LGBT Romance Deals 10/14

EBOOK SPOTLIGHT: Trained Royal (Club Royal Book 5) by Elouise East

Patrick is trying to balance what he wants with what he can have. Having his extended family gunning for those of different orientations makes life more volatile, and he orders his bodyguard to train him for what he believes is inevitable – an assassination attempt.

Kieren has been Patrick’s bodyguard for several years, and he has huge admiration for everything the man has to put up with. But lately, things have stepped up, and lives are in the balance.

When a particularly heavy training session brings forth Patrick’s emotions, Kieren struggles to contain his own until Patrick kisses him – then all bets are off.

This is an MM book containing impact play, BDSM scenes and D/s dynamics in all forms. It also has lots of loving, friendships, family drama and, of course, a HEA.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Maker: A Dark MM Vampire Romance (Vampire Kings Book 4) by Loki Renard

The Daddy from Hell just woke up, and master vampire Maddox is in the kind of trouble nobody wants to be in. His possessive, dominant maker is evil incarnate, and does not approve of Maddox’s choice of wolf mate.

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Find the Jinn: Wilde Contracts #1 by Maz Maddox

Dead guys, snarky fish, and bad, bad choices. Dallas Wilde is up to his neck in vampires, necromancers and murder contracts in a non-stop m/m Urban Fantasy Romance.

NEW RELEASE: $ 6.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Whispers of Home: A Coming Home MM Small Town Romance (Pickleville Book 1) by April Kelley

Being a single dad isn’t easy, especially when tragedy strikes. Going back home is his best option. The last thing he expects to find is love…

Jaron McAllister thought nothing would ever change in the small town where he grew up. The same bullies would harass him for being gay, and no one would really care. Still, Pickleville holds less danger for his six-year-old son than his rundown neighborhood in the city.

Despite his low expectations, he finds Pickleville isn’t the same old tired farming town, although two things remain the same. The same bully wants to drag him down. And Travis Heath is still the hottest guy in town. And somehow Jaron has gained both of their attention. One offers nothing but pain. The other offers a love he’s not sure he should trust.

SALE: FREE (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon and available with KU

The Prince’s Assassin (Tales of the Thasali Harem Book 1) by Danielle Summers

If royal agent Duga Rigers doesn’t succeed in his mission, he and a hundred other beautiful men may die.

Rumors and whispers of plots in the shadows send Rigers undercover into the matriarch’s harem. Secrets stalk the silken halls threatening not only the royal harem but the Crown Prince’s chosen lover. Will death find Duga Rigers and the other boys of the royal harem or will the royal agent unmask the assassin hiding in the silken shadows? If Rigers doesn’t succeed, he and a hundred other beautiful men may die.

Crown Prince Baboye begs Rigers, his special advisor, to save Eyakan, a harem boy with eyes the color of smoke, that he wants to take on as his consort during the upcoming jubilee. But when Rigers learns that Eyakan is the potential assassin, he must figure out how to save the harem, Eyakan, Eyakan’s family, and the crown prince.

SALE: FREE (usually $ 2.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Ren’s Song (Love in Action) by G Koi

Song took one look at Ren’s big puppy eyes and fell hopelessly in love with the man.

It didn’t matter that Ren was his costar in the newest “bromance” drama and falling for the guy would make their lives endlessly complicated.

Not to mention that their love affair was strictly forbidden.

But the tender touches, endless care, and sweet kisses prove one thing: Song will never love anyone like he loves Ren.

They just have to find a way…

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Denim by Design: An age-gap MM Romance (Model Love Book 1) by Megs Pritchard

Can Stan and Milo find love, or is mixing business and pleasure too much to handle?

Stan Banks has been working for MacKay’s Models for five years and has seen many gorgeous men and women walk through the doors. When Milo McKenzie walks through those same doors, Stan is left shocked by his strong reaction.

Knowing they work together, Stan attempts to avoid Milo but a party at a club leads to more and leaves Stan with a question. Should he continue what they’ve started, or should he walk away?

NEW RELEASE: $ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Winter Wonders (Friends of Friends Book 1) by Leighton Greene

Faking their way through Christmas! To get his meddling mom off his back, Cooper Kincaid tells her that newcomer Jonathan Ashe, whose life Cooper just saved, is his boyfriend. But that one little white Christmas lie begins to snowball as real feelings get involved.

Can Cooper convince Jon to take another chance on love this holiday season?

SALE: FREE at all retailers

Love and History : Nerd/Jock MM Romance (The Script Club Book 6) by Lane Hayes

The history-buff physics professor and the law student who loves to yank his chain! Holden and Ezra are like oil and water. They can’t stand each other…until one fine day, everything changes. Or perhaps it’s been slowly changing all along.

NEW RELEASE: $ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Rescued by the Alpha: M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alaskan Wolf Alliance Book 1) by MM Wilde

When wishing for a new life, Elam gets more than he bargained for. After he’s rescued by a mysterious, handsome stranger during an Alaskan blizzard, he doesn’t know whether to fall in Nic’s arms or run for his life. But when he discovers Nic’s shocking secret, will he leave his human existence behind? Or will Nic’s pack make the decision for him?

