LGBT Romance Deals 9/1

lgbtrd-drivemecrazyEbook Spotlight: Drive Me Crazy (Food Truck Warriors #1) by Beth Bolden

When Tony Blake walks into what might be a blind date, he’s surprisingly intrigued despite his irritation with his meddling brother. But when Lucas turns out to be a new employee for their food truck, Tony’s usual charm deserts him.

Lucas might be fantastically creative in the kitchen, but to Tony’s disappointment, he’s not interested in more than a casual hookup. Old Tony would have loved the lack of strings, but New Tony is finally ready for it all.

He’s ready to find love, and to help the food truck thrive. What he needs is Lucas next to him, revolutionizing their carnivore menu with his vegan point of view, and what he wants is Lucas underneath him in bed, turning his life inside out.

As the kitchen heats up in the Los Angeles summer, can Tony figure out how to drive Lucas crazy enough to change his mind?

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-holdfirmHold Firm: a bodyguard/daddy series (Biker Daddy Bodyguards Book 1) by Sue Brown

“Am I here as his bodyguard, his fake boyfriend, or his Daddy?”

The minute Quinn lays eyes on the bratty boy hunched in the chair, spitting fire and ice at him, he knows why he’s been chosen for this assignment. He doesn’t want to take the job but the boy’s life is in danger. Could Quinn turn him away?

Cade doesn’t want a bodyguard at his back 24/7. He works hard and parties harder. But this man isn’t the usual rent-a-suit. He’s six foot five of solid muscle, hard eyes, and a voice which makes Cade want to beg for his attention.

To the world, Quinn is Cade’s bodyguard. To their friends, Quinn is Cade’s boyfriend. To the suspect, Quinn is Cade’s Daddy…

Quinn can’t help thinking this won’t end well.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-layingpipeLaying Pipe by Kiki Clark

Being in love with your dad’s best friend is a recipe for loneliness.

Trust me, I know.

But I can’t help it. How can I not fall for someone as sweet and caring and attractive as John? Especially after he comes and fixes a leaking pipe in my basement. No questions asked. Just shows up, flashes his knee-weakening smile, and leaves.

Afterward, I notice John watching me with heat in his eyes sometimes. John, who’s only ever dated women, can’t seem to figure out he isn’t supposed to stare at certain parts of my very male body.

I know my dad won’t like it if he finds out, but we’re both adults. If there’s a chance I can have something real with John, I have to go for it.


Laying Pipe is a low-angst, contemporary romance full of heat, laughs, and a guaranteed HEA.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-pauperprincesavestheposhpulletPauper Prince Saves the Posh Pullet: A Bi/Gender Fluid Superhero Romance (Royal Powers Book 5) by Chris Cox

Rescue a Chicken. Save a vineyard. Claim One True Love.

★Prince Petre of Ezer always puts his parents and their family vineyards first —just like his princess mother demands. But he can’t say no when The Honourable Mickey Zubrini asks him to help rescue her father, the shape-shifting Baron Zubrini, from chickennappers hoping for golden eggs.

Using his superpower of turning back time, will Prince Pete bring back the noble chicken? Is the gorgeous, gender fluid Mickey interested in him or just in his chicken-rescue abilities? Is this his chance to break free from family demands—or will Pete stay cooped up forever in his vineyard?

(No chickens, geese, or vineyards were harmed in the writing of this story. Bisexual/gender fluid superhero romance; sensuous but not explicit love scenes. A standalone fairytale with hidden Easter Eggs in the Royal Powers series.)

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-honeyfromthelionHoney From the Lion: A Love Across Time Story by Jackie North

In present day, Laurie, tired of corporate life, takes a much-needed vacation at Farthingdale Dude Ranch.

The very first night a freak blizzard combined with a powerful meteor shower takes Laurie back to the year 1891. When he wakes up in a snowbank, his only refuge is an isolated cabin inhabited by the gruff, grouchy John Henton, who only wants to be left alone. His sense of duty prevails, however, and he takes Laurie under his care, teaching him how to survive on the wild frontier.

Sparks fly as the blizzard rages outside the cabin. Can two men from different worlds and different times find happiness together?

This book (usually $ 4.99) will be FREE TOMORROW from 9/2 through 9/6.

lgbtrd-secretsSecrets: A Bi-Awakening Romance (Secrets & Scandal Duology Book 1) by Gianni Holmes

One night is what they agreed on. A secret shared between only their lips as Charles discovers he’s not so straight after all. But maybe one night can become two…and even more…After all, anything’s possible as long as they don’t get caught.


NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-playwithmePlay With Me by Brittany Cournoyer

Tattoos, fixing cars, and his saxophone.

Those are the only things Stellan Abernathy cares about—being the tattooed auto mechanic by day and then the sultry saxophone player in a jazz band by night. But all that changes when a wide-eyed bartender captures his attention and refuses to let go. Now, instead of an audience, Stellan only wants to play for—and with—Foster.

Coming home, starting over, and getting back on his feet.

