Special Smashwords Sale Edition

Smashwords is having its yearly summer/winter sale throughout July! Some of your favorite authors may have books there for whatever reason — it could be too taboo for Amazon, their books could be distributed wide, or it could just be the author’s preference. Please mind the descriptions and the warnings on these books, and double check the prices before you buy.

lgbtrd-prettythingsPretty Things by Chara Croft

BODHI: I like to wear pretty things, but I hate that they cost me my brother. My twin. My other half. I hate HIM. Kai. I hate him so hard. And I especially hate the way he mocks me by leaving me presents, like the one I find waiting for me on our eighteenth birthday and can’t resist trying on…



$ 2.24 (25% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-everythingheneedsEverything He Needs by Chara Croft

Ivan had never understood what made his twin, Eric, pull away from him when they were teens, but just in case their mother was right and it was due to Eric feeling “smothered” by Ivan’s obsessive love, he’s made it a point to give his brother space ever since. But that all changes when Ivan interrupts a brutal sexual assault on his brother… and then finds out it was something Eric had asked for.

$ 1.49 (25% off at Smashwords)

Sequel: Everything He Wants is also $ 1.49 (25% off)

CHARA CROFT has other discounted books, so be sure to check out their profile on Smashwords!

lgbtrd-thealphasolutionThe Alpha Solution by NJ Lysk

A young alpha is kidnapped and forced to submit to a group of alphas eager to make him into an omega.

A Dark Mpreg tale featuring kidnapping, body modification, mpreg, noncon, manipulation, fisting, and brainwashing of a straight alpha forced to submit to other alphas. This is not a romance.


$ 2.00 (50% off at Smashwords

lgbtrd-thewillofheavenThe Will of Heaven by NJ Lysk

Prince Hiram of Pradeira is deemed unfit to be king after his father dies. But as a direct descendant of the gods, only those of his bloodline can reign. To avoid civil war, he agrees to have a child with each of the princes of the other noble houses of the kingdom so that his firstborn and heir can inherit the throne from whoever fathered him.


$ 1.50 (50% off at Smashwords)

NJ LYSK has other discounted books, so be sure to check out their profile on Smashwords!

lgbtrd-theendowmentThe Endowment (Lil Harvest #1) by Meraki P. Dark

In the beginning, an Incubus was merely a low-ranking demon who fed on the sexual terror he could inflict upon a human being—sometimes from a distance or cloaked as a dream. But that was before one of them got the idea to turn a human with nothing to lose into the perfect demon feeder.



$ 2.50 (50% at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-colosseumoflustColosseum of Lust (Dark Empire #1) by Meraki P. Dark

A sinister dark web niche for bored rich people with a depraved need to watch sexual decadence have put their money into a project to give them just that—high-end entertainment with lots of violence and lots of sex.



$ 2.50 (50% at Smashwords)

Check out MERAKI P DARK’S profile on Smashwords for more dark and taboo books!

lgbtrd-threetimesasgoodThree Times As Good by TM Chris

Jared may only be older than his brothers by a few minutes, but he’s always been the leader, the one to make sure Jim and Johnny get everything they need. That’s why it’s so hard to say no when Johnny asks Jared to initiate him into the pleasures of the flesh. But giving in would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

Content warning: this triplecest novella contains explicit sexual content of a taboo nature.

$ 0.99 (50% at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-myotherhalfMy Other Half by S Michelle

What do you do when you realise you want more than brotherly love from the man that hates you?

Eighteen months ago, my twin brother walked out of my house and my life. I am struggling to rebuild a relationship with a man that can’t stand to look me in the eye.

What will it cost us when he discovers I want more than just a brother? To have my other half.

This novella contains a taboo relationship.

$ 2.24 (25% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-resistanceisfertileResistance is Fertile: The Devil’s Forced Breeding by Anna Wineheart

*Cover-to-cover noncon*

“The more you resist, the more fertile you’ll be.”
Farley is broke, and he’s also a fake exorcist. Enter the devil–the mysterious stranger who shows up in Farley’s apartment, seeking to breed with him.
Kain is strong, powerful, and he loves the look of Farley’s hole. He wants Farley’s body prepped for breeding. Farley tries to resist. He doesn’t get a choice, not at all.

$ 2.24 (25% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-brotherdeaerBrother Dear by R. Phoenix

When Mateo tries to call off their relationship and leave his twin behind, Devin takes extreme measures to keep him close. All bets are off, and all the taboo and kinky fetishes he’s wanted to explore with his brother are now on the table whether Mateo wants them to be or not. Devin doesn’t accept no for an answer, and as he explores each and every new torment, Mateo gets dragged deeper into hell.


$ 2.24 (25% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-brothermineBrother Mine (Sequel to Brother Dear) by R. Phoenix

“I love you on your knees. My cock belongs in your mouth, brother mine. Doesn’t it?”

When Mateo tried to leave his twin behind to have a more enriching life, he didn’t realize it would lead to Devin’s psychotic break. But he’s found himself caught in a web of misery, where his brother controls his every move and his sexual sadism has no bounds.

