Smashwords Sale Edition 3/7

Welcome to Smashwords’ annual Read an Ebook Week sale! We have several authors participating this year, so read on to find out about the best sales you may not be able to get at other retailers! Please remember that Smashwords allows content that may be taboo or banned elsewhere, but today’s selection is diverse and runs from the sweet to the dark. Read the blurbs and warnings before purchase.

Resistance is Fertile 400pxAnna Wineheart’s Sale!

Resistance is Fertile

“The more you resist, the more fertile you’ll be.”

Farley is broke, and he’s also a fake exorcist. Enter the devil–the mysterious stranger who shows up in Farley’s apartment, seeking to breed with him.

Kain is strong, powerful, and he loves the look of Farley’s hole. He wants Farley’s body prepped for breeding. Farley tries to resist. He doesn’t get a choice, not at all.

Get Resistance is Fertile for $2.24 on Smashwords (25% off)!

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profilephoto_or_instagramPostJeanne St. James’s Sales!

The Dare Menage Series

Interracial MMF Menage six-book series. Each book in this series can be read as a stand-alone.

Read now for $1.99 each on Smashwords (50% off)!

The Dare Menage Box Sets

The complete Interracial MMF Menage series combined into two three-book boxed sets.

Get the sets for only $4.99 each on Smashwords (50% off): Set #1 (Books 1-3) | Set #2 (Books 4-6)!

Rip Cord: The Complete Trilogy

Gil Davis hated high school. Ever the geek, he has no intentions of attending his 10th year class reunion. The last thing he wants is to relive his teenage years. However, there is one thing he misses from high school: the star Varsity football player.

Get Rip Cord now for $1.49 on Smashwords (50% off)!

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Keeping Score qriKendall Morgan’s Sales!

Keeping Score 

Brandon Stephenson is a YouTube star looking to get laid at Pacific Palms Resort, a very gay and very expensive tropical paradise, but, in order to get the love he’s so hungry for, he’s going to have to stop placing wagers on people’s lives. And if he really wants Julian Bailey, the resort’s Jamaican director of fitness with rock hard abs, he’s going to have to go and get him.

Get Keeping Score for free on Smashwords!

Overnight to Boston and Prom Night 

Two gay short stories. One is about an encounter on a train. The other tale is about an 18-year old who learns that having sex with a beautiful man he meets at the local zoo is much better than going stag to a prom that he didn’t really want to go to.

Get Overnight to Boston and Prom Night free on Smashwords!

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5EasyChoPiece 600Danielle Summer’s Sales!

5 Easy Chocolate Pieces

Troy, a broken-hearted chocolate shop worker, isn’t sure what to do next when Richard, a handsome sadist, walks into his life and gets him on his knees. Troy’s friends fix him up with vanilla guys, but for Troy to fulfill desires he didn’t even know he had he’s going to have to embrace the beautiful leatherman within.

Get 5 Easy Chocolate Pieces on Smashwords for $2.49 (50% off!)

Kissing the Golem

Jacob and Marcus, an interracial interfaith couple, are fighting about everything: coming out, monogamy and marriage. Then one dark night, they encounter the Golem who has protected Jacob’s family for generations. The giant but handsome man made of clay and dirt saves their lives, and his kiss just may save their relationship.

Get Kissing the Golem for FREE on Smashwords!

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smashwords avatarR. Phoenix’s Sales!

Brother Dear

When Mateo tries to call off their relationship and leave his twin behind, Devin takes extreme measures to keep him close. All bets are off, and all the taboo and kinky fetishes he’s wanted to explore with his brother are now on the table whether Mateo wants them to be or not. Devin doesn’t accept no for an answer, and as he explores each and every new torment, Mateo gets dragged deeper into hell.

Get Brother Dear for $2.24 on Smashwords (25% off)!

Brother Mine

“I love you on your knees. My cock belongs in your mouth, brother mine. Doesn’t it?”

When Mateo tried to leave his twin behind to have a more enriching life, he didn’t realize it would lead to Devin’s psychotic break. But he’s found himself caught in a web of misery, where his brother controls his every move and his sexual sadism has no bounds.

