LGBT Romance Deals 1/28

lgbtrd-silverandsageSPOTLIGHT!! Silver & Sage (Silver in the City Book 1) by AD Ellis

Silver doesn’t have time for feelings or a relationship. Then Sage shows up.

Sage is Silver’s exact opposite, his renter, and his new employee. The kid is much too young and much too innocent.

There are a million reasons why Silver and Sage should never get together. And Silver plans to keep it that way.

Until all of those reasons go up in flames with one kiss.

Silver & Sage is a steamy, slow burn M/M age gap, opposites-attract romance between a shy, inexperienced nerd and an outgoing grump of a bar owner. *This is the first book in the Silver in the City series.*

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-princeofkillersPrince of Killers: A Fog City Novel by Layla Reyne

No indiscriminate killing. No collateral damage. No unvetted targets.

These are the rules Hawes Madigan—Fog City’s Prince of Killers—lives by. Soon, he’ll be king—of a ring of assassins—and the crown has never felt heavier. Until Dante Perry swaggers into his life.

Dante looks like a rock god and carries himself like one too. He also carries a concealed weapon, a private investigator’s license, and a message. Someone inside Hawes’s organization is out to kill the future king.

In the chaos that follows, Hawes comes to depend on Dante. On his skills as an investigator, on his steadiness, and on their moments alone when Dante take control. Hawes needs Dante at his back and in his bed. But if the PI ever learns Hawes’s darkest secret, Hawes is sure to get a knife to the heart—and a bullet to the brain—instead.

SALE: FREE (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-beforethecallBefore the Call: A Small Town Hearts Novel by Emma Alcott

When nerdy Gabe comes home from college, his hunky straight best friend Clark is even more irresistible than when they were kids. Luckily for Gabe, Clark’s willing to do whatever it takes to have him back in his life… even if it means being not so straight anymore.


NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

audio-daddyissuesAUDIOBOOK: Daddy Issues (North Shore Stories Book 2) by Lynn van Dorn

Ryan Chadwick needs to learn to let things go—his stress, his fear, his masks, and especially his daddy issues. Marek is just the man to teach him how.


Audiobook [Whispersynced] | Ebook: $ 4.99 and available with KU

lgbtrd-thepromiseThe Promise by Ki Brightly & Meg Bawden

Second Chance at Love, First Chance to Be Himself

West has never fully embraced the darkest parts of his sexuality, but he knows one thing for certain—he wants Shane as his.

– daddy kink
– age gap
– second chance romance
– hurt comfort

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-howtoshieldanassassinHow to Shield an Assassin (Unholy Trifecta Book 1) by AJ Sherwood

It’s not stealing if you’re stealing it back….

Ari had a game plan for life. Shoot people. Get money. Hang out with fellow criminal friends. He saw absolutely no reason to change that plan until one dark night in Memphis, when a little girl reached out to him with pocket change and a desperate plea for him to help her.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-breakingtheiceBreaking the Ice (Spirit Quest Book 3) by BA Tortuga

Kell told Liam to leave Glen Wood and never come back, so he knows he’s the one who has to bring Liam back. Once Liam is gone, Kell knows he’s missing Liam as more than a friend, but can he bring Liam back, and fight the danger that threatens their home?



NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-killerheartKiller Heart: A Breathtaking MM Urban Fantasy (Blade & Dust Book 1) by Rhys Lawless

They’re sworn enemies. Witches and witch hunters can never fall for each other…

Wade is a witch hunter with a cursed heart. But everything he’s come to know about those evil creatures is about to be challenged by one man…

Caleb’s love life is a mess. He’s given up on love, but as an empath, love never gives up on him. When he meets a witch hunter with a cursed heart, he comes up with a plan.

✓ Trade hearts
✓ Stop the witch hunters
✓ Have a bisexual awakening
✓ Go their separate ways

If they want to fix their lives, they’ll have to learn to trust each other. Can they overcome their hatred and work together or will they end up ruining both their lives?

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-cherishhimCherish Him (Honey Bay Book 2) by Steve Milton

Ted says my band doesn’t make real music. I say his cat looks like a ham.

We’re enemies from the start.

When my girlfriend runs off with my drummer, I need a place to hide from the paparazzi. What don’t I need? An arrogant small-town landlord who sneers at my songs.

