LGBT Romance Deals 6/25

EBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Faraway: An Escape Novel by Casey Cox

FARAWAY is a zero angst, high school enemies-to-lovers rom-com style MM romance. It features a flamboyant guy living his best life who reunites with a reformed bully trapped by his past.

FARAWAY is part of the super sweet, light and fluffy ESCAPE series. There are no cliffhangers and no cheating, either. You can read the books in whatever order your heart desires!

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Maiden Voyage: Jaxson’s Nemesis (Maiden Voyage Series Book 3): MM Enemies to Lovers Rockstar Romance by TL Travis

Jaxson Duvall, bass player for the band Maiden Voyage wasn’t born into wealth or fame. He achieved it with hard work and a need to prove himself. To whom, well, that is the million-dollar question right there. When his foolish antics threaten to bankrupt him, it’s time for him to stop acting like a spoiled brat and grow the hell up before his band brothers find a new bassist.

Shephard “Shep” Newsome was the opposite. Thrust into the limelight at birth and cast out damn near the same way. When his indiscretions tarnished his family name, his father said no more. Humiliated, shamed, and shunned, he moved away to begin anew but trouble still seemed to find him. Tired of running, he puts down roots only to find himself right smack in the middle of it once again.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Dream Bound: Tasier Book 1 by Arian Williams

JOON is mostly content with his orderly, but lonely life until a chance encounter at a cafe turns his life sideways. Before he knows it, he’s caught up in a secret organization of individuals with special abilities. He discovers his hitherto unknown biological parents and finds a man he’d been dreaming about.

TREY has been in love with Joon all his life. His life is complete; with a childhood full of adventures, a membership in a secret organization, annoying but fabulous special abilities, and the love of his life. Except there is just a small problem. His soulmate didn’t remember him.

As they meet for the first time, their love for each other grows, but they discover hidden threats against Joon that can tear their love apart. Will Joon and Trey find strength to overcome the darkness?

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Sweet Nothings (The Chosen One) by Macy Blake

Sam Baker couldn’t be more normal. He’s a teacher at the local middle school and the most exciting part of his day is dealing with a classroom full of hormonal preteens. His life takes a turn for the weird one stormy night when he finds a small boy on his doorstep who demands for Sam to call the alpha–whatever that is– and gives Sam the one name he wishes he could forget: Vaughn Jerrick.

After sharing a steamy one night stand with Sam years ago, Vaughn couldn’t consider the possibility of a future with the man, no matter how much he wanted him. Bringing a human into his world is against the rules, but one phone call changes everything.

As Vaughn and Sam join forces to protect the children put into their care, the future they’ve both dreamed of is within their reach, but first they need to survive.

SALE: FREE (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Love in Spades: Four Kings Security Book One by Charlie Cochet

Ex-Special Forces soldier Anston “Ace” Sharpe is fighting a different battle these days—the world of private security across the state of Florida. As part owner of Four Kings Security, Ace and his fellow Kings tackle everything from armed transport and investigations to cyber intelligence and executive protection.

Colton Connolly is ready to take the helm at Connolly Maritime, but his father’s retirement is put on hold when Colton begins receiving death threats. If that isn’t bad enough, his father signs a contract with Four Kings Security to provide Colton with round-the-clock protection, despite his adamant refusal.

Sparks fly the moment Colton and Ace meet on a sultry night club dance floor. As the Florida nights heat up, so does their passion, and Ace and Colton are faced with a difficult choice—take the plunge and risk it all, or play it safe and walk away?

Also available on audio. Narrated by Greg Boudreaux. [7h53m]. Regular: $ 19.95. SALE: $ 5.98 or 1 credit.

SALE: FREE (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Dirty Daddies PRIDE by Various Authors

Love is Love and romance comes in all shapes, sizes, and pairings. So do Daddies.

Eleven authors. Eleven brand new stories. Eleven Dominants that prove being a Daddy is about more than just your gender identity or who you desire. They have the attitude, the need to protect and provide, and a certain someone they can’t wait to make their own.

With stories from some of the top authors in the genre and pairings of MM, FF and MMF, Dirty Daddies Pride is sure to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and rainbow-colored-stars in your eyes!

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Say the Words: A M/M Contemporary Romance by Christie Gordon

Luke Anderson was in love once. It didn’t end well. Since then, he’s gotten affection from trivial gay bar hook-ups with no strings attached. Now graduated from Arizona State University he feels like his life is starting over.