Get Brother Mine for $2.24 on Smashwords (25% off)!


One fledgling vampire. One nearly-powerless witch. Two underdogs in society. Will a chance encounter between two should-be enemies lead to anything but violence?

Get Asymmetry for FREE on Smashwords!

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meraki p darkMeraki P. Dark’s Sales!

Dark Empire Series

A sinister dark web niche for bored rich people with a depraved need to watch sexual decadences have put their money into a project to give them just that—high-end entertainment with lots of violence and lots of sex. 

Get Book 1 of the Dark Empire series for FREE (100%) off and Books 2-5 for $2.49 each (50% off). *Must be read in order*

Lil Harvest Series

In the beginning, an Incubus was merely a low-ranking demon who fed on the sexual terror he could inflict upon a human being—sometimes from a distance or cloaked as a dream. But that was before one of them got the idea to turn a human with nothing to lose into the perfect demon feeder. 

Get Book 1 of the Lil Harvest series for FREE (100% off) and Books 2-5 for $2.49 each (50% off).*Must be read in order*

Dreams of Vengeance (Lil Harvest spinoff novella)

The doctors were optimistic that it was a temporary adverse reaction. After ten months, no one could bear to see him lie there, staring into the ceiling and crying bitter tears. Being unable to sleep during the perpetual sleep-paralysis, all he had was the view of a ceiling.
But one night, a Lil demon stopped by.

Get Dreams of Vengeance for FREE on Smashwords (100% off)!

Hybrid Incubator

A Ph.D. in one hand and a dream in the other, Alex strikes out multiple times getting the job of his dreams. One job interview left him feeling so down that he needed a stiff drink. Depressed, slightly drunk, yet still obsessive enough to believe in a brighter future, Alex makes the mistake of trusting the wrong person.

Get Hybrid Incubator for $2.49 on Smashwords (50% off)!

The Price of Paradise

Everybody thought fracking was just another way of getting resources out of the ground. But everybody forgot that we don’t really know what’s down there.

Get The Price of Paradise for $2.49 on Smashwords (50% off)!

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meraki p darkMeraki P Lyhne’s Sales!

The Cubi 1-9 (Complete Series)

The Cubi – a race of Incubi and Succubi – have lived in hiding for a thousand years, yet they are a sovereign people on shared land with humans. They’ve lived in peace. Until now. But they have a genetic survival mechanism. Upon a threat, a Royal will rise. This time, he’s a beautiful young man who’s too busy ditching school to chase a career as a model.

Get Book 1 of the Cubi for FREE (100% off) and Books 2-9 for $2.49 each (50% off)!

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tmchrisT. M. Chris’s Sales!

Deep Under

It was a routine traffic stop until the submissive in Jack recognized the Dominant in Maddox. Now Maddox and Jack are walking a dangerous line: on opposite sides of the law by day, on the same side of the bed at night. Can Maddox trust a man with Jack’s past, and does Jack even want him to? One thing’s for sure: Jack needs to be punished, and Maddox is just the man to do it.

FREE on Smashwords (100% off)!

Three Times As Good

Jared may only be older than his brothers by a few minutes, but he’s always been the leader, the one to make sure Jim and Johnny get everything they need. That’s why it’s so hard to say no when Johnny asks Jared to initiate him into the pleasures of the flesh. Giving in would be wrong, but Johnny needs what he needs, Jim wants to see him get it, and Jared can’t bear the thought of random strangers fulfilling either of their dirty fantasies.
Content warning: this triplecest novella contains explicit sexual content of a taboo nature

Get Three Times as Good for $1.49 on Smashwords (50% off)!

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Leona Windwalker 2Leona Windwalker’s Sales!

Sol’s Solstice

Finding himself running for his life after their brand of spiritual counseling bears unwanted fruit, he is nearly run down by a car driven by Seth. Can Seth help Sol find his way back from the darkness? And will he gain Ben back, only to lose himself once more?

Get Sol’s Solstice for $0.99 on Smashwords (75% off)!