Find out in this steamy, shifter mpreg romance featuring a befuddled human, grumpy Alpha, close proximity, fated mates, plus pack intrigue and a dose of suspense!

SALE: FREE (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

The Wrong Twin Dilemma (Frat Brats of Santa Barbara Book 3) by Hayden Hall

Of all the guys in the world, I just had to fall hopelessly and irreparably in love with my twin sister’s boyfriend. No amount of parties with happy endings can put him out of my mind.

Gabriel is also a dork, but he’s a hot as all hell dork. Somehow, he’s both a nerd and a jock and he pushes all my buttons. But he’s straight. He shouldn’t attract me the way he does. And did I mention they’ve been dating for two years? Yeah… They’re all but married.

I’m officially the worst brother – and human, let’s not pretend – in the history of ever.

Yet, the way Gabriel looks at me when we’re alone is almost all I’ve ever dreamed of.

But how many hearts will shatter if I take what I want? Is it not better that I let my love die quietly?

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

From The Ground Up: Hot Dam Homes Book One by Harper Robson

Connecting with people is hard when your brain works differently than everyone else’s. People don’t usually want to stick around once they realize my autism comes with some baggage. But the sexy ER doctor seems to like me because I’m different, not in spite of it. He’s got baggage of his own though, and I’m not sure we’ll be able to carry all of it.

I’m not programmed for love. A terrible childhood and a drug addiction taught me to never let anyone get close, and I’ve never been tempted to allow anyone behind my defenses. My plan to renovate an old house seems like a great idea until I realize home renovations are harder than they appear on TV. I’m happy when Dylan offers to help out, but I don’t expect that while he re-builds my house, he’ll make me want to take my walls down.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 2.99) on Amazon and available with KU

Class Act: A Coach/Student Romance by Gianni Holmes

Abe Cooper is a triple threat.
He’s my best friend’s father.
He’s the football coach at my high school.
And he’s a married man.

His marriage is on the rocks and he could lose his job for the way he looks at me.
I could lose my only friend in the world.
I know I should stay away instead of flirt with him.
But all the cons don’t outweigh how I feel when I’m with him.

NEW RELEASE: $ 5.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Dark Heart: an M/M Dark Mafia Romance (Darker Daddy Bodyguards Book 1) by Sue Brown

When Leon is assigned to protect Domenico, known as the Prince of Darkness, the spoiled heir to the Mafia Acierno family, he knows the assignment’s probably going to end with a bullet to the back of his head. Either by the family’s enemies or his employer.

It’s bad enough that Nico’s father controls the city with an iron fist. But there’s an added complication. The young prince may look like an angel but he’s feisty, out of control, and hunting for a Daddy to put him over his lap.

Nico may be the boy Leon longs to take to his heart, but the bodyguard can’t afford to get involved with the beautiful young man. However Nico isn’t used to the word, no.

SALE: $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

99 Days (99 Days Series Book 1) by Matt Converse

Life as we know it will never be the same. Flying saucers are spotted all over the world. But after one crashes into the San Francisco Bay, they disappear. Not far from the crash, Mitch rents his spare room to Claytone and quickly develops a crush. But what he doesn’t know is that Claytone will soon turn his world— and heart, upside down. Claytone’s final revelation will reach even further; it will change life on planet Earth— forever.

SALE: $ 0.99 (usually $ 3.99) on Amazon and available with KU

The Reaper (Texas Safehouse Book 2) by Silvia Violet

I’ve seen too much death as a marine and the son of a mafia boss’s stooge. I finally have a chance to do what I’ve always wanted: raise horses.

The catch: My brother’s ranch is also a safehouse for men the police would never protect.

TJ, our first client, is a hot AF mafia assassin who doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s the last man on earth I want to desire, and the only one I long for.

TJ isn’t the man I thought he was, and I can’t fight what I feel for him, but the danger that sent him to the ranch is growing and sooner or later, he’ll go back to his family. Do I fight for him or accept that we were never meant to be?

NEW RELEASE: $ 5.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Novas Got Nerve (Liquid Onyx Book 1) by BL Jones

He’s got far too much nerve. He can blow things up with his mind. Yeah. The world should probably brace itself for this one.

When Rex Nova was four years old, he became one of the world’s first superhumans.

When Rex turns twenty, he feels the drive to use his scientifically given abilities to protect the world. He leaves home to become a member of the Secret Superhero Security team, alongside three of his friends and Danger City’s own superhero, Polaris.

Rex fights murderous Mages, evil organisations, criminal mafias, his agency appointed psychiatrist, his own weird brain, and the most frightening of all, his attraction to a certain blue-eyed superhero.