$ 2.24 (25% off at Smashwords)

This author has another free book, so be sure to check out their profile on Smashwords!

lgbtrd-rippingoffthemaskRipping Off the Mask by Harper Jewel

Can injured Sgt. Cooper Brandt, with the help of Dr. Westley James, rip off the mask he donned as self-imposed penance at the end of high school, or will fate determine a different path for both men?



$ 1.25 (75% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-santasnaughtyelfSanta’s Naughty Elf by Harper Jewel

When Paul Martens plays Santa’s elf in the local department store, he’s shocked to find out that a Dom with a firm hand he’s never forgotten will be the man in the red suit.

While the two men pick up where they left off, a runaway teen pulls at their heartstrings.

Can they put aside their growing passion in order to channel some holiday magic and grant everyone’s Christmas wish?

FREE (100% off at Smashwords)

HARPER JEWEL has another discounted book, so be sure to check out their profile on Smashwords!

lgbtrd-undergroundguyUnderground Guy by Kyle Michel Sullivan

Can a serial rapist stop a serial killer before he strikes a fifth time?




$ 1.50 (50% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-thebeastinthenothingroomThe Beast in the Nothing Room

How can you stop a serial killer who kills no one and doesn’t even exist?




$ 1.50 (50% off at Smashwords)

All of KYLE MICHEL SULLIVAN’s books are on sale for 50% off, so be sure to check out their profile on Smashwords!

lgbtrd-thealphahighwaymanThe Alpha Highwayman by Colbie Dunbar

Baron Christopher ‘Kit’ Conroy is an alpha who spends his nights robbing carriages. Lord Aquilla ‘Quill’ Wentworth, is an omega who lives at the magnificent Riverside Hall. Neither alpha nor omega is searching for a mate, but on a night when Quill is returning from an engagement, & Kit is desperate for funds, the pair meet. But is the alpha’s past about to catch up to him?


$ 1.50 (50% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-lordtrentonLord Trenton Historical Mpreg Bundle by Colbie Dunbar

When Lord Cuthbert ‘Cuddy’ Trenton meets Viscount Henry Caldwell, it puts in motion a chain of events, which is set against a backdrop of political turmoil. But legends passed down through the centuries single out Lord Trenton and leave him and Viscount Caldwell unsure of what lies ahead. And Henry is hiding a secret, which threatens his and Cuddy’s relationship.

$ 2.00 (50% off at Smashwords)

Check out COLBIE DUNBAR’S profile on Smashwords for other books!

lgbtrd-tooclosetoloveToo Close To Love by MA Innes

Some events just change how you look at a person. One thing can make them go from someone who’s just always there to someone who matters…More than they should.

Kevin knows that no one would understand what he feels for Jeremy. Even Jeremy would be shocked if he found out. But what do you do when you fall in love with the one person you were never supposed to need?

FREE (100% off at Smashwords)

The rest of this series is also available on Smashwords. Check out MA INNES’ profile for their other books.

lgbtrd-secondguessingloveSecond-Guessing Love by MA Innes

Gage has known for a long time that something is wrong with him…something strange…something dark. He’s tried to control it, tried to hide it, but there are some things that can’t be denied. His obsession with his brother is one of them.



$ 0.99 (50% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-keepingscoreKeeping Score by Kendall Morgan

Brandon Stephenson is a YouTube star looking to get laid at Pacific Palms Resort, a very gay and very expensive tropical paradise, but, in order to get the love he’s so hungry for, he’s going to have to stop placing wagers on people’s lives. And if he really wants Julian Bailey, the resort’s Jamaican director of fitness with rock hard abs, he’s going to have to go and get him.


$ 2.24 (25% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-danceofwaterandairA Dance of Water and Air by Antonia Aquilante

When someone tries to assassinate the queen, Edmund is blamed, and Arden rescues him before he can be executed for a crime he didn’t commit.




$ 3.25 (50% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-theprincesconsortThe Prince’s Consort by Antonia Aquilante

Legends tell of large cats defending the principality of Tournai, but such creatures are only myth.

Or are they?

$ 3.50 (50% off at Smashwords)

ANTONIA AQUILANTE has other discounted books, so be sure to check out their profile on Smashwords!


lgbtrd-thebastillesphereThe Bastille Sphere by Leona Windwalker

The fight was to the death. The prize: Winner is awarded parole and a mate. It was a win/win as far he was concerned. Leyland would either be freed by death at last, or he’d win and gain as normal a life as Bastille offered.

If only it was that easy.


$ 2.50 (50% off at Smashwords)

lgbtrd-judgedJudged (The Talani Trade Alliance 2) by Leona Windwalker

Matty’s best friend Duane is missing- trafficked by the very aliens behind Matty’s own sentencing. When J’nah gets a lead on where he is, he sends J’nel. For J’nel, this is about more than duty. The smaller human male had fired up his protective instincts, Duane’s emotional fragility making him vulnerable to the very sort they sought to protect the rest of humanity from.

$ 2.00 (50% off at Smashwords)

Book 1 of the Talani Trade Alliance books is also on sale for 50% off.

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