Ben’s Beginning

Meeting sweet, funny, gorgeous Marty at the Crab Derby seems like fate is finally smiling on Ben when he returns to college in Atlanta and spies Marty at his favorite local coffee shop. Marty causes him to have to face questions he never knew he’d have to ask about himself, as he discovers Marty is not a girl at all as he’d first supposed.

Get Ben’s Beginning for $1.24 on Smashwords (75% off)!

The Bastille Sphere

The fight was to the death. The prize: Winner is awarded parole and a mate. It was a win/win as far he was concerned. Leyland would either be freed by death at last, or he’d win and gain as normal a life as Bastille offered. 

If only it was that easy.

Get The Bastille Sphere for $1.24 on Smashwords (75% off)!

Accused (The Talani Trade Alliance 1)

Matthias Reynolds loves his life. He’s starting to make it as a graphic artist at last and has a job he really likes at a local café that pays the bills. When a night out clubbing leads to an awkward morning after, he’s embarrassed and more than ready to forget all about it. When Talani Enforcers show up at the café, he doesn’t know what to make of it all as he’s led away in restraints. Just, why?

Get Accused for $1.24 on Smashwords (75% off)!

Judged (The Talani Trade Alliance 2)

Matty’s best friend Duane is missing- trafficked by the very aliens behind Matty’s own sentencing. When J’nah gets a lead on where he is, he sends J’nel. For J’nel, this is about more than duty. The smaller human male had fired up his protective instincts, Duane’s emotional fragility making him vulnerable to the very sort they sought to protect the rest of humanity from.

Get Judged for $0.99 on Smashwords (75% off)!

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x collinsX Collins’ Sales!

Punished by My Brother: A Taboo Mpreg Series: Book 1

Two brothers – one is a cop and one is about to get the punishment of a lifetime.

This book includes blood incest between brothers, a dub-con gang bang, punishment, humiliation, knotting, and male pregnancy in a non-shifter m/m omegaverse. It has some romantic themes but is not a romance story. Reader discretion is advised. 

Get Punished by My Brother (Book 1) for FREE on Smashwords (100% off)!

Impregnated by My Brother Complete Series: Punished, Disciplined, and Locked Up by My Brother

Two brothers – one is a cop and one is about to get the punishment of a lifetime.

This series includes blood incest and pregnancy between brothers, as well as punishment, humiliation, knotting, a gang bang and other sexual activity involving a pregnant man. It also includes an open relationship, the use of a chastity device, and a mention of non-con scenarios. Reader discretion is advised. 

Get the box set now for $4.49 on Smashwords (25% off).

Alpha Twincest: The Complete Series 

Two twin brothers – one is a hardened convict, and the other has just become his jailer in a dark sub-basement prison. They have a sexual past they don’t want to talk about, but it all comes out when they’re forced to confront their desires for each other.

This box set includes Alpha Twincest 1, 2, and 3, and involves incest between twin brothers, non-consensual sex slavery, sexual punishment, humiliation and degradation, sex slave prisoners, and implements of sexual torture. It has some romantic themes but is not a romance story. Reader discretion is advised. 

Get the complete Alpha Twincest series for $5.99 on Smashwords (25% off).

Sugar Daddy: The Complete Series – A Taboo Mpreg Series 

Jeff Avery was forced to move away from his son when Kyle was ten years old. Kyle is 18 now and needs a daddy more than ever. 

This is a taboo mpreg series that involves blood incest, BDSM, male pregnancy, non-consensual sex, sexual slavery, and sexual torture. Reader discretion is advised.

Get the Sugar Daddy series for $5.99 on Smashwords (25%).

Incest Slaves Books 1-3: A Taboo Mpreg Series Bundle 

Three brothers who haven’t seen each other in years find themselves in a prison designed for training sex slaves. When they finally come together after all this time their reunion is explosive as they are presented on stage as slaves in an epic BDSM show.

This bundle includes Incest Slaves 1, 2, and 3. It includes blood incest between brothers, sex slavery, sex as punishment, non-consensual acts, BDSM, knotting, and humiliation. Reader discretion is advised. It ends on a cliffhanger because the story of Stan and the three brothers is far from over.

Get the Incest Slaves (Books 1-3) series bundle for $5.99 on Smashwords (25% off).

