LGBT Romance Deals 1/14

EBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Crush Box Set: Books 1 to 3 by Elouise East

Crush is not just a bar…it’s a family.

First Kiss is about love crossing boundaries they never expected. Charlie tries to find someone to take his virginity. He doesn’t realise he is knocking down the first domino of changes, testing their loyalty and putting them on a path neither anticipated.

Instant Desire is what Sean feels when he meets Asher. Unfortunately, it pushes Sean away from the man, not closer. Asher does everything he can to help, but though he understands grief, he can’t wallow in it. His niece needs him.

Primary Seduction follows Trent on his bisexual awakening. He never thought Max would be the one he wanted. A match flickers to life inside. He can’t hold back, even when Max has a BDSM lifestyle Trent knows nothing about. Trouble comes calling, but his relationship helps him in ways he never expected.

MM romances where love wins over everything.

NEW RELEASE: $ 8.99 on Amazon and available with KU

AUDIOBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Illusion: Fire & Brimstone Scroll 3—Gay Paranormal Romance by Nikole Knight. Narrated by Kirt Graves. [11h40m]

Riley’s Guardians are breaking apart, and he fears he can’t put them back together again.

A hybrid born of an Angel-Fallen union, Riley Shepard is an anomaly coveted by both sides of an ancient war. But he doesn’t want to fight their war; he has his own battles to face. As his family fractures, bonds are tested, and forbidden feelings threaten to tear his heart into bloody thirds.

When the next attack comes – not from the outside but from within – is he strong enough to separate truth from lies, allies from enemies, reality from fantasy? How can Riley know what’s true, when he doesn’t even know what’s real?

Life isn’t simple, love is complicated, and reality is terrifyingly blurry.

Audible (Regular: $24.95; Members: $17.46 or 1 Credit) | Ebook: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Learn the Rules: Rough Love Part 1 by Leighton Greene

Ben has always considered himself straight. So why can’t he stop thinking about his co-worker Xander? When Ben approaches him about a little experimentation, Xander can’t resist breaking his own rules, and showing Ben an unknown side of desire…

Learn the Rules is the first book in the Rough Love series. Join Ben and Xander in their continuing odyssey of self-discovery, experimentation, and steamy fun as they work out the kinks together. This is just the beginning of their wild – and sometimes dark – ride, but never fear: these two will get their HEA. It’ll just take them some time to figure out what that happy ending looks like for them…

SALE: FREE at Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

His Brother’s Brat by TM Chris

Simon hasn’t seen his nephew, Kael, in ten years, but when Kael needs a place to live and someone to take him in hand, Simon steps up. He’s determined to teach Kael how to be a responsible adult and an out gay man, but Kael’s looking for more hands-on lessons. He’s always worshipped his uncle. Maybe a little too much..

Content warning: contains adult incest

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Smashwords

Dario (I See Things In Blue Book 1) by Samuel Alexander

Trying to please his parents Dario loses himself and falls into a deep depression. Then something catastrophic happens and love walks in forcing him to realise he can no longer be who he was. Can he be the person he needs to be or will old habits and conformity ruin his chances at true happiness?

SALE: $ 0.99 at all retailers

AUDIOBOOK: When Everything Is Blue by Laura Lascarso. Narrated by Michael Mola. [7h1m]

Join Theodore Wooten III on this odyssey of self-discovery as interpreted by narrator Michael Mola. At turns touching and hilarious, this young adult, best-friends-to-lovers audiobook includes some steamy tent scenes and one adorable but clueless surfer boy.

Audible (Regular: $19.95; Members: $13.96 or 1 Credit) | Ebook: $ 3.99 on Amazon

The Glass House by Suki Fleet

At 17 Sasha is a little lost and a lot lonely. He craves friendship but his self-destructive tendencies cause problems and he pushes people away.

Every day he collects glass for the sculptures he makes and every day he dies a little more inside. Until he meets Thomas.

Thomas is shy but sure of himself in a way Sasha doesn’t understand. He makes it his mission to prove to Sasha that everyone deserves to be loved, and doesn’t give up even when Sasha hurts him.

Their friendship becomes more than Sasha ever thought possible. And when Sasha is forced to confront his past he realizes that accepting he is worthy of the love Thomas gives him is the only way to obliterate the darkness.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Falling for His Bodyguard by April Wilson

A young Hollywood celebrity meets an older, ex-military bodyguard. Sparks fly, and somebody’s finally ready to lose his virginity. Can a passionate one-night stand lead to something more?

Devon Carter, star of a hot teen drama series, goes home to Chicago for Christmas break. When his bodyguard has to rush back to LA, Devon finds himself with a temporary bodyguard, an older ex-military man who makes Devon’s body tingle. Kyle Monroe is a strict, non-nonsense professional with no time to coddle young divas. But everything changes when Kyle gets to know the vulnerable young man behind the public façade, leading to a night of passion neither one of them expected.

NEW RELEASE: $ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Island Doctor: an M/M Found Family Romance (An Isle Story Book 4) by Sue Brown

A closeted doctor with a broken heart. A down to earth mechanic in search of love. Will Jeff and Cameron find their happy every after or will Jeff’s ex-boyfriend reclaim his heart?

Jeff loves his job as a country doctor on the Isle of Wight. But when his long-term partner cheats on him, he’s left with a broken heart and a broken-down car. Then he meets a man who seems determined to mend both.

Cameron is a car mechanic with a soft spot for the sad-eyed young doctor who needs a friend. His mission is to make Jeff smile again.

Will friendship turn into love? Will Jeff learn how to cook? Will Cameron go caveman on Jeff’s ex?

SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

AUDIOBOOK: Swiped By My Dad’s Best Friend (Thrust Into Love Book 1) by DJ Jamison. Narrated by Nick J Russo. [8h4m]

Cooper Rutledge: frat boy, general screwup, and…Daddy’s boy?

On the surface, I don’t take things too seriously. Not my poor grades, or my hookups, or my inability to find my purpose.

But that was before.

Before the daddy of my wet dreams swiped right on my pic.
Before he turned out to be my father’s best friend.
Before I convinced him to indulge in one night of pleasure with no strings.

I didn’t count on how magical it would be.
I didn’t know that when he spanked me and offered words of praise, my soul would drink it up.
I didn’t realize how right Daddy kink would feel.

One night could never be enough…

Audible (Regular: $19.95; Members: $13.96 or 1 Credit; Whispersync: $7.49) | Ebook: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

True North: M/M Shifter Romance by Corey Kerr

Troubled bear shifter Misha has been alone in the woods for a long time, but when he can’t resist taking a dip in the hot tub at a lake house, he gets sucked back into the human world he left behind. The guy who keeps feeding him pizza doesn’t seem to mind that Misha can’t speak English or remember how to wear clothes.

Hockey player JT is tired of failure, and he’s determined not to fail at befriending and helping the homeless shifter who keeps coming around his place. Soon, Misha’s living in his house and sleeping in his bed, and JT tells himself it’s fine and normal (it’s not fine and it’s definitely not normal).

But as Misha hesitantly reaches out to the local shifter community and starts to put down roots in Sault Ste. Marie, the past he fled from finds him again, and the secrets he’s been keeping threaten to ruin everything he’s worked so hard to make for himself… especially his thrilling new relationship with JT.

$ 5.99 on Amazon and available with KU

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