LGBT Romance Deals 10/29

EBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Harrowed (Haunts and Hoaxes Book 2) by Irene Preston & Liv Rancourt

There’s nothing scarier than the truth…

While researching paranormal activity on a Louisiana plantation, Noel and Adam unearth a cold case the local townsfolk would prefer to stay buried forever.

SALE: $ 0.99 at all retailers

Diviner’s Game Series by Jennifer Cody

When Diviners compete, the world is their chessboard and people are their pieces.

The prince of Morgaine, a sadistic Elf with a grudge against his king, has a plan, and the Diviner whispering in his ear knows how to manipulate the strings of Fate to make it happen. When the man destined to kill the prince arrives in Houston, it will take a better Diviner, the dedication of a father, a powerful nephew, a reluctant Headsman, and a Dragonspawn to change the fate of the King of Morgaine. Love might conquer all, but magic helps when it comes to the fate of every non-human in Houston.

The Diviner’s Game trilogy follows three couples through manipulations of the strings of their Fate to overthrow the plot of a wicked Diviner.

Tropes found in this series: found/chosen family, age gap, step-brothers, fated mates, big/bigger, big/little, D/s, single father, hurt/comfort.

SERIES: $ 3.99 EACH on Amazon and available with KU

Catch Me If I Fall: A Second Chance Gay Romance by Noah Steele


Jasper was my first friend, my first fantasy, and my first heartbreak. When I confessed my crush at seventeen and he pulled away, I got scared and left town without saying goodbye. Fifteen years later, we’re both back in Sugar Hills, and all I want is closure. When he proposes a flashback tour through our friendship, all my feelings come flooding back.

When our reunion leads to romance, is the fall worth the pain of losing Jasper again?


By the time I realized I’m bi, Cole was gone.

Now I’m back home, between jobs, and looking for a second chance. I can’t go back to life without him. Maybe it’s my turn to put my heart on the line so I can prove to Cole my feelings are real.

I didn’t know how to catch him when we were kids, but I’m finally ready for one last fall.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Ethan & Jag Destroy the World by Maz Maddox

Jagmarith, Demon champion of the Blood Wars, detests festivities. He’s certainly not a fan of humans or their ridiculous holidays.

Winter festivals. Celebrations of flowers. Misshapen hearts to symbolize love. All pointless and weak.

Unfortunately, his feelings are not taken into consideration when he’s summoned by ancient magic to the human realm.

Stolen from his home in Hell, Jagmarith is now at the mercy of a bumbling, adorable human named Ethan, who has accidentally bound Jagmarith to him. Now, Jag must endure grueling human holidays like Christmas and pretend to be a nice human boyfriend to the man who summoned him.

The fake boyfriend role has been very trying.
But along with the upcoming Halloween party and fuss over finding the perfect ghoulish decorations, not to mention the very odd feelings he’s developing for Ethan, there’s that little matter of the impending Armageddon to deal with.

Jag is not pleased.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Real Danger: M/M Romantic Suspense (West Coast Forensics Book 2) by Elle Keaton

Ryder is intelligent, funny and the hottest man Shay knows; but fifteen years is a lifetime. There’s no way anything is going to happen between them, no matter how persistent he is.

Shay asks Ryder to assist with information gathering, a case involving a missing girl. The investigation quickly turns perilous, a stomach-churning rollercoaster ride of what the hell is going on putting both Shay and Ryder in danger—but from who?

Everything appears to center on the girl, but will they figure out what is going on before someone takes them out of commission—and any chance they have at love?

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Abundant Moon: An MM gay paranormal romance (Gladstone Shifters Book 3) by Alexander Elliott

As Gladstone welcomes new pups, the pack faces disturbing news and a mating bond gone awry. Join your furry friends for all the laughter, drama, and romance you’ve come to expect! (Book 3 of 4. Contains steamy M/M content)

SALE: FREE (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

How to Catch a Vet: an opposites attract MM Romance (Chester Falls Book 6) by Ana Ashley

The first thing I learned at Vet school was to always expect the unexpected.
Well, I sure never saw Santiago Torres or his adorable Great Dane coming.

Santi is everything I’m not. Tall, confident, overbearing, and if I’m to believe his advances, he’s also very experienced in…well, you know what.

I always play safe, but it’s time to ditch the v-card. We couldn’t be more different, but that doesn’t matter because this is just a one time thing.

I’m not going to want more, right?
I’m not going to fall for him, right?

How to Catch a Vet is the sixth book in the Chester Falls series and features an opposites attract story between a virgin and a player, a Great Dane with a tendency to rescue- read kidnap- other people’s pets, and a small town like no other.

SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Spooky Ginger Love (Bearland Tales Book 3) by Kendall Morgan

One haunted weekend and some love can set a man free.