I didn’t think I was gay. But the more time I spend with Ted, the more I look forward to seeing him. I wish he cooed at me the way he coos at that cat.

It wasn’t supposed to happen. My most heated argument with Ted brought us to a searing-hot kiss.

That kiss didn’t change how I scowled at him or how he sneered at me. But sometimes you can’t stop the music.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-howtocatcharivalHow to Catch a Rival (Chester Falls Book 2) by Ana Ashley

When you’re competing, the last thing you should do is fall in love…especially with your rival.

Wren turned up out of nowhere and now he’s my boss…kind of.

Tom is beautiful, colorful, strong, creative, and my eyes can’t stop following him everywhere he goes. He also works for my parents, which means he’s off limits.

A baking competition with high stakes. Two men who both need that prize money

When the heat moves from the kitchen to the bedroom, will Tom and Wren put their rivalry aside? Or is what they stand to lose more important than their growing feelings?

Book two in the Chester Falls series. How To Catch a Rival is a standalone sweet and steamy MM romance novel with no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-shatterShatter: Omega Assassins Club Omegaverse Romance by Kiki Burrelli

Full-time assassin and part-time pleasure house Master, Nolan has survived this far knowing one thing. Alphas are trouble. When he’s framed for murder—one he didn’t commit—he must turn to the last alpha to touch his heart. And break it.


NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-alphaandhiskingThe Alpha and His King (Kincaid Pack Book 1) by Kiki Clark

As alpha, Rick’s dedication to his pack has never wavered—until Kai. The pull he feels toward the younger man is more than a simple distraction, but Rick won’t let himself lose focus. Not while a hidden enemy is drawing near.

Moving in with the grumpy alpha who saved him is a big change for Kai, and it isn’t long before he begins to ache for something he can’t have. As a half-human shifter responsible for his three younger siblings, he knows he can never be Rick’s mate.

But when the pack’s enemies strike, Rick and Kai have to decide if they’re willing to risk it all to be together.

The Alpha and His King is the first book in the Kincaid Pack series and features a quick-tempered and possessive alpha; a sweet and feisty alpha-mate; shifters, seers, and witches galore; massive amounts of hurt/comfort; and a happily ever after.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-jamesdeanvintageThe James Dean Vintage by Jess Whitecroft

Winemaker Oliver Caron is used to micromanaging, so when a misguided Vegas marriage and a series of interlocking poor decisions lead to him accidentally introducing a one-night stand as his new husband, he can’t let the matter lie. Driven by social embarrassment and the anxiety that the messy truth might kill off his ninety-nine year old grandmother, Oliver finds himself ‘married’ to one James Dean Jackson.

Hustler, card-counter, lapdancer, drifter – Dean is seemingly a chronic liar, a human tumbleweed incapable of putting down roots. By contrast, Oliver is as deeply rooted as the grape vines that are his livelihood. Oliver’s idea of heaven is a 1945 Chateau d’Yquem, while Dean thinks veraison is a cellphone provider and once almost did the Pinot Noir monologue from Sideways over a Laurent-Perrier Rosé.

As the season unfolds and the grapes ripen, the mismatched pair begin to discover that playing the perfect husband isn’t so hard after all, especially when the other person might just have the thing you were missing all along.

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-pretendlikeyoumeanitPretend Like You Mean It (Dreamboat Island Book 4) by Steve Milton

Jordan’s only boyfriend is the theater he runs.

Jordan loves what he’s doing. Even if it’s not Amelia Island, not Broadway. Even if most of his workload consists of babysitting the donors’ thirty-five-year-old manchild, Rex.

Rex isn’t a bad guy. He’s definitely not bad looking. He’s just not very bright. And he’s definitely straight.

Rex will do anything to get some media attention.

Anything. Like becoming gay. That’s something, isn’t it? It’s all pretend, of course. It should land him some more TV roles. Gay is the new straight, isn’t it?

Acting gay feels a little too comfortable. When is a stage kiss only on the stage?

Loving Jordan might be the realest thing of all.

Pretend Like You Mean It is a feel-good gay romantic comedy with a guaranteed HEA. It’s full of stage kisses, shocked relatives, gay West Side Story, and delicious spatchcock.

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

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