$ 6.99 on Amazon

Prince in Disguise (Perilous Courts Book 2) by Tavia Lark

Sheltered, sickly Prince Bellamy always longed for adventure, but not like this. Captured in enemy territory, Bellamy’s true identity will get him killed—so he claims to be a minstrel. Even though he can’t carry a tune to save his life.

He panicked, okay?

Betrayed and imprisoned, dragonrider Rakos knows two things for certain: he can’t trust anyone, and he wants his dragon back. When the pretty minstrel asks who he is, Rakos claims he’s a farmer. When Bellamy begs for help reaching the border, Rakos refuses—

Until he can’t resist how much Bellamy needs him.

Stormy nights and deadly masquerades forge Rakos and Bellamy’s unlikely partnership into something more. Rakos treats Bellamy like a person, not a weak, untouchable prince, even as he protects him.

But Rakos’s enemies are circling in, and that very protection might be Bellamy’s undoing.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Mr. Mustachio Is Falsely Accused (The Mr. Mustachio Murders Book 1) by Dawn MacKinnon

Sam Jones has left the force. Going forward, the only mysteries he’ll solve will be fictional ones as he pursues his dream of becoming an author. But he’s barely moved into his new apartment before two unfortunate discoveries demand his attention. One is the dead body of the previous occupant, found stuffed in a trunk. The other is an award-winning vase, found shattered on a storeroom floor.

The list of murder suspects is endless, but when it comes to the broken vase, the perpetrator seems obvious. It must be Sam’s landlord—an unusually intelligent cat named Mr. Mustachio. As Sam gets to know Mr. Mustachio’s human representative, Algernon, his feelings move beyond friendship. But Algernon seems to know more than an innocent man should. To find the true culprit, and perhaps true love, Sam must prove that both Algernon and Mr. Mustachio have been falsely accused.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Glazing the Donut: A Gay Erotic Romance Comedy Thriller by Dax Kazmi

Matty wants to save his bar from demolition. Jax wants to tear it down and build condos. And both of them are wanted for murder. After these two enemies discover a dead body beneath Portland’s oldest gay bar, they’ll have to work together to solve the crime and catch the killer — before they kill each other.

This full-length novel is part crime mystery, part enemies-to-lovers romance, and all campy comedy peppered with some explicit gay sex.

$ 4.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Force: Lunar Wolves Book Three by Kiki Burrelli

Agent Cy Pataki lives a life of fast sex, fine whiskey, and freedom. He spends his days protecting Crescent City and his nights doing whatever he wants. He has no desire for a mate, especially not one his pack chained him to over twenty years ago.

David Reeds is young, naïve, and has some worrying ideas about what it means to be a mate. The poor kid has been brainwashed and Cy suspects the man David calls his mentor has motives of his own.

If Cy calls off their mating, he’ll leave David vulnerable and in a position to be further preyed upon. But he can’t mate a man who was taught only to serve, no matter how attractive he is. Cy has to show David that being someone’s mate can’t be his only personality trait—even if that means David will realize Cy is all wrong for him.

$ 5.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Pinewood Lodge by Odessa Hywell

A desire too strong to ignore. A love too taboo to acknowledge.

Hunter and Simon are married. But not to each other.

Ten years ago, one kiss led to a second, then a third, and turned into a summer of forbidden discovery. But sometimes, love isn’t enough, especially when that love has the power to destroy the life Hunter and Simon have built as stepfather and son.

Forced together at Pinewood Lodge for the Holidays, Hunter and Simon are drawn to one another again and again, unable to deny themselves a stolen moment despite the threat of discovery.

Is the risk worth the reward? Maybe. Maybe not. But when the reward is more satisfying than the guilt is uncomfortable, stopping feels impossible.

Low Angst, High Heat, Holiday Romance, Stepfather X Stepson, Forced Proximity, Bi-Sexual Awakening, Age Gap, Cheating [but not between MCs]

PRE ORDER: $ 4.99 on Amazon

The Omega Shift: MM dystopian paranormal romance (The New World Shifters Book 1) by Tamsin Baker

A virus wiped out all humans on Earth ten years ago. Now war has broken out between those left standing.

Omega wolf, Caden, is struggling to stay alive among the ranks of his vicious pack. Used and abused by those meant to protect him, he’s survived the rigors of the new world where so many others did not . His only goal is to fulfill his promise to his grandma, to survive at any cost.

Max, Alpha of the Olano pack was a cop before the world went to hell. Now, he fights to keep his pack alive. He mounts an attack against a rival pack, only to realize a revered Omega is among their ranks, and not only that, but Caden is his fated mate.

Can Max convince the broken Caden that love and destiny still exist, or will the violence of their fractured world tear them apart?

SALE: FREE on Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Scribd

Silver Consort and His Alien King by Naya Zayn

Witness the rising tension between a human who yearns for intimacy and an alien who refuses to be cajoled.

This M/M short read is heavy on the romantic build up, and light on the science fiction. Features arranged marriage, unrequited love, and strained moments that are sure to make your toes curl in anticipation.

SALE: FREE on Bookfunnel

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