Jax Meyer is not completely happy with his current relationship. He stumbles upon Luke in the lobby at his new job and remembers him from class. Luke is a hard person to forget.

Jax has Luke’s full attention from the moment they see each other in the lobby on their first day at work. When Jax sits next to Luke, he dominates his time with flirtatious comments and suggestive touching, Luke believes Jax is interested in more than a friendly relationship. But when Jax admits to having a girlfriend, Luke’s confusion with the situation grows. Jax needs to get real with himself and Luke needs to be willing to take a chance.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Holding Rein: An M/M Power Exchange Romance (AirB&D Book 5) by Olivia Joy

Rein Richards isn’t holding out much hope that the matchmaker can come up with a match for him, and he’s sure it’s his own fault. He desperately needs a strong man to obey, to help calm his thoughts and get his mind in order, but he just can’t seem to do anything right.

Grant Rugger has been on his own a long while because he hasn’t found a lover—a boy—that truly needs his particular brand of 24/7 attention and love. He doesn’t want the perfectly behaved man, but the perfect boy for him. It doesn’t take Grant long to decide he wants to be the man that Rein needs him to be. But is three days enough to build that kind of trust?

Of course, the matchmaker thinks it is. And he’s always right.

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Wolf’s Faith: Damaged Hearts Trilogy (Shifters of the Great Wolf Book 6) by CJ Vosse

Chase’s wolf fights him for permanent control of their body. Remy is a vampire addicted to magical blood. If their hardships don’t kill them before they fall in love, the creature they are hunting will happily ensure their deaths.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

His Boy, Alex: Becoming Locked by TM Chris

Hi, I’m Alex and His Boy, Alex is the story of how I ended up with my junk locked in a metal cage. It’s been a wild ride, and you’ll want to start at the beginning like I did, before I had any idea this was going to happen.

Alex’s relationship with his boyfriend, Graham, has gone stale. These days, Alex spends more time pleasuring himself than his Dom, and his behavior is growing increasingly bratty. Anticipating an inevitable breakup, he confesses his fears, frustrations, and misdeeds to the internet in the form of blog posts. But Graham still has one trick up his sleeve. Can a chastity device bring Alex into compliance? Follow along as Alex finds out.

His Boy, Alex is an M/M chastity story told through blog posts.

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon

Isle of Where: an MM Beach Read Romance (An Isle Story Book 1) by Sue Brown

​​​​​​​After taking care of his dying best friend, Michigan-based Liam is exhausted and in desperate need of a vacation of sun, sea and hot men. Instead, his friend sends him on a journey to scatter his ashes in a family destination thousands of miles from home, with grey skies, a rickety train, and Sam.

Sam is on the island to check on his eccentric grandma. He meets an overwhelmed and tired man at the end of a pier, clearly in need of a friend, a family, and a lot of loving.

Will Liam let Sam sweep him into his heart and his family? Will he complete the task his friend set him? Will Sam introduce him to the whole island? Will he leave his heart behind with Sam when he returns home?

SALE: FREE (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Give Me A Hand (Beyond Desire Book 1) by Gwen Martin

Jude is more than Cam’s roommate—he’s his best friend, and they fit so perfectly into each other’s lives. The last thing Cam wants is to upset the most important relationship in his life. After surviving a near-fatal car accident, he’s content to keep his love life strictly casual.

Until Jude.

One moment and everything changed. Now Cam’s feeling things he believed he’d never feel again. He doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, but he wants Jude. One time becomes another until his predictable life is upside down.

He wants Jude. He needs Jude. In his life, in his heart, in his home. But if they are going to have a shot at forever, Cam’s going to have to work through his painful past. Cam doesn’t want to break his best friend’s heart, but is he willing to risk his own?

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Give Me Your Trust : Previously Hidden in the Shadows (Beyond Desire Book 2) by Gwen Martin

Three months ago, Jordan vanished. Leaving Ethan, his friend, colleague, and sometimes more, devastated. Ethan believed in the potential, in something more than a fleeting workplace friendship.

Then Jordan comes back.

The familiar pull he has over Ethan has returned, too. Ethan hates how he feels the same crackling attraction to Jordan, the same heady temptation, the same soul-deep passion that whispers to him that they could be so much more than friends.

Can that exist with Jordan?

Ethan doesn’t know. But if they’re going to indulge in more after-hours benefits, Jordan’s going to need to trust Ethan with his heart. And if he makes the leap, Ethan must find his own courage and take a risk on lasting love, too.