Keith Norwood, a handsome African American gay bear, came to Camp You-Mee’s Bears Haunted Halloween Boo-Nanza Extravaganza for some cheesy holiday thrills and a little ass. A fan of the one-night stand, he thought all he wanted was to get laid. The camp’s cute assistant manager with a fantastic butt was Keith’s first choice.
Instead, he loses his way in the woods. He finds his way and himself with the help of Ronnie Gans, a big, friendly, hairy redhead.

He’s unlike any one-night stand Keith has ever had, and his love will lead to so much more.

SALE: FREE (usually $ 2.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Twice In A Lifetime: Sheltered Connections Book One by RM Neill

For the longest time, I believed we get one shot at true love. A single person that sets our soul on fire. I had that with my wife until she died, then I was lost in a dark sea of grief. In need of companionship, I decided to adopt a dog.

What I found at the shelter was so much more. Micha, the volunteer, is insanely cute and ridiculously funny. He awakens feelings within me I never knew existed. Is it possible I may get a second chance at real love?

Dominic could be the one to tear down the walls I hide behind. He’s the most handsome man I ever met and unbelievably kind. I know he experienced a horrible loss. Is that what’s behind his attraction to me? Or has the connection between us led to his bisexual awakening?

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Steal the Wind (Godstone Saga Book 1) by Jocelynn Drake

Everything Caelan knows about his world is a lie.

A war is brewing. As the crown prince of Erya, it’s only natural that Caelan is sent on a secret diplomatic mission to support one of the kingdom’s allies. With his advisor, his bodyguard, and his best friend as traveling companions, what could go wrong?


Everything goes wrong.

Now they are on the run, dodging assassins, setting secret meetings, and even making deals with a sleeping god.

So, this is probably a really bad time to cave to feelings he’s been fighting for his best friend. But Drayce has owned his heart for more years than he can count and if he’s going to die, shouldn’t he have just one kiss?

The fate of the world is on the line, and only Caelan holds the power to save them all.

NEW RELEASE: $ 5.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Total Creative Control (Creative Types Book 1) by Joanna Chambers & Sally Malcolm

Lewis Hunter: extremely demanding, staggeringly rude, breathtakingly gorgeous. A grumpy boss with a painful past

Aaron Page: indispensable, super-organised, boy-next-door-cute. A sunshine PA with an awkward secret.

Lewis and Aaron have been circling each other for three years, but when they’re forced to attend a hilariously awful corporate retreat—and worse, do couples’ touch therapy together—they won’t be able to ignore their mutual attraction any longer…

Warning: this is a rom-com and angst mash-up!

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 at all retailers

Keeping It Professional: M/M Omegaverse Boss/Secretary Romance (Alpha CEO Book 1) by Annabel Rose

Shy and virginal Omega James is dedicated to his job as secretary to Alpha Evan Carsdale. But when Evan makes him a proposition, James is powerless to resist his boss’ ruthless charms.

James has always been the perfect secretary: intelligent, efficient, and discreet. Whatever his Alpha boss, the smouldering Evan Carsdale wants, James gets it for him. Nothing is too much trouble. But when Evan orders him to stop taking his heat suppressants, can James give Evan control not only over his career, but over his body?

This is a standalone boss/secretary omegaverse M/M romance, with a HEA, no cliffhangers, and lots of steam!

$ 2.99 at Amazon and available with KU

A Totally Platonic Thing (Santa Rafaela Book 2) by Eliot Grayson

My straight roommate and I are totally not dating. Sure, we watch porn together and sometimes fall asleep in the same bed afterward. And I’m so lucky he puts up with my drunk shenanigans. Until he doesn’t—and makes it impossible for me to hide what I really want. But it’s all platonic. Right?

Chris means everything to me and I’d do anything for him. But one too many drunken nights makes me lose my temper. Bigtime. Once he’s sober, I threaten to put him over my knee and give him what he deserves. And it turns out he wants it. Badly. Now I don’t know what to do. It should’ve been a one-time thing. But seeing Chris that way—touching him that way—has me hooked. Because my own reaction isn’t exactly platonic either…

A Totally Platonic Thing is an M/M new adult bisexual romance. HEA guaranteed.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 at Amazon and available with KU

Broken Dreams by Deja Black

A wolf-sprite, a Sandman, and a human. How could life for these three go wrong?

$ 4.99 at all retailers

A Pancakes Kind of Morning (One of Those Days Book 1) by MA Innes

When Elliot’s left without a job or a plan for what should come next, he thinks the universe might be trying to tell him something. Luckily, his best friend’s father is right there with advice and whipped cream-topped pancakes to make everything better. But what James can’t help with are Elliot’s feelings and the way he longs to be more than friends with the tender man—the man who Elliot knows would make the perfect Daddy.

