LGBT Romance Deals 8/17

EBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Medium to Well: (Paranormal M/M Romance) (Haunted Hollywood Ever Afters Book 1) by Edie Montreux

Ash Barrett is a scientist. He believes in facts. But even he has to admit something supernatural is happening in his apartment. The ghost of his dead fiancé wants something from him. Ash needs reinforcements to figure out what.

Kenny Nguyen, late-night talk show host of Medium to Well, is in the business of helping people finish theirs–of the unfinished and spirit variety. He’s seen it all, but Ash’s deceased love has the most outrageous request Kenny’s heard in a while. He’d say no, except Ash is gorgeous, kind, and willing to do anything to lay his fiancé’s spirit to rest.

If Kenny accepts a ghostly indecent proposal, could Ash still want a relationship after? And for a man who believes in science, can Ash trust what he can’t see and take a chance at love?

Medium to Well is the first book in the Haunted Hollywood Ever After series.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

AUDIOBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Reckless (Room for Love Book 1) by Kate Hawthorne. Narrated by Evan Carolina. [6h58m]


Pursuing your best friend’s dad is never a good idea, but Cameron Motel is feeling reckless. His life is about to change, and Luke is older, attractive…and he represents something Cameron has never had before.

Written by Kate Hawthorne and read by Evan Carolina, Reckless is 65,000 word (7 hour!!) best friend’s dad/age gap romance with cockwarming, virginity taking, kink explorations, and all the steamy heat you can handle.

Audible (Regular: $19.95; Members: $13.96 or 1 Credit); $7.49 w/Whispersync | EBOOK: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Demming: A Low Angst, First Time, Bi-Awakening M/M Romance (Freelancers Book 3) by Avril Ashton

Demming had a plan… until the son of his enemy forces him to question who he is and what he wants.

Demming has been on a decade-long personal mission to right the wrongs done to his family. There’s zero room in his life for anything or anyone else, especially not the son of the man he holds responsible for stealing away his father’s company.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Seb’s Summer: Maine Men, Book Three by KC Wells

Seb Williams has one plan for the hot, sultry nights of his summer vacation—to get laid. Then he ends up in Cape Porpoise, a quiet fishing harbor, where he spends his days catching lobster to help out his uncle. Suddenly his summer promises to be boring AF – until he meets Marcus Gilbert.

The peace and calm of Cape Porpoise is exactly what Marcus needs to get his life back on track—until Marcus’s boat is well and truly rocked by a hot, younger guy.
It’s just a summer fling—until it isn’t, and the pair are suddenly in uncharted waters.
Because now, Marcus’s past threatens to tear apart their future.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

What We May Be: An MMF Romantic Mystery by Layla Reyne

A trio of ex-lovers reunite to stop a serial killer obsessed with Shakespeare.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The Fog of War by AL Lester

Will her friend Lucy’s visit to Bradfield be the catalyst that allows Dr Sylvia Marks to put her wartime hospital experiences to rest? Unbelievable magical happenings at a local farm—lights, mysterious illness and a patient with hallucinations—give her hope that her dead lover Anna is still alive. But what does that mean for Sylvia’s nascent relationship with Lucy?

The first in the Bradfield Trilogy, set in the Border Magic universe. Sapphic 1920s paranormal romance.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 at all retailers

Dream Vacation (Pride of the Caribbean Book 3) by Deanna Wadsworth

Lewis Martel is attending a wedding on the cruise ship Pride of the Caribbean, but he soon discovers all is not what it seems. From his first night aboard, Lewis is inundated by vivid dreams of an ancient time full of shadows in the night and mysterious warriors. The haunting—and often sexy—dreams become so all-consuming, Lewis looks for every chance to fall asleep and immerse himself in this dream world. Can the paranormals living aboard the Pride help Lewis understand his new reality or will ancient demons ruin his chance at happiness with the other half of his soul?

NEW RELEASE: $ 6.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Augarten (5 book series) by Charlie Godwyne

Not knowing who he is or how he ended up naked in a park in Vienna, Gabriel realizes he isn’t like everyone else. Plants and people glow with magic all around him, and he’s actually able to speak to his very own guardian angel—even though the angel won’t tell him anything about his past.

