LGBT Romance Deals 6/12

Authors & Readers: We are working on including audiobooks in each edition of the LGBT Romance Newsletter, beginning today. Readers, watch for them at the end of the newsletter. Authors, submit them through the form like a normal book. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


lgbtrd-secondandhisbondedSPOTLIGHT: The Second and His Bonded (Kincaid Pack Book 2) by Kiki Clark

As the son of an enemy, Kieran never expected to find a family with the Kincaid Pack… or a true mate’s bond.

After barely escaping his abusive family, wolf shifter Kieran McAllister struggles to find his place in the Kincaid Pack. Especially with the pushy but gorgeous second-in-command showing up every time Kieran turns around… and making him want things he shouldn’t.

The traumatized wolf who continuously refuses Bennett Young’s help has begun to haunt his dreams. But if there’s one thing he knows, it’s that tiger shifters don’t have mates. So why can’t Bennett get Kieran’s sad eyes out of his head?

Despite their differences, Kieran and Bennet find something they never expected in each other. Just as their bond begins to grow though, Kieran’s past threatens to destroy the very pack they both have been fighting to protect.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-theloveboatexperienceThe Loveboat Experience (The Dreamboat Experience Book 1) by Parker Avrile

I’m living the dream. Traveling the world from beach to beach and marina to marina.

Then my father yanks the credit cards and spouts some nonsense about hard work.

Suddenly, I’m a butler slaving away on the maiden voyage of the world’s newest and most exclusive cruise ship.

Work bites.

Except I somehow don’t mind serving under that one red-hot passenger. A billionaire cruising solo can always use a helpful butler.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-lovevintageblendLove Vintage Blend: Sweet with heat gay romance (Home in Hollyridge Book 2) by Elle Keaton

Jeff Morgan is rebuilding his life; Zach Brown is trying to keep his from falling apart.

After being disowned by his parents Jeff leaves the city to start over again, hoping to reinvent himself as a winemaker in the small town of Hollyridge. Why not dream big?

Zach is struggling to keep his boutique winery afloat and the summer intern is one more body which will help that happen—and oh, what a body. The only thing is, he’s sworn off men.

Until he met Zach Brown Jeff knew he was gay—but he’d never kissed a man.

One look at Jeff, and Zach knew it was going to be a long, hard summer.

Jeff doesn’t know much about wine and even less about love but maybe he’s just what Zach needs to save his winery and heal his wounded heart.

A standalone in the Home in Hollyridge series, 24k words

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-poochplanetPooch Planet (G-Force Federation Book 4) by MM Wilde

What’s a pooch to do when he falls in love with a gargoyle?

On Pooch Planet, Chiweenie shifter Benji has been tasked with helping to guard Small Breed Village from a murderous beast. Benji is feisty and tough, but he’s also on the verge of his first heat. Talk about bad timing!

Gargoyle Antoine heads the military police division of the G-Force Federation. He’s been tracking a vicious alien from Hades Galaxy that’s been terrorizing worlds under the protection of the Federation. If he can’t save the inhabitants of Pooch Planet, he will have failed as both a guardian and gargoyle.

When Antoine lands on the remote world, he meets an adorable little shifter who captivates him. Something about Benji calls to Antoine’s stone heart. But the evil that has invaded Pooch Planet might keep love from blooming if he can’t rescue his sweet Chiweenie…

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-fortheloveofflowersFor The Love of Flowers by Kelsey Hodge

I was never meant for this life. I never wanted to follow what my father had planned for me, yet I didn’t have the strength to leave. Then one day, he came into my shop and my double life started. I was always looking over my shoulder, constantly scared that my secret would be discovered… until the day the secret must come out. Now I must be brave enough to fight for the life I want or die trying.

I was happy with my life; I had worked hard to get to my position, and I didn’t see it changing until the day I walked into his shop. I thought we had always been honest with each other until the day his secret came out. Now I must decide if I trust him enough to do what is needed and risk losing him, just to have the future I never realized I wanted.

PRE ORDER: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-unitingheartsUniting Hearts: Discovering Me #3 by AM Arthur

Cole loves the life he’s created with his boyfriend Jeremy, but his wandering heart sometimes resents their small-town existence. Settled and no longer fleeing his abusive ex, he has so many choices to make, like possibly going back to college. But when Jeremy has an incredible opportunity handed to him, Cole’s carefully ordered life is thrown completely off track. Can their romance survive their new circumstances, or will it split them down the middle?

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-lovehaterepeatLove Hate Repeat by Vivyan Lynne

“We were like friends with benefits, but without the friends part.”

When Kell Roberts was with Damian Wylde in high school, it was all about sex. No emotions, no getting invested. They split before graduating, and Kell never thought he’d see Damian again.

Two years later, Kell is a techie and computer science student at the University of Washington. He sees Damian at a party and sparks immediately fly. Kell rushes headlong into a new romance with Damian, trying to make it about more than sex. Dating is new territory. When Kell finds himself falling for Damian, he doesn’t know how to handle getting emotionally involved, especially with an uncertain future.

$ 5.99 at all retailers

lgbtrd-howtoshieldanassassinHow to Shield an Assassin (Unholy Trifecta Book 1) by AJ Sherwood

It’s not stealing if you’re stealing it back….

