ready to unleash hell. But Dior has a different proposition for her: protect me… and then marry me.

As the stakes increase and the women’s lives are put at risk, will Ruby rebel yet again? Or has she finally found something – or someone – to believe in? And if Dior’s plan works, will there be a reason for the women to stay together once this is over?

From lesbian romance author Annie Amos, this is a steamy, suspenseful marriage of convenience age-gap tale about two polar opposites who have a lot to learn from one another. Expect laughter, tears, lust and love. A STANDALONE novel with NO CLIFFHANGER and a HAPPY EVER AFTER to make your toes tingle and your heart pound.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-foolslikeusFools Like Us (Like Us Book Two) by BLMorticia

Fortunately for Courtney, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas…

Courtney enjoys traveling, so when his friends suggested Sin City, he jumped at the chance. While there, he lets it all hang loose, with the intent on snagging a “high roller.” Besides, it isn’t like he has a man, unless you count his ex, who won’t take no for an answer.

Chancellor loves taking risks. With little money and an infectious smile, he ditched a major auto manufacturer to build cars. After meeting with a handsy client, Chancellor goes for a drink. Despite the blue balls, Chancellor is resigned to thinking he spend the night alone.

Until the music starts…

Courtney uses his femme wiles to get Chancellor into bed. He doesn’t have to work hard because Chancellor is hooked. Enamored with this silver fox, Courtney is ready to take that plunge, but long-distance relationships suck ass and…

Courtney fears the awful truth will drive Chancellor away for good.

Fools Like Us is a low angst, opposites attract, age gap standalone, with snark, hot romance, and kinky sex. A femme boy who is allergic to commitment and the millionaire who has the propensity to make hasty decisions.

Look inside for more warnings.

Fools Like Us is part of the “Like Us” collection. All books are standalone, with its only connection being the supporting characters.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-thewinterspiritThe Winter Spirit by Indra Vaughn

Nathaniel O’Donnelly likes his life quiet, his guests happy, and his ghosts well-behaved.

Although a boyfriend wouldn’t go amiss. Someone to share his beautiful B&B with, even if it is in the middle of nowhere and he’s long past the wrong side of thirty. Problem is, Nathaniel’s living with a ghost who thinks he’s cupid, and whose arrows fly a little too straight.

Gabriel Wickfield had the unfortunate luck of dying before his time, and now he’s stuck trying to make romance happen to earn his right to move along. Not that he’s bored in the meantime—Nathaniel is just too easy to tease. And also a little bit scrumptious…

With the curse reaching its expiration date, Gabriel needs to make a final match this Christmas. Without it, nothing but darkness awaits.

Love can conquer all, but can it beat death?

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-husbandhuntersHusband Hunters by Rick R Reed

You never know where the love of your life might turn up.

When Matt Connelly suggests to his best buddy Cody Mook that they head to downtown Seattle to audition for the gay reality TV show Husband Hunters, both agree the experience might be a lark and a chance to grab their fifteen minutes of fame.

What they don’t know is that the show, modeled after HGTV’s House Hunters, will open doors of longing neither expected. For Matt, the secret love he has long harbored for Cody might be thrust into the spotlight. Cody might realize his search for his perfect-forever-man extends no farther than the man who’s always been at his side.

Husband Hunters promises laughter, tears, and, just maybe, a happy ever after. Will Cody and Matt’s story be one of best-friends-to-lovers — or an outright disaster?

$ 5.99 on Amazon

lgbtrd-onemoreOne More by Daisy May

Simon knows his crush on Jasper will never go anywhere. Jasper is older, worldly, and successful – not to mention that he’s already married. Simon will simply admire him from afar while he asks him for career advice.

Jasper can’t help but develop a fondness for the newly-minted lawyer who’s trying to network with him. Simon’s innocence and idealism are irresistible. Yes, Jasper’s happily married… but he and his husband occasionally play with others, and he knows Charlie’s weakness for sweet young twinks.

When Jasper suggests the three of them get together, Simon nervously agrees. A threesome with two mature men will be the wildest thing he’s ever done. What he doesn’t realize is that he already knows Charlie – and can’t stand him.

Will the three of them manage to set aside their differences for a night of erotic bliss?

And if their lust eventually turns to love, will Jasper and Charlie’s marriage have room for one more?

One More is a 225-page M/M/M menage romance. HEA guaranteed! This book has been previously published under the same title.

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

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