LGBT Romance Deals 2/25

lgbtrd-psycopSPOTLIGHT!! Bitter Pill: MM Urban Fantasy (PsyCop Book 11) by Jordan Castillo Price

There’s a new drug on the streets called Kick. The side effects are so brutal, most folks only try it once…unless they’re psychic. Then they do it until it kills them.

Psychic medium Victor Bayne is well acquainted with pharmaceuticals, but he’s managed to steer clear of street drugs…so far.

Jacob Marks has a medicine cabinet filled with every over-the-counter remedy known to man, but none of them are doing much for his mood—and his long, fruitless days of combing through records at The Clinic are taking a heavy toll.

But their lackluster investigation does have one silver lining: a front-row seat at The Clinic when the first Kick overdose comes in. And as scary as the drug might be, if it truly does augment psychic ability, the appeal is not lost on Vic.

Because the very first hit never killed anyone.

$ 4.99 at all retailers

lgbtrd-mypastyourfutureMy Past, Your Future (Deerbourne Inn) by Gabbi Grey

A Civil War ghost, a Scottish history professor, and the magic of the Winter Solstice…

Callum MacLaren, a professor from Scotland, visits Willow Springs, Vermont during the Winter Solstice to study and explore the rich history of St. Joseph’s Cemetery. His encounter with a sexy soldier in a tattered Civil War uniform is a captivating puzzle, and the more he learns, the deeper his attraction.

A hundred and fifty years ago, Elijah Freeman was killed during the Second Battle of Fort Wagner and woke up in Willow Springs, the only home he’d known. Alone, he roams the town, unable to leave or interact with a single soul until an intriguing Scot addresses him. Even stranger, the man can see him, hear him, and touch him–a sizzling caress that leaves Elijah aching for more.

But will Elijah return to his ghostly form when the magic of the solstice fades, or is Callum’s love enough to keep him in the land of the living?

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-lovesmagicLove’s Magic: Revolutionary Heart – Book One by Janice Jarrell

Four men who have each suffered assault in their own way come together in love and friendship to find the healing which they could not find alone.

David and Nate – both college professors, in a committed relationship, deeply in love. But could they move past the difference which arise when Nate is attacked? David wants safety and security. Nate wants to fight! Both are right. But will being right mean being happy?

Colin and Josh – A tough Irish cop whose wounded heart rejects the possibility of love and intimacy meets a quiet, Jewish psychologist who burns through Colin’s barriers like a wildfire. Can Colin lower the walls which have kept him alone and apart – safe from the tragedy which lives at the center of his being? Will Joshua’s love be the healing he has sought but never found?

Will Love’s Magic heal these four revolutionary hearts?

$ 1.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-hopewolvesHope: Wolves of Walker County by Kiki Burrelli

When cocky firefighter, Nash, rescues a nerd in his boxers he assumes the guy would be grateful. Not Phineas. He refuses to swoon at Nash’s feet. Too bad for Nash, he can’t stop thinking about the other man. He agrees to teach Phin how to flirt but he has no intention of ever seeing Phin put his skills to use.


NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-belowthebeltBelow the Belt (Baum’s Boxing Book 1) by EM Lindsey

The day Noah walks into Baum’s Boxing is the day everything changes. Adrian Flores, an ex-Marine boxer with his own story to tell and his own struggles to overcome, is immediately taken with the timid man taking his first kickboxing class. It seems like a fairy tale waiting to happen, until the day it doesn’t. A miscommunication between both men leaves them vulnerable for one cruel, obsessed man to take matters into his own hands. Will their relationship survive blackmail, violent attacks, and a promise to destroy their livelihoods? Or will the two be forced to part ways and accept that fate is just not on their side?

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-exmeridianNothing Special VII: EX Meridian by AE Via

Strip a man of his ability to feel compassion, empathy, remorse, or any of the emotions that make him human, but leave the ones that ignite rage and aggression and you have the perfect killing machine—now imagine two of them.

Code names Ex and Meridian are synonymous for ‘guaranteed death’ to international terrorists. Two broken men recruited into an unsanctioned government program. Trained to operate most efficiently—lethally—together.

When Ex returns from an op in Bolivia to learn his little brother has been accidentally killed in a feud between drug gangs, he’s stateside before he can consider the rules he’ll be breaking, and of course Meridian is right beside him.

After their first run-in with God and Day, Ex and Meridian start to reevaluate their own relationship. Wondering if they could be even deadlier if they let loose the feelings that they’ve been forced to suppress for years.

NEW RELEASE: $ 6.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-alphavalentineAlpha Valentine: J.T’s Bar #4 by Sue Brown

Jake Tyler got a second chance at love with Mitch Mitchelson at J.T’s Bar, and he’s not letting go of that. So when Mitch is offered a job at the covert ops agency, Jake follows him, taking the job of trainer. But it doesn’t take him long to realize he hates the work. Not only does he doubt his skills, the trainees dismiss him as little more than a bartender.

Mitch can see his husband’s unhappy, and he hates it. He knows Jake is craving action and the old team around him. So Mitch arranges for the rookie team to be sent on a retrieval exercise in the field—with Jake as the package. Jake can’t figure how being away from Mitch surrounded by men who hate his guts is going to help anything. But Mitch, as ever, has a plan.

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-paintonthecanvasPaint on the Canvas (Love on the Line Book 2) by Lynn Michaels

A life-changing sacrifice for art and love.

Daltrey Boxbaum is an artist, a lover, an addict, and more. Through the years, he finds and loses love, fights addiction, and defines himself in new ways.

Martin Hannan was the love of Daltrey’s life, the son of a world-famous Silicon Valley developer and tycoon. Left behind to fight his own battles, Martin’s reappearance in Daltrey’s life turns the stable world he’s worked so hard for inside out.

Get Lines on the Mirror (Love on the Line Book 1) here.

PRE-ORDER SALE: $ 1.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-troubledheartsTroubled Hearts (Ann Arbor Hearts Book 2) by Ian Finn

When Kyle Wolffe walks his hot @ss into the math course I teach at the University of Michigan, I think I might die of temptation. There are so many reasons I should keep my hands off him, no matter how handsome the younger Leo DiCaprio look-alike is. He’s not only a student at the school, but he’s also my Teaching Assistant for this year.

Not to mention that I’m currently a professor on probation, due to a BS allegation made up against me by a female student who was upset I wouldn’t be with her. The reason I wouldn’t be even remotely interested in her-or any woman-is because I’m gay, but I’m closeted. Coming out would help me beat the charge but I didn’t ever picture being forced to do it this way.

Yet when Kyle runs into his own trouble due to anti-gay bullies, it’s time to decide what kind of life I want to live. Will I be able to stop myself from bending him over my desk and taking what we both want? And if so, will it cause more problems for both of us? Or will love give me the strength to testify honestly in Kyle’s case, as well as my own?

They say love conquers all and I sure hope that’s true. Because both of us are in a heap of trouble and right now it seems that being together could just make it worse.

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-prettyPretty by Jason Collins

Cole’s perfect—except for one thing: he’s straight, and he’s supposed to marry a woman. There’s no ring on his finger, but if he doesn’t follow his father’s orders, it’ll cost him one hell of an inheritance. I’m falling for him, but I won’t be another straight man’s secret. I can’t bring him out of the closet, but I won’t meet him in it, either.


NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU


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