As he pieces together a new life, Gabriel finds himself inexplicably drawn to two very different men: Solomon, the priest who found him; and Florian, an occultist coffee shop owner whose lilting prayers to hidden gods awaken Gabriel to the mystery.

The Augarten series is about finding one’s way in the world, and reconnecting with nature and the spirit. As Gabriel searches for meaning, he turns inward toward his higher self, and falls in love with two men who are also on the path. An MMM romance with magical realism, spirituality, and lots of espresso.

Get the discounted series at Amazon and with Kindle Unlimited now!

All the Dark Lies: Romantic Suspense by Brina Brady

Nathan leaves behind his life in Chadds Ford to move to London for a man he has never seen. Charles makes so many promises over six months of Internet chatting. In exchange, Nathan promises to be the man’s sub. One big problem, Nathan is a virgin and has only had virtual relationships. Nathan arrives in London, but Charles is nowhere in sight, only a limo driver with mysterious instructions.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The Bachelor’s Valet (Flos Magicae) by Arden Powell

Alphonse Hollyhock wants nothing to do with girls or marriage. Unfortunately, his mother has other plans for him. It’s up to his manservant and constant companion, the incomparably perfect Jacobi, to get him out of this unwanted engagement, and he has to do it fast. Because the more people try to push Alphonse into the arms of his lovely new fiancée, the more he seems to be falling in love with his enigmatic valet. And, well. That introduces an awful lot more problems into Alphonse’s life, doesn’t it? After all, a man can’t fall in love with another man. Can he?

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Make Mine a Double (Cocktails & Chaos Book 1) by LE Franks

Nick specializes in drinks, not feelings. With a passion shaken not stirred, can the new guy serve up romance?

If love ever walked into his bar, mixologist Nick Valentine would send it right back out the door. Figuring casual hookups are the best he can expect, he’d rather give his time to his makeshift family of inebriated patrons. But when the delicious new bouncer catches his eye, he can’t deny the flutters of his watered-down heart.

Davis “FatBoy” Newman can’t imagine coming out. But when the snarky hunk behind the bar proves irresistible, he wonders if he should risk it all for love. After subtle hints and flirty looks, the smitten security man secures an after-hours first kiss. Just as Nick thinks he might have something real, holiday shenanigans and an offensive Irish band conspire to keep them apart. While FatBoy is head-over-heels, staying safely in the closet may cost him everything.

SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Two For The Road (Cocktails & Chaos Book 2) by LE Franks

Two For The Road is the zany second book in the Cocktails and Chaos M/M romance series. If you like madcap melodrama, endearing characters, and unconventional dilemmas, then you’ll love this rollicking road trip rom-com.

NEW RELEASE: $ 5.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Ashley & Mocha: Cozy Lesbian Romance by Maya Bordeaux

Ashley is a stoic photographer who knows a thing or two about loss and love. Mocha is a sheltered small-town girl turned wedding planner. They form an unlikely friendship over a wild summer of working weddings together. 

But when friendship starts to blossom into a steamy, romantic connection Mocha doesn’t know how her small town, her parents, or their clients will handle it. She doesn’t even know how she’s supposed to handle it. What no one in Harper Port knows is that Mocha, golden girl, all-American perfect princess, has only ever liked girls, but she’s never felt safe enough to explore her desires.

What Mocha doesn’t know is that Ashley’s past will make taking a gamble on love difficult.

As the rainy Michigan summer intensifies, so does Mocha’s affection for Ashley, and so does the tension between who she is and who she wants to be.

A humorous, cozy romance.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The Beauty Within by HL Day

François Damont has been cursed by a witch to spend eternity locked inside the body of a gargoyle. A chance to break the curse comes only once every twenty-five years, lasting for no longer than twenty-eight days. He’s been unsuccessful for hundreds of years. Why would this time be any different?

History lecturer Daniel Smith is still reeling from a broken marriage when he stumbles across a mysterious man. Frankie might be hiding something, but the connection between them is too strong to ignore. Can he unlock the mystery before it’s too late?