After a break-up that leaves Foster Morgan feeling more relieved than hurt, he returns home with an empty bank account and a new job. Getting his life back on track is his main priority, but fate has put pure temptation in his path. The only problem? Foster had never been with a man before. Now, he wants Stellan to change that.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-amuchyoungermanA Much Younger Man: A Small Town, Age Gap, Gay Romance. (Men of St. Nacho’s Book 1) by ZA Maxfield

A sweet veterinarian with a compulsion to rescue meets a homeless guitarist with an adorable chocolate Lab. Will love grow, or fur fly when these two let their passion take the lead?



NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-iwanttokissyouinpublicI Want To Kiss You In Public: A Coming of Age, Gay Romance Novel by Zelda French

Have you ever been so attracted to someone, that nothing makes sense anymore?

If you’d ask him, Louis, a Senior at an International High School in Paris, would tell you he’s got a pretty good idea of how the world works, that he’s got it covered. He even thinks himself a bit of a rockstar. His best friend Tony, a self-proclaimed prophet, and his girlfriend Lucie, as short as she is dangerous, are everything to him. He will tell you himself: he’s got it all figured out.

That’s until a teacher unimpressed with his antics pairs him up to write an essay with Michael, the new British guy. Michael’s just another boring student in a class of boring people, and the thought of having to spend time with him is almost unbearable… until they get to know each other and suddenly all of Louis’s convictions are shaken to the core.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-ruggedguardRugged Guard (Mountain Men Book 1) by Jason Collins

Parker was supposed to be off-limits. I wasn’t prepared for romance, much less with a man, but he makes me want to break all the rules. It isn’t easy being a bodyguard for a man I can’t resist.



$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-crownedCrowned: My Harem Academia (Book Three) by Xya Olsen

We survived the Trials by the skin of our teeth, but a new challenge threatens our final term at the Wildernesss Academy for Shifters: fatherhood.



$ 3.99 at all retailers

lgbtrd-immaculatemarlowkingThe Immaculate Marlow King by Amanda Meuwissen

Marlow King is a rare and powerful Storm Mage and an officer of the law, but he has a secret: he has an unfairly intense libido. And he’s a virgin. After an embarrassing reaction during a sparring match with his rival and fellow Mage Officer, Rembrandt “Remy” Parker, Marlow stumbles upon a thief escaping the scene of her crime, who curses him to lose his magic until he loses his virginity. Enter Remy, who is definitely a very bad (very good) idea to fix things.

$ 1.99 on Amazon | JMS Books

lgbtrd-heroesforghostsHeroes for Ghosts: A Love Across Time Story by Jackie North

Soulmates across time. A sacrifice that could keep them apart forever.

In present day, near the village of Ornes, France, Devon works on his master’s thesis in history as he fantasizes about meeting a WWI American Doughboy.

In 1917, during the Battle of Ornes, Stanley is a young soldier facing the horrors of the battlefield.

Mourning the death of his friends, Stanley volunteers to bring the message for retreat so he can save everyone in his battalion. While on his mission, mustard gas surrounds Stanley and though he is dying, he finds himself in a peaceful green meadow.

Devon doesn’t believe Stanley is who he says he is. But a powerful attraction grows between them, and Stanley is Devon’s dream come true. But Stanley’s soul wants to finish his mission, and time keeps yanking him back to relive his last morning, even as his heart longs to stay.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-thenewinternThe New Intern: A Transgender Romance Novel by Yumi Cox

Would you take a chance on romance with someone you manage, or let workplace policy get in the way of real love?

Hugh Roberts is young, attractive and his star is on the rise. At twenty-four he runs the design office of an advertising agency.

But Hugh’s team harmony is challenged when two new recruits get placed into his team. Graduate Thad Russell is an ambitious ex-Football star. He is also the Founder’s nephew. Intern Noelle Stuart is a sun-bronzed creative whiz from Australia with all the skills. She is also breathtakingly beautiful.

Things go ‘right off the rails’ when Thad’s sexual advances towards Noelle are unwelcome.

If you like transgender romance stories with an equal dose of conflict and romance, then you’ll love ‘The New Intern’.

Will Hugh take his one chance for real love, or will Thad and that ‘you’re her boss thing’ ensure it never happens?

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 2.99) on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-damagedheartsDamaged Hearts: Book 1 in The Boys of Venice Beach Series by Jan St Marcus

• A chance encounter connects them.
• Their tragic pasts bond them.
• An unexpected love surprises them.
• And an unseen danger threatens them.
• Love doesn’t have a chance…or does it?

When 19-year-old military veteran Brandon Hawkins is attacked on VeniceBeach by a gang of frat boys, he is saved by MichaelAngelo Curtis, a passerby. Michelangelo was roaming the boardwalk grieving the death of his twin brother six months earlier. The two men’s unexpected encounter forges a strong bond between the damaged and lonely men.

Inviting the homeless Bran to his place for some food and a shower, 25-year-old Michelangelo finds himself drawn to the younger man. Neither of the men is gay. But before long, their friendship morphs into something like love and takes them both by surprise.

And they have something else in common: The frat boys are out for revenge!

$ 2.99 on Amazon

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