LGBT Romance Deals 08/31

51EF8ZIT-yL-2SPOTLIGHT!! Something Human by AJ Demas

They met on a battlefield and saved each other’s lives. It’s not the way enemies-to-lovers usually works.

Adares comes from a civilization of democracy and indoor plumbing. Rus belongs to a tribe of tattooed, semi-nomadic horse-breeders. They meet in the aftermath of battle, when Rus saves Adares’s life, and Adares returns the favour. As they shelter in an abandoned temple, a friendship neither of them could have imagined grows into a mutual attraction.

But Rus, whose people abhor love between men, is bound by an oath of celibacy, and Adares has a secret of his own that he cannot share. With their people poised for a long and bitter conflict, it seems too much to hope that these two men could turn their fleeting happiness into something lasting. Unless, of course, the relationship between them changes the course of their people’s history altogether.

Something Humanis a standalone m/m romance set in an imaginary ancient world, about two people bridging a cultural divide with the help of great sex, pedantic discussions about the gods, and bad jokes about standing stones.

$ 2.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51R20mS6wULThe Dragon’s Omega by Eva Leon

An omega finds himself as the prized piece in his Dragon’s hoard.

Maxwell “Max” Robertson collects beautiful books and enjoys spending his days in Austin’s many art museums. Of course, he’s drawn to them, he’s a dragon. His hoard consists of books, his shelves loving filled with tomes he’s discovered. He knows that dragon shifters are rare, and Max has accepted he’ll never have his own Alpha since he refuses to share. But when he runs into, literally, the most gorgeous alpha he’s ever seen–Max wonders if this could be his chance.

Damien is a collector of beautiful things. When he is inspecting his latest purchase at a museum, he meets Max. Clumsy, intelligent, incredibly sexy omega Max. Damien isn’t a stranger to casual relationships, but the intensity of his own desire shocks him. All he knows is that his collection pales in beauty compared to the shifter before him. He wants, no, Damien needs Max.

But Max won’t simply roll over for Damien, he will only bond with an alpha he deems worthy of himself. And for all of Damien’s flash, Max needs to know he has a heart. Damien must choose his pride or the omega of his dreams.
This Mpreg romance is a steamy yet romantic story of two dragon shifters finding their dreams in one another. It features incredible chemistry, first-time nerves, misunderstandings, steamy interactions, and romantic interludes with a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51iQPx4BrXLSugar Coated Omega by Xander Collins & Lorelei M Hart

Love isn’t always like it is in the movies…sometimes it’s a whole lot sweeter.

Jamie is a hopeless romantic omega. He wants love like people find in the movies, but he’s too shy and awkward to do anything about it. Then he sees a hot new guy with a food trailer in the same lot as his, and, with a little push from his best friend, flirts shamelessly by making a sexy name for one of his pies.

Hot alpha Bryce just got out of a bad relationship. His ex cheated, got pregnant then took control his family recipes, leaving Bryce with a food trailer and barely enough money to live on. Bryce isn’t interested in another relationship, especially not one with someone who works in the same food lot he does. But when Bryce notices the cute pie guy with his sugar-coated wares, he isn’t sure if he’ll be able to resist getting his hands a little sticky.

Sugar Coated Omega is a super sweet, romantic, steamy standalone romance. If you love stories with lots of food, hot scenes between two men, male pregnancy, cute babies, and a super sweet HEA, Sugar Coated Omega, Book 1 in the Food Trucks of Love Series is the book for you.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

51mtKAYZefLGet Over Me by Lina Langley

Special Agent Rocky Knight has spent half his career keeping Sean Connor out of trouble. The president’s son is nothing short of irresponsible, reckless, and completely out of control–but when Sean’s sent home in disgrace after practically flunking out of school, the last thing Rocky wants is to witness his fall from grace.

Especially when Sean isn’t the little boy he remembers.

The mischievous wild child has been replaced by a funny, ambitious, sensitive man. One who’s stunningly gorgeous. One whose soft, kissable lips draw Rocky’s gaze every time he speaks. One who’s far too young. One who wants Rocky all to himself.

And one who’s completely off limits, if Rocky wants to keep his job and any sense of self-respect.

But no matter how much Rocky tries to distance himself, every alluring glance and enticing laugh draws him deeper and deeper under the younger man’s spell. Can Rocky keep things professional between himself and Sean, when Sean grows more determined every day–and the more he falls, the more Rocky knows he’ll never be able to get over him?

This story is approximately 30,000 words in length and contains adult language & explicit erotic scenes.

DEAL $ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU


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