James has been careful to keep his relationship with his son’s best friend innocent and friendly, nothing more, even if the wide-eyed cutie is everything he wants in a man…and possibly everything he wants in a sub. But when an overheard conversation between the two best friends changes everything, James has to decide if he’s ready to put it all on the line for the sweetest sub he’s ever met.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 at Amazon and available with KU

Leather Head: Unmasked (Leather Head Series Book 2) by Matt Converse

Gable needs a weekend getaway in Palm Springs with best friend, Shawn.

Andrés and Tyler take that trip to the West Coast they’ve talked about for so long.
Granger and his younger boyfriend Liam head to Palm Springs and decide to stay at a gay resort known to be the wildest in town.

After an escape from the police, Leather Head battles the inner demons from his past that have molded him into the monster he is. But this doesn’t stop him from looking for more of what feeds his dark soul, even while on the run.

Fate draws all of them together for a climactic weekend in Palm Springs. For some, it was the wild weekend they needed. For others, things turn so dark that they wonder if they will get out alive.

It’s up to Leather Head to see who does. That is if he’s not caught first.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 at Amazon and available with KU

Never Fade Away by E L Esch

Until death does us part, but it’s knocking on our door…

I’d had enough. That’s how I found myself in a dingy alleyway with my revolver in my hand. I was sick and dying anyway, and there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing except maybe taking back some shred of control by going out on my own terms.

One deep breath. Two… Three… Four…

Surrounded by the darkness of my own mind, this was the only solution I could see, but before I could do something I’d regret, rock star Anno Goodkind crashed into my life and flipped it upside down.

It was supposed to be one casual hookup. No complications and definitely no feelings. No, the most logical thing to do would be to stuff my emotions down so nobody got hurt. Especially not him. But nobody told me that love didn’t give a damn about logic.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Know Thy Demons: Book One of Love Songs for Lost Worlds by Sionnach Wintergreen

In an alternate 1980’s, Frank finally lands his dream job working as a Necromancer for DemonCo earning enough money to take care of his mom and maybe win back his ex-boyfriend. But his job is slaying demons for fuel…and he might be falling in love with one.

Kasimir is a “demon” prince who has lived Frank since he saw him through a portal as a boy. He’s scared and excited when Frank summons him, but Frank isn’t the boy he once loved.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.69) on Amazon and available with KU

Hell’s Bedroom: The Complete Series by Tanya Chris

It’s going to take a whole kinky village

Someone is taking advantage of the subs at Boston’s elite BDSM club Hell’s Bedroom, using their vulnerabilities to lure them into unethical and possibly dangerous situations. Private Investigator Harrison Fisher, Boston Police Officer Cade Brixby, and Deputy District Attorney Sebastian Gage join forces with a vigilante group of Hell’s Bedroom patrons to save the subs and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Box set includes: Kitchen Sink Dom, Chicken Soup Dom, Upsy-Daisy Dom plus series prequel, Always Home, and epilogue, Switch.

$ 9.99 at Amazon only

Sinner Like Me: A Brooklyn Sinners Novella by Avril Ashton

When a threat from his past resurfaces, Syren unleashes his ruthless side, showing no mercy as he fights alongside the man he loves to protect their family.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

The Dragon’s Devotion (Chronicles of Tournai Book 5) by Antonia Aquilante

Corentin is a scholar with a secret—his magical Talent allows him to turn into a dragon, and he isn’t alone in that ability. Long ago, dragons were hunted fiercely, until they went into hiding, becoming things of legend. Corentin has traveled the world with one aim—to protect his people and keep their secret safe.

Bastien, Earl of Ardesia, inherited his title when his parents were killed in a tragic accident. Since then, Bastien has devoted his life to the obligations of his family and estate, but his world is shaken when he learns the accident may have been murder. Bastien throws himself into finding out who killed his parents.

As Corentin and Bastien become closer, the mystery of Bastien’s parents’ death draws him into danger. Now, Corentin must decide whether preserving his secret—and potentially his people’s safety—is more important than saving the man he loves.

SALE: $ 1.99 (usually $ 6.99) at Amazon. Also available at Nine Star Press & Smashwords

Bear Creek Christmas: An MM gay paranormal romance (Holiday Mates Book 1) by Alexander Elliott

Focused on his new teaching job, romance is the last thing on Levi’s gift list. When Knox, a local bear shifter shows interest, Levi decides to take a chance on love. Join them for a warm and furry holiday romance with a guaranteed HEA—just follow the twinkle lights! (Book 1 of HOLIDAY MATES. Contains steamy M/M content.)

NEW RELEASE SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon

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