SALE: $ 1.99 (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

StarDom by Kiernan Kelly

K’yn sails through space operating a pleasure ship and trying to outrun his past. Kern is an assassin with a need for correction and a penchant for a certain dark-haired space pirate. When the two get together, sparks and spanks fly!

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Without A Doubt (Love Starts Here Book 1) by EM Lindsey

Carter Winter’s not sure there’s anything worse than watching the man he’s on a date with slip his number to the bartender… except maybe finding out six months later that his bad date is his new boss who doesn’t seem to remember Carter or that night.

Fortunately, Rhys seems like an entirely different man. And while Carter doesn’t want to trust him, that isn’t easy when Rhys makes him want to believe in second chances. Carter’s been burned before, but being graced with one of the man’s rare smiles, Carter finds himself absolutely helpless against the racing beat of his heart.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Probably Maybe Omega: An M/M Mpreg Small Town Romance (Maybe Mine Book 2) by AW Scott

Bradley Pine loved his work as a librarian. He was paid to spend his days in the one place he truly loved – the stacks. Being nice to the patrons comes easy to him. Well, all except for one guy. The new-to-town recluse managed to get under Bradley’s skin and he can’t figure out why.

Colin Krafter left the big city life three months ago to escape to the mountain town of Silver Springs. He came hoping the fun little town and its townspeople would revive his muse. It’s been months since he could find anything to inspire him. Actually, that’s a lie. A certain Omega has captured his eye recently, but the guy wants nothing to do with him.

NEW RELEASE SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Sweet Buns (Cedar Falls Book 1) by Shea Balik

Zane Fisher is prepared to fight against a proposed casino being built in his small hometown. Sure, it would bring in more visitors to their dying town, but at what risk?

Aidan Dempsey is sick of the bad coffee Cedar Falls has so far had to offer. After an exceptionally bad cup, he’s decided to swear off the stuff, that is until he’s dragged into the local bakery. Not only does he find the best cup of coffee he’s ever tasted, but the bakery owner, Zane Fisher, just might be the sexiest man he’s ever met. Too bad Zane seems hell bent on avoiding him, as he’s the project manager for the casino Zane is against.

Will they be able to find common ground or will Aidan be doomed to only having bad coffee?

FREE at Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo 

The Sergeant (The Sergeant Series Book 1) by Christa Tomlinson

Sergeant Logan Pierce: He leads his squad with cool efficiency, taking down rough criminals while keeping his team safe. But behind closed doors he sets a darker part of himself free where there’s only one man he wants – Officer Clay Foster.

Officer Clay Foster: Over the years he’s noticed his Sergeant’s secretly admiring glances and suspected his attraction. One night, with one kiss, he’s proven correct. Clay dives headlong into the rough passion that Logan introduces him to. But secrets, both his and Logan’s, force him to leave the newfound safety of his lover’s arms.

Logan refuses to let go of the man that he’s wanted for so long. Can he safely guide Clay through the obstacles that separate them until he can claim his lover once more?

Logan and Clay’s story is book one in the completed The Sergeant series.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Claiming the Cleanfreak: An MM Dark Romance by Daniel May

Bully romance meets enemies to enemies-with-benefits.

Opposites don’t attract, but Isaac is still going to get what’s his.

Isaac is a dirtbag with a pretty face, Atticus a shredded germaphobe. Stuck together in a tiny coffee drive-through, they grate on each other to the point of genuine hatred.

Atticus despises Isaac’s vulgarity, and Isaac can’t stand Atticus’s fun-police attitude.

Everything unravels with a secret.

Cupid nails Isaac with a revelation: Atticus has not one, not two, but three hidden piercings. Isaac is obsessed. He calls it ‘love.’ Atticus isn’t so sure, but Isaac isn’t waiting around to lock down the sub of his dreams.

Steamy to the point of smut, Claiming the Cleanfreak is twisted and steamy bully romance gone wrong, for readers who like their happy endings with a side of psychological manipulation and hard dom/sub dynamics.

Significant trigger warning for dubcon and more in the foreword.

$ 2.99 on Amazon

Dancing before the Crash by CC Everill

I’m so excited to release my story of my trial and tribulations living and trying to make it in the New York City in the late 70’s and 80’s. I talk about my friends, my boyfriends, the bars, the clubs. The story takes us from pre-AIDS life leading into the epidemic. This is a raw story truthfully told and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed re-working my journal into a published book.

$ 7.99 on Amazon and available with KU

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