Incest Slaves Book 4: Trevor and Taylor – A Taboo Mpreg Series 

When Taylor – the fourth brother – shows up at the BDSM club he is sucked back into a incestuous relationship with his twin brother Trevor. 

This is the fourth book of the Incest Slaves series and includes sexual slavery, sexual torture, sex as punishment, non-consensual acts, blood incest between brothers, imprisonment, BDSM, and humiliation. Reader discretion is advised. 

Get Incest Slaves (Book 4) for $2.24 on Smashwords (25% off).

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xandercollinsXander Collins’ Sales!

His Biggest Secret – A Portville Mpreg Romance 

Tough beta cop, Mark, wakes one morning with a hangover and some very vague memories of the previous night. One of those memories involves something sexual happening between himself and his work partner and best friend Landon. 

His Biggest Secret the first book in the Portville Omegaverse series. It is a friends-to-lovers romance of 37k words with some bad language, hot sexy times, exciting and suspenseful moments, and a super cute baby to cuddle and tickle. It is intended for readers over the age of 18.

Get His Biggest Secret for FREE on Smashwords!

Portville Omegaverse: The First Four Portville Mpreg Romance Books

Follow the journey of four omegas (Mark, Jake, Daniel, and Hank) and four alphas (Landon, Stephen, Cameron, and Jason) … four sets of fated mates who find each other, or return to each other … in the first four books of the Portville Omegaverse series.

At 160,000 words, Portville Omegaverse includes the first four books of the series. If you like stories about incredibly hot men and the cute and cuddly babies they give birth to, then this series is for you. Due to many scenes with high levels of heat, this box set is only intended for adults over 18.

Get the first four Portville Omegaverse books for $5.24 on Smashwords (25%)!

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alittleA Little’s Sales

The Special Undercover Delivery: A Sweet But Spicy Christmas Holiday Romance

This is a Daddy/Little Christmas Romance good for festive cheer to brighten your heart any time of year and is all about finding love and becoming family. This age play romance features characters who are over the age of 18.

Get The Special Undercover Delivery for $0.99 on Smashwords (75% off)!

Operation Driving Mx Daisy

When Delacourt assigns McConnell as Sakura’s protection detail, he’s unsure quite what to make of the Little. Sakura is like no one he’s ever met before. Ethereally beautiful, genderqueer, and CEO of a successful line of clothing catering to something called Gothic Lolita, this Middle is about to turn his world upside down.

Get Operation Driving Mx Daisy for $0.99 on Smashwords (75% off)!

Playing Toy Soldiers

Roman has a secret.

He not only likes to collect toy soldiers of all kinds, but to play with them. That’s not his biggest secret, though. No, that one is a fantasy he’d held close to his heart. His one biggest wish, to find his own soldier daddy and be his Little.

Get Playing Toy Soldiers for $0.99 on Smashwords (75% off)!

After Hours

Adam Lewinski was used to being considered weird He’d rather play zombies than tag, to pretend that the dolls are climbing out of their graves than dress them up, and action figures are for saving everyone from the Army of Evil Dead. Just any Papa won’t do. He needs someone who will love his sense of the macabre and join in on his fun.

Get After Hours for $0.99 on Smashwords (75% off)!

Little Daddy

Oh, come to Daddy, baby. An eternity of delights awaits you…

Little Daddy is a paranormal Daddy/Little age play romance. All characters are over the age of 18 and are consenting adults.

Get Little Daddy for $2.24 on Smashwords (25% off)!

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hungerAdara Wolf’s Sales!

Hunger and Other Tales of Erotic Horror

The monster lurking in the deep. Demons who consider humans a delicious meal. Aliens with no respect for human boundaries. Humans and their extreme selfishness. These stories explore the darkest side of sexuality. Most of them feature dark themes with potentially triggering content, so please read at your own discretion.

Get Hunger for $1.99 on Smashwords (50 % off)

The Moth and the Flame 

Tagbo hasn’t seen his brother Lekan in five years. It should be easy to discard the unnatural feelings of the past, yet he is drawn to Lekan, over and over, the feelings burning him up from the inside and consuming him. (Fantasy m/m incest.)