Strange dreams. Dark forces. People who may not be what they seem. Time is not the only thing against them. And perhaps Daniel knows more than he thinks he does.

An 82k sweet MM paranormal romance featuring magic, witches, and a relationship that might just be able to endure anything.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Showstopper (Vino and Veritas) by Regina Kyle

I swore I wouldn’t do this again. Mix sports, school, and sex. But right now the only thing standing between me and the NHL is six feet of frenemy packed into a pair of form-fitting jeans that have me thinking all kinds of things I shouldn’t. Mostly how to get him out of them.

I don’t just want Kolby. I need him. Because I’ve got to pass this theater class–yeah, I said theater–if I’m going to keep my spot on the team. When tutoring sessions turn into dates-not-dates over Shipley Cider at Vino and Veritas, I realize it’s going to be harder than I thought to keep my hands on my stick and off of Kolby. Worse, I think I might be falling for him. But I’m not ready for that. I want to keep this thing between us on the down-low for now.

But Kolby hates secrets.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Glass Wolf (Fate’s Strays Book 1) by Cameron Craig

Glass Wolf is the tale of a young wolf shifter looking for his place in the world, and a disgraced royal mage searching for absolution. This is the story of the two of them finding love, redemption, and their way in the world. This book features on page adult situations, but also contains fluff, romance and a wagon full of sass.

This book features: Virgin Wolf, Age-Gap, Hurt/Comfort, Role Reversal, Fated Mates, Found Family, and Insta-Love

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The Red Zone (The Riptide) by Beth Bolden

Nine years ago Spencer Evans became the first “out” player to be drafted into the NFL. All Spencer ever wanted to do was play football for a team that accepted him, but they never would.

When a terrible injury forces him to re-evaluate his life, he realizes only one man can help him.

Alec Mitchell has dedicated his career to making queer athletes’ dreams come true. To him, Spencer is the one who got away—professionally and personally.

Alec thought he’d buried his desperate longing for Spencer ages ago but it’s just been waiting for the right spark. When he begs Alec to be his agent, everything they’ve been burying surfaces again.

With Alec’s help, Spencer can change everything about his life he’s come to hate. An extraordinary future—and an extraordinary man—are waiting for him. The play has been called. All he has to do is catch the ball and score.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The Scouts: An Order Series Book Three (The Order 3) by Kasia Bacon

MM Fantasy Romance with Pointy Ears & Snark!

Lochan and Ervyn—an assassin and a sharpshooter—remain in service to the queen as part of an elite reconnaissance unit.

The Scouts are ghostlike. Elusive. Deadly.
They strike at enemies of the Crown without mercy. They get the job done, leaving no loose ends or witnesses. When Magic Supremacists threaten the safety of Elven Country, they do their duty—whatever it takes.

Lochan and Ervyn belong to each other, but will serving together as comrades-in-arms strengthen their bond as lovers or tear them apart?

The Scouts is the third book in the Order Series. In this volume, Ervyn loses control, Lochan stops fighting his feelings and Verhan… well, remains Verhan.
Recommended reading order: The Mutt, The Highlander, Twenty-One Arrow Salute, The Scouts.

Tags: Military, Special Ops, Soulmates, Hurt/Comfort, Lust-to-Love, Humour, Snark, Banter, Moody vs Possessive, Mine-Mine-Mine, We-Belong-Together, Magic, Adventure & Fantasy Romance.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Forrest’s #Win (Recovery Road Book 1) by Jennifer Cody

Six months ago I was searching for a PA. Blake showed up at my door with everything he owned and never left. Since then, Blake has become my best friend. I trust him completely because Blake never lies to me.

We didn’t expect a rendezvous for sex through an app would turn into a nightmare. I don’t know how I’ll ever recover, but I know I can’t do it without Blake.

When Forrest asks me to put a hook-up in his schedule, I take care of it. I don’t think twice. I’ve never had any problem with any dating app, why would I expect one now?

I should have been more careful. I should have vetted his hook-up before I let him go by himself. I don’t know how Forrest can stand the sight of me, but he needs me now, and I won’t let myself fail him again.

Trigger warning: on-page descriptive (non-erotic) rape, and stalking.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 2.99) on Amazon and available with KU

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