LGBT Romance Deals 7/16

EBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Taking A Chance: Charity Anthology by Seventeen Authors

Seventeen authors were challenged to take a chance to write something new and outside their normal box to help celebrate International Take A Chance Day. These authors went above and beyond by writing sixteen stories that span the gender and sexuality spectrum. They’ll make you laugh, cry, shout with joy as they take you on a journey through their contemporary, paranormal, science fiction, and adventurous stories.

Desert Knight by D.G. Carothers, Taking A Leap by Toshi Drake, When Clyde Met Hay by C.W.Gray, Playing for Keeps by K.L. Hiers, Alien Attraction by Gianni Holmes, In The Twilight Hours by KC Luck, Evan’s Awakening by G.R. Lyons, Always and Only You by Claire Marta and Abrianna Denae, Silhouette by Amanda Meuwissen, A Dark Half by Shane K. Morton, Fated by Faith Ryan, The Sweetest Ache by Bretton Sans, Love’s Heart Print by JP Sayle, Catch Me If You Can by Lynn Van Dorn, Take A Chance On Me by Shannon West, and Taking The Leap by Toby Wise

All proceeds will be donated to the AIDs Healthcare Foundation. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a global nonprofit organization providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy to over 1,000,000 people in 43 countries. They are currently the largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the U.S.

This anthology will only be available until July 22nd.

SALE: $ 2.99 (usually $ 5.99) on Amazon and available with KU

AUDIOBOOK SPOTLIGHT: How to Catch a Bachelor by Ana Ashley. Narrated by Nick Hudson. [5h48m]

I’m a born romantic.
He doesn’t believe in relationships.

Two things we agree on…together we are electric, and we want casual.
We’re both best men at a wedding, and guess where the bachelor party is?

As they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…or does it?
Waking up married to an unshakeable bachelor is one thing. Accidentally falling in love with him however, is what could get me into real trouble…

How to Catch a Bachelor is the fourth book in the Chester Falls series and features an opposites attract and waking up married tropes, a family with a penchant for inappropriate gifting, lots of cinnamon buns, and a small town like no other.

Audiobook SALE: $ 0.99 (Chirp Only)

Fractured Souls (Fallen Messengers Book 1) by Ava Marie Salinger

Five hundred years ago, an army of angels and demons fell to Earth. No one knew why they came. Among them, only one had wings as dark as night and as red as blood. His name is Cassius Black.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Breaking Free: An M/M, Enemies-to-Lovers, Sports Romance (South River University Book 3) by Isabel Lucero

At a party on a rival college campus, I drunkenly stumble into a bathroom just as a tall, muscular man steps out of the shower…naked.

Instead of fleeing, I stay put and end up having the hottest bathroom hookup with someone whose name I don’t know. Because I’m still in the closet, I don’t talk about what happened that night, glad that it was with a guy who doesn’t live in the same town. But come Monday morning, the naked man from the bathroom strolls into the locker room and locks eyes with me.

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Summer Kisses (Kiss Me Book 2) by Charlie Novak

Two chefs. Two summers. One shot at a second chance.

Summer Kisses is a steamy, second chance contemporary romance featuring a grumpy asshole with an ego the size of Saturn, late night cheese toasties, stupid bets made over bowling dates and a happy ever after that’s nine years in the making.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

AUDIOBOOK: If Only for Today (Deerbourne Inn) by Gabbi Grey. Narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo. [4h39m]

Jared Langford is a happy man. The desk clerk at the Deerbourne Inn knows everyone in his cozy town in Vermont. He is accepted and loved by the community, but he’s missing someone special in his life.

Devastating news has brought journalist Xander Fortier to Willow Springs for some much-needed rest. He’s photographed every major conflict in the world for the last 10 years, but being stateside has forced him to reassess the solitary life he’s been living.

Something in Xander’s gruff demeanor calls to Jared’s caring nature. Soon the men are spending time together, but Jared’s kisses might not be enough to keep Xander from leaving. Can the men find a happily ever after if they only have today?

Audible (Regular: $14.95; Members: $10.46 or 1 Credit); $7.49 w/Whispersync | EBOOK: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Dress-tease (The Hollywood Series Book 3) by Jae

Nothing could possibly be more erotic than watching the woman you love taking off her clothes in front of you, right? That’s what Lauren thinks, until she witnesses her girlfriend, celebrity actress Grace Durand, dressing up for a movie premiere. The reverse striptease gets Lauren’s pulse pounding and her breath catching in her throat, and she suddenly decides that they may be running late to that red carpet call…

SALE: FREE on Amazon; Also free at iBooks and on Bookfunnel

Only You (Second Chance Omegas 1) by Willa Okati

Once upon a time, Alex fell in love with a pretty Omega from the wrong side of the tracks. He’d have married that boy and raised baby after baby with him — if Zachary hadn’t run away.

