LGBT Romance Deals 12/20

lgbtrd-aztecalphas2SPOTLIGHT!! Aztec Alphas: The Prophecy Part Two by FR D’Angelo

With the first rescue of the Beta Omegas the next section of the Prophecy must be activated, in order to keep Azkin’s parents with him. Azkin must take down the Theta pack and kill their alpha, and send him to the Aztec prisons, in the other world.

Get Aztec Alphas: The Prophecy Part One for only 99c or read in Kindle Unlimited.

$ 4.25 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-sleighdutySleigh Duty by LM Brown

Being called upon to pull Santa’s sleigh is an honour for any reindeer shifter, but for Dashiel the timing couldn’t be worse. Can a reindeer shifter pull Santa’s sleigh, reunite two brothers, and find love this Christmas?



$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-guyinthewindowThe Guy in the Window by Cara Dee

I was in the middle of my divorce when Adam messaged me. I believe his exact words were, “Hi. I think you’re my dad’s brother. Would you like to get to know me?” My brother and I had never been close, so I’d only met his adopted son a few times when he was very young. Instinct told me to ignore the message, and I did. For a few days. It took an exhausting fight with my soon-to-be ex-wife and half a bottle of whiskey for me to change my mind.

Adam first became “sort of my nephew.” Next, he became the guy who helped me find an apartment in the building next to his. He was a sweet, cheerful young man doing his best to raise his four-year-old daughter, which led to him becoming the guy who wanted to help me patch up my relationship with my own daughter. Then one night as I got ready for bed, I looked across the alleyway to the next building, where I saw him getting ready for bed too. I couldn’t look away to save my life. It was the night he also became the guy in the window.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-healingheartsHealing Hearts (Stealing Hearts Book 2) by K Evan Coles

Some hearts are made to be mended.

Zac Alvarez never expected to start his life over at forty-five, but his recent divorce means doing just that. Luckily, his career as a nurse in Boston keeps him busy and he has friends who understand Zac’s need to be as careful with his heart as he is with his diet.

Acting on a whim one fall afternoon, Zac buys lunch from a food truck and meets Aiden Marinelli, a bold young chef who is taking the city’s food scene in new directions. Aiden is only thirty, a fact that doesn’t sit well with Zac, but both the chef and his food prove impossible to resist.

An attachment forms between the two men and, as the winter holidays draw near, Zac begins to emerge from the protective shell he’s built around himself. A chance encounter with his ex-husband shakes Zac’s newfound confidence, however, and he pushes Aiden away, unaware how deeply the act will hurt them both until it is too late.

Now, Zac must decide if he is brave enough to go after what he wants and mend not only Aiden’s heart but his own.

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-greensthumbGreen’s Thumb: A silver MM gay romance. (Men of Retail Book 1) by Alexander Elliott

A landscaping project turns into much more when two mature men discover romance is not only for the young. Watch love blossom along with the flowers in Green’s Thumb! Real men. Real love. Real happy.


SALE: FREE (usually $ 2.99) on Amazon and available with KU

audio-vespertineAUDIOBOOK: Vespertine by Leta Blake & Indra Vaughn. Narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo. [14h18m]

“Vespertine is beautiful, emotional, raw at times, funny at times, definitely sexy, and a gorgeous, gorgeous love story.” The Novel Approach Reviews

Seventeen years ago, Jasper Hendricks and Nicholas Blumfeld’s childhood friendship turned into a secret, blissful love affair. They spent several idyllic months together until Jasper’s calling to the Catholic priesthood became impossible to ignore. Left floundering, Nicky followed his own trajectory into rock stardom, but he never stopped looking back.

Can a priest and a rock star obey love’s call?

Whispersync’d: Get the audiobook for only $7.47 when you buy the ebook.

Audible (Regular: $24.95; Members: $17.46 or 1 Credit) | Ebook: $ 5.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-wolfhuntedWolf Hunted: Blessed Shifters Trilogy 1 (Shifters of the Great Wolf) by CJ Vosse

Love broke Sirus’s heart years ago, and he vowed to keep his life free of romantic entanglements. When he meets his first human, the interaction doesn’t go as expected. Sirus is physically superior, but the human hunter outmatches him at every turn.

Aidan Millstone is the sheltered son of a billionaire and firmly under the thumb of his powerful father. Aidan has never found love before, so the compelling attraction he feels toward the shifter is a new experience. As the two men learn the truth of their ancestor’s intertwined histories, events around them escalate into open war between family and pack.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY: SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-wolfrejectedWolf Rejected: Blessed Shifters Trilogy 3 (Shifters of the Great Wolf) by CJ Vosse

Grayson is a wolf shifter who spent the last decade in an institution and never had the opportunity to live life or fall in love. When Grayson recovers his sanity, he hopes he’ll finally have a chance to enjoy life. However, the weretiger posing as a doctor and waiting for him when he awakens literally threatens to change the course of Grayson’s life.

Micah is a once world-famous actor turned weretiger and happily single because he knows he is too evil to be loved. His alpha orders him to break a wolf shifter out of a hospital, but the irresistible attraction Micah feels toward Grayson takes him by surprise, complicating what should be a simple kidnapping. As the two men learn the real motivation behind Micah’s abduction of Grayson, events grow dangerously out of control, culminating in the release of an immortal demon that could threaten the world.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-aholidayhomecomingA Holiday Homecoming (2019 Advent Calendar – Homemade for the Holidays) by Liv Rancourt

Ten years ago Jon’s passion for the piano took him across the country to New York, where a demanding concert career consumed his life and left him no time to look back. His father’s stroke is the only thing that brings him home to Seattle. The sickroom makes for a dreary holiday until Jon runs into Bo, whose inner light can make anything sparkle.

Bo loves the holidays: the food, the crafts, the glitter! A fling with an old school friend—who grew up to be his celebrity crush—makes a good thing better. The season turns sour, though, when Jon is offered a gig he can’t refuse. He wants Bo to share the moment, but Bo doesn’t fly. Anywhere. Ever. Is this goodbye, or will a handmade ornament bring Jon home to Bo?

$ 3.99 at all retailers

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