Ari had a game plan for life. Shoot people. Get money. Hang out with fellow criminal friends. He saw absolutely no reason to change that plan until one dark night in Memphis, when a little girl reached out to him with pocket change and a desperate plea for him to help her.

SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-ghoulishGhoulish (The Alpha Chronicles Book 1) by Joel Abernathy

Colt Jager has always found his best friend mouthwatering, just…not the way he does now.

Out of all the ways Colt thought he’d be spending his twenty-fifth birthday, sinking his teeth into a random stranger definitely wasn’t on the list. Neither was falling headfirst into a hidden world of superhuman beasts who claim he’s one of them. Awakening as a ghoul is like going through puberty all over again. Mood swings? Check. Raging hormones? Check. Awkward physical transformations? Check.

Blurred lines between bloodlust and lust of the good old-fashioned variety? That last part might be uniquely ghoulish, but if he doesn’t figure it out, his next dinner date with Jason might be the last. Then there’s the family of elite ghoul-eating ghouls who want to put a permanent end to his second life. As if he needed another reason to hate birthdays.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-syrenandrenzoSyren & Renzo: M/M Second-Chance Love Story by Avril Ashton

Syren Rua and Renzo Vega.

Before they became the men they are now, they were stolen.

Caged. Abused.

In the grip of a monster, the black-haired boy discovered hope again when he’d lost it. The white-haired boy found family when he’d gone so long without it. They had each other…until a betrayal ripped them apart.

Decades later, they’re not who they once were, nor are they who they should have been.

But there’s still time.

One last chance for forgiveness. One last chance for family.

This novella is not a romance, but it is a love story best read after Kiss Your Scars (Loose Ends #3).

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-alphaandhiskingThe Alpha and His King (Kincaid Pack Book 1) by Kiki Clark

When Kai flies out of a shed, swinging a rake, Rick’s life flips upside down.

As alpha, Rick’s dedication to his pack has never wavered—until Kai. The pull he feels toward the younger man is more than a simple distraction, but Rick won’t let himself lose focus. Not while a hidden enemy is drawing near.

Moving in with the grumpy alpha who saved him is a big change for Kai, and it isn’t long before he begins to ache for something he can’t have. As a half-human shifter responsible for his three younger siblings, he knows he can never be Rick’s mate.

Pushing aside their doubts and insecurities, they grow closer. But when the pack’s enemies strike, bringing their fears to fruition, Rick and Kai have to decide if they’re willing to risk it all to be together.

SALE: $ 2.99 (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-straightupStraight Up (The Speakeasy) by K Evan Coles & Brigham Vaughn

Malcolm Elliott has been keeping secrets. Helping his mom through a financial crisis has nearly emptied his bank account and his kitchen cupboards, despite his thriving career with Corporate Equality Campaign. Malcolm is also bothered by his inability to tell the most important people in his life that he identifies as gray ace.

Stuart Morgan has a secret of his own. Though years have passed since the tattooed chef fled the Mormon church in Utah for New York, he’s never truly come to terms with the fetish that ruined that rigid but outwardly perfect life. Experience has also taught Stuart that keeping his love of lacy things under wraps is safer than telling the truth.

When both of their secrets are finally exposed, they find themselves at a crossroads in which they must choose between playing it safe or finally coming clean to the person they love.

NEW RELEASE: $ 5.99 on Amazon

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audio-vigilinthemourningAUDIOBOOK: A Vigil in the Mourning (Soulbound Book 4) by Hailey Turner. Narrated by Gary Furlong. [10h7m]

Special Agent Patrick Collins is dispatched to Chicago, chasing a lead on the Morrígan’s staff and ordered to investigate a politician. In the lead up to election day, not everything is what it seems in a city where playing to win means appeasing the gods first and the electorate second.

In New York City, Jonothon de Vere finds himself targeted by hunters. With a bounty on his head, Jono must make a choice. Doing so risks breaking the trust he’s built with the man he loves, but not acting will give the rival New York City god pack leverage Jono can’t afford to give up.

When Patrick and Jono reunite in Chicago, Patrick must confront the fraying of a relationship he’s come to rely on. But fixing their personal problems will have to wait—because Niflheim is clawing at the shores of Lake Michigan and the dead are hungry.

Audible US (Regular: $ 24.95; Members: $17.46 or 1 Credit) | Audible UK | Ebook: $ 4.99 and available with KU

audio-shootingseasonAUDIOBOOK: The Shooting Season (Resurrectionist Book 1) by Isobel Starling. Narrated by Gary Furlong. [2h54]

Monday, December 20, 1897. Mr. Benedict Hannan, the owner of Hannan’s Auction House in Fitzrovia, receives a letter inviting him to attend the sale of a private collection of fine art and antiquities belonging to the late Lord Percival Ardmillan. Ardmillan is known to Benedict, or rather, his son Euan is, and so, Benedict hurriedly travels to the West Highlands to fulfill his dream of owning a particular item from the Lord’s collection – something that he has coveted for 30 years.

In Scotland, Benedict meets the collectors who were invited to bid in the auction. He discovers that the auction of the private collection is not as straightforward as he had imagined. Forced to come to terms with his past and present desires, Benedict finds himself in the thrall of a mysterious traveler, and in turn, he gets more than he bargained for this Christmas!

Audible (Regular: $ 6.95; Members: $4.86 or 1 Credit) | Ebook: $ 3.99 and available with KU

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