It killed Zachary to let Alex go. He loved that man as much as that man loved him, but he left to give Alex his best chance at his best life. He won’t be sorry for that, no matter what it cost him. Only now, with nowhere else to turn, he has no choice but to accept the help Alex offers.

The chemistry’s still there. The desire. The connection. The yearning.

When the secrets they’ve both been keeping come to light, will it shatter their bond? Or will coming together in Second Chance, where anything can happen, bring them back together for good?

PRE-ORDER: $ 4.99 on Amazon; Also available at Changeling Press

His Stubborn Bear: An MM Mpreg Shifter Romance (Bears Of Asheville Book 1) by Skye R Richmond

After losing his Papa and breaking up with his boyfriend, Kian finds himself alone in the world. Accepting a job and moving across the country to Montana spur of the moment is crazy, right?  

And then there’s Gabe, his best friend’s older brother. Kian has no idea why the man makes his pulse race the way it does. But there is one thing he does know, Gabe hates every idea Kian comes up with for the ranch’s rebranding.

Gabe is set in his ways. The last thing he needs is a human coming in and changing things. Yet the moment he lays eyes on Kian, he knows he found his mate. There’s just one problem. Kian doesn’t know that shifters even exist.

Will his mate be able to handle the truth of what Gabe is and accept that they’re fated?

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Spooky Ginger Love (Bearland Tales Book 3) by Kendall Morgan

One haunted weekend and some love can set a man free.
Keith Norwood, a handsome African American gay bear, came to Camp You-Mee’s Bears Haunted Halloween Boo-Nanza Extravaganza for some cheesy holiday thrills and a little ass. A fan of the one-night stand, he thought all he wanted was to get laid. The camp’s cute assistant manager with a fantastic butt was Keith’s first choice.
Instead, he loses his way in the woods. He finds his way and himself with the help of Ronnie Gans, a big, friendly, hairy redhead.

He’s unlike any one-night stand Keith has ever had, and his love will lead to so much more.

SALE: FREE (usually $ 2.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Dirty Daddies PRIDE by Various Authors

Love is Love and romance comes in all shapes, sizes, and pairings. So do Daddies.

Eleven authors. Eleven brand new stories. Eleven Dominants that prove being a Daddy is about more than just your gender identity or who you desire. They have the attitude, the need to protect and provide, and a certain someone they can’t wait to make their own.

With stories from some of the top authors in the genre and pairings of MM, FF and MMF, Dirty Daddies Pride is sure to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and rainbow-colored-stars in your eyes!

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Getaway: An Escape Novel by Casey Cox

I’m in love with my childhood best friend. The problem? He thinks I’m straight.

Up until recently, I did too. But something’s shifting in me. I don’t have a word or label for it yet, but I can feel it. We tell each other everything, so I want to tell Cassius this. But how?

When I score an all-expenses-paid weekend getaway at a luxury resort, I figure it’s the perfect time to do it. Sunny days, beautiful beaches, endless cocktails… But I’m scared.

Will telling Cassius my truth ruin our friendship, or could it be the start of a whole new relationship?

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Every Broken Thing (Far From Ruined Book 1) by Nikole Knight

Two strangers whose paths should never have crossed. One traumatic encounter that brings them together.

After high school senior Silas Brigs is rescued from an attempted assault, he finds himself indebted to a blond stranger. But he wants nothing to do with the calm, quiet Ben Adams. The California diver reminds Silas too much of what brought them together in the first place, an event he just wants to forget. Yet no matter how hard Silas tries to distance himself, the closer the two inevitably gravitate.

With Silas’s attacker lurking in the shadows combined with Ben’s mysterious history, their blossoming friendship seems doomed to failure. Both are haunted by their shattered pasts, but can they learn to face their demons together? Because, no matter how much Silas wants to resist, they’re exactly what the other needs. Even if they don’t know it, yet.

SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon

The Alien Prince’s Omega: An MM Mpreg Extraterrestrial Romance (Close Encounters of the Mating Kind Book 1) by Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

Sometimes, when you can’t find your mate, it’s because you haven’t looked far enough.

Alpha Prince Kagin longs to find his rupling, his mate. He searches his planet, Thulnara, to no avail, but he can feel him out there. As a last resort, he breaks the laws of his kind and finds Idda, a soothsayer. She sees his mate, but there is a problem: His mate is on Earth, a primitive planet once visited by his grandparents.

Veterinarian omega Hanson loves his job, and his community at the ocean’s shore. It’s everything he’s ever dreamed of until his dreams change. Night after night, Hanson falls asleep to visions of himself holding a beautiful baby—his baby. Only the baby is blue, and when he wakes up each morning, he mourns the loss.

Until one night, a woman appears and tells him not to worry, he is coming.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

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