LGBT Romance Deals Friday, June 30th

Today starts with a huge victory for equality in Germany! The vote was clear: we’ll get marriage equality!! (gays and lesbians could enter a civil partnership, but not a marriage). Now it will be as it’s supposed to be. We’re all equal and can *marry* the person we love.

I’m so happy about that. There are a few idiots, who still claim it’s against nature, but the vote was clear: it’s time.

I’m off to celebrate some more. Enjoy your weekend and –of course– shiMMer this weekend!!


Happy reading!



Deviation From Destiny by Jordyn Monta


Pedryllis: A raid on Pedryllis’s planet Weyntu at the young age of 10 left him with a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect other people. When his homeworld ultimately joined the Republic, Pedryllis knew he needed to join their space fleet. The only issue is the Numize are a touchless people, and Pedryllis’s own are the exact opposite. Trying to stave off skin insanity, Pedryllis takes to club Fetlix every chance he gets until one night he stumbles upon Revion in Fetlix’s famous Back Rooms trying to lose his virginity. Seeing an opportunity for frequent skin to skin contact, Pedryllis makes Revion an offer he can’t refuse. Pedryllis knows it’s a temporary solution to his problem, but as he and Revion grow closer, Pedryllis can’t help but dream of more with Revion.

Revion: Hailing from the upper echelons of the Republic, Revion is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. He’s known from a young age that once he graduates from Owan Officer Academy he’ll enter an arranged marriage with a woman of similar stock, begin his career as a fleet officer, and ultimately become a general. However, Revion isn’t attracted to women, and the thought of spending his days on battle stations leaves him breathless with anxiety. In a last ditch effort to feel in control of his life, he enters into a sexual agreement with Pedryllis, only to find himself growing more attached than he ever intended. His feelings put him at odds with everything his parents planned for him, and he doesn’t know if he’s courageous enough to deviate from his destiny.

41VvFuNCP8LWrong Place, Right Time by Bronwyn Heeley


The rules of the game are simple. When the matchmaker matches you, you have twenty-four hours of heat, where only your mate will soothe you. What you choose to do is up to you, but the pain of not consummating those desires with your mate will most likely end in death. You are free to walk away at the end of your time together, but no one said it would be simple to head off home and forget what happened.

Matty was put into a waiter uniform and given a tray. The problem was he didn’t know what it was he was heading into, and what contract he signed for just being there.

A wolf and the night of his life will change Matty forever, as long as he’s brave enough to take what’s on offer and run.

41XQ5u7dm4LMy Anti-Boyfriend by DJ Jamison


Brad has everyone fooled. He’s the casual, sexy friend. The fun-time guy who sleeps around. Except not really. There’s one man who holds his heart: his best friend — with benefits — Riley. Too bad Riley has no interest in a relationship, and as far as Brad can tell, never will. But once Brad acknowledges his freelings for Riley, he can’t continue to ignore them. He pulls back, trying to find a way to shut down his hurting heart so he can remain Riley’s friend.

Riley has everything he needs: a decent job, plenty of hookups, and his wingman Brad, who also makes for great fun in the sack. He’s happily oblivious, until Brad starts avoiding him. Riley is baffled when Brad starts skipping regular nights at the gay club, fails to return calls and otherwise ignores him. He can’t imagine what he’s done wrong, and when he finally corners Brad and learns the truth, he’s scared to death one more person is going to abandon him. He misses Brad like crazy — both the friend and the lover — but he’s never even considered a relationship.

Now Brad and Riley have a choice to make: friends or lovers. Riley’s days of having his cake and eating it too are over. Then again, maybe Brad is tasty enough to keep a man satisfied.

51OB7rH0YTL-2Instant Family by Aiden Bates


He finds his true love, but can an instant family really be what he wants?

Just as oncologist, Dr. Allen delivers a baby girl into the world, the mother dies, dimming Allen’s typical sunny disposition. Desperate and determined to do something to help just one person, Allen agrees to help Brantley. He’s in danger of having his asylum revoked, which will send him right back to an unsafe situation.

But when Allen agrees to “fake it,” and pretend that Brantley is his lover, he has no idea what he’s in for. As feelings grow deeper between them, the two men cannot resist the passion that ignites them. However, the timing just couldn’t be worse. Allen’s fighting to adopt his late patient’s daughter, while the sword of ICE threatens to destroy them. Can the two men turn something fake into the real love they’ve both always wanted?

In this 110,000 word gay mpreg romance novel, two men discover that happily-ever-afters aren’t just for fairytales. When one man is asked to pretend to love another, he learns firsthand what true love is all about. With steamy scenes and loyal, intelligent, and sexy men, this novel will have you begging for a physical of your own. And when one man discovers he’s pregnant, you’ll see just how “playing house” can turn into making a home.

51M6KygyHYL-2Dare to Love by Amanda Kaitlyn


One moment changed my life forever.
Her big green eyes looked at me and I knew I would never be the same.
But sometimes in life, the things you want are the ones that stand just out of reach.
The pain her loss in my life caused was indescribable.
Hot, piercing pain that in all of my twenty years of living, I had never experienced.
I remembered her.
Every day.
Every bad date my friends pushed me into.
Every lonely holiday I spent without her to talk to.
Until we met once more.
And I found her all over again.
My father always told me that love snuck up on you when you were least expecting it.
That’s what happened with her.
Charlie was my girl from that moment on and I would do anything to protect her.

Dare To Love is an installment of The Beautifully Broken Series but can be read as a standalone.

C1zDkN8dQBS._SL250_FMpng_-2Lover’s Journey by Alina Popescu


Edi’s life is made up of precious moments.

That first encounter with Robert in rural Romania at eleven. A summer spent together in the same setting a year later. Their first text exchange in high school. The first sexual experience. The first heartbreak—the second and third and fourth chance. The point of total breakdown and the despair of failing. More love than anyone could have warned him about.

No matter how much time passes, no matter how different their paths, every meeting brings Edi and Robert closer together. Those stolen moments shine brighter than any. Yet loving Robert is not easy, not when Edi wants to be true to himself and is met with dishonesty. Or when Robert keeps parading new conquests and ignores Edi more often than not.

Edi has always loved Robert, but he must decide if his journey leads to or away from his childhood friend. Is it true love or is Edi just unable to let go?

51JXd-YJpKLDemon Be Mine by Michael Mandrake


After dying at the hands of Ryland Durand, Eli Peckard is thrust into a different universe, one that is familiar to his home of New Orleans, but scary all the same. Battered and bruised from his rough travels, he is accosted, and then rescued by Anasa, an official in The Realm. From there, Anasa delivers Eli to his most reliable Keeper, Zylen, to heal and teach him the ways of a Soul Catcher as the Dark Lord intends.

Zylen has lived his days in Nouvelle Terre as a Keeper for new fledglings. During his time on the third plane, Zylen has kept his hate for vampires, especially Ryland and his brother. However, being the child of a fallen and a vamp, Zylen still beholds emotions of remorse and empathy for the mentally fragile soul, Eli Peckard, and those feelings transform into something more.

Eli’s insecurities and Zylen’s anxieties over crossing the line of teacher and apprentice might be an obstacle in their budding union. More importantly, Zylen’s instruction for Eli must include lessons that teach the newest souled demon how to survive the final challenge before gaining the ultimate prize.

WARNING: Potential triggers. Mentions of child abuse and rape. Graphic violence


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