Get the Moth and the Flame for $0.99 on Smashwords (50% off)

Halloween Dinner Date

Javed had expected to spend Halloween alone with an unsatisfying snack. By luck, he comes across not only a full meal, but a date as well. Who says vampires and werewolves can’t get along?

Note: This short MM erotica story contains noncon, mind control, blood, minor puppyplay, minor breeding kink, and knotting. Read at your own discretion.

Get Halloween Dinner Date for FREE on Smashwords!

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charaChara Croft’s Sales!

My Brother’s Love

The only way for Jonah to love his baby brother the right way is to stay away from him. But when Jonah is forced to return home, doing what’s right starts to feel all kinds of wrong. Caleb needs him, just like he always has, and no matter what anyone else thinks, Jonah has never been able to resist giving his brother whatever he needs…

Get My Brother’s Love for $1.49 on Smashwords (50% off)!

Free Pass on Halloween Night

Everyone deserves a free pass to let a little loose once in a while, and what better excuse than Halloween? After all, isn’t that what playing dress up is all about? Cain just wants to avoid his ex. Azriel will do anything for his brother. And Jackson… well, all you need to know about Jackson is that he’s fabulous, kinky, and likes to be in charge. And since anything goes on Halloween night…

Get Free Pass on Halloween Night for $1.49 on Smashwords (50% off)!

Everything He Needs

Ivan had never understood what made his twin, Eric, pull away from him when they were teens, but just in case their mother was right and it was due to Eric feeling “smothered” by Ivan’s obsessive love, he’s made it a point to give his brother space ever since. But that all changes when Ivan interrupts a brutal sexual assault on his brother… and then finds out it was something Eric had asked for.

Get Everything He Needs for $0.99 on Smashwords (50% off)!

Everything He Wants

No one will ever love Eric like his twin, Ivan, does. Ivan wouldn’t let anyone else give his brother that kind of love. Dark. Twisted. Dominating. But six months into their new relationship and it still isn’t enough. Ivan doesn’t just want his brother’s love, he wants it forever, but with everything about the way they love each other forbidden, he needs to prove to Eric that he won’t let what they have go. 

Get Everything He Wants for $0.99 on Smashwords (50% off)!

Hurt Me

When my baby brother shows up in tears, my Grindr hookup needs to GTFO. Because Emory? If he needs me, he’s got me, full stop… even if I never expected him to need me for THIS.

Get Hurt Me for $1.49 on Smashwords (50% off)!

Pretty Things

I like to wear pretty things, but I hate that they cost me my brother. My twin. My other half. I hate HIM. Kai. I hate him so hard. And I especially hate the way he mocks me by leaving me presents, like the one I find waiting for me on our eighteenth birthday and can’t resist trying on…

Get Pretty Things for $1.49 on Smashwords (50% off)!

Take It, Boy 

I wear the uniform because I get off on being in charge, and I’m too much of a hard-ass–and too fucking straight–to be swayed when the boy I pull over blinks a pair of sweet baby blues at me. My cock has no fucking business noticing the kid’s pretty pink mouth, and it for damn sure shouldn’t get excited about his total failure to resist arrest, or like it when he insists on calling me “sir.” 

Get Take It, Boy for $1.49 on Smashwords (50% off)!

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Kyle Michel Sullivan’s Sales! — 50% off!



There’s always a buyer for good-looking men, and that is 
where Hunter comes in. He’ll track them down, capture 
them, and bring them to you. For a price, of course. And 
the more difficult the hunt, the more he likes it. Until he 
becomes the hunted one.
Rape in Holding Cell 6 
When Collier was killed, Antony crashed into
despair…until he learned his lover’s death may not have
been accidental. Then he became overwhelmed with a
psychotic need for revenge…and God help anyone who
tried to stop him.
(Prelude story to The Vanishing of Owen Taylor)
The Vanishing of Owen Taylor 
When his uncle disappears, Jake goes to Palm Springs to
find out why, only to get caught in a web of fear, hate,
betrayal … and what looks more and more like murder …
with Jake targeted as the next victim.

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