LGBT Romance Deals 2/1

SPOTLIGHT!! Terrible Things by Beth Bolden

When Caleb Chance walked out in Detroit five years ago, leaving his band, millions of his fans and his lover behind, Leo knew he could never forgive.

Some things, no matter what the cause, are unforgivable.

But Leo never expected Caleb to show up again, clean and sober and wanting to get their band, Star Shadow, back together. He definitely never expected to agree to Caleb’s plan.

He never expected to confront the love of his life again—or the disaster of his past, the hopelessness of his future, and every terrible thing he’s been carrying inside him.

But maybe some things aren’t so terrible after all.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

Where There’s Smoke by BLMorticia

Santiago escapes to a small town where he falls for Jonas, but Santiago’s desire for Myles causes disruption in their happy home.

Santiago Mendoza

Although a horrific incident nearly destroyed me, I’ve found everything I needed… Or… almost everything. Better days are ahead for me and Jonas. Despite pure bliss, something is still missing.

Jonas Sandbauck

Being an openly gay firefighter is tough, but with Santiago at my side, all the struggles are worthwhile. The American dream of the white picket fence awaits us. First, I must clear the path to our future, by digging through the wreckage of his past.

Myles Greyson

Heartbreak is my calling card. Nevertheless, I’m determined to marry my othertrue love. Chaos stole him away from me, but no matter who or what stands in my way, I will get him back.

Santiago longs for a long-term commitment, filled with children. While Jonas and Myles battle for Santiago’s love, will his ultimate fantasy end up damaging any chance he has at true happiness?

This angsty, 100,000-word novel includes fist fighting, flashbacks and mentions of rape, on page violence, and death. Despite it all, there’s an HEA with the cutest baby on the planet.

Note: This book has been previously published. Only newly edited with no additional material added.

DEAL! $ 2.99 (usually $ 4.99) on Amazon

lgbtrd-bodyguardThe Bodyguard by Jason Collins


I’ve acted in romance movies, but real life has never been this hot.

After an awkward interview leaves me self-conscious about my weight, I need some time away from the celebrity spotlight. I’ve always played the heartbreaker, and I want to love myself the way my fans do, but I haven’t loved my body lately.

Winchester is the perfect place for some soul-searching and waist-trimming. But I need security to keep the paparazzi off my back, and Marshall’s a perfect fit. As long as I can keep my eyes off my straight bodyguard – and the buttered biscuits – I’ll be fine.

But when he makes the first move, the labels get fuzzy. Marshall is a stoic man who’s hard to read, but there’s no mistaking his rough, warm touch when we brush past each other in the cozy lake house. It seems like he might be interested in doing more to my body than just guarding it.

I may be dieting, but it’s not food I want to feast on.


He’s under my protection, but I suspect he wants to be under more than that.

Babysit a spoiled Hollywood actor, chase off some paparazzi, and live in a lake house. It should all be easy, and I could use the extra money. I’m not usually aggressive, but I’m protective and I look the part. People know I’m not a pushover, so they don’t try me. But guys like me need love too, and I’ve spent too many nights alone.

Until Jesse.

I can’t tear my eyes off him. He might steal hearts on camera, but he doesn’t need to play a role to steal mine. It’s the first time I’ve ever looked at a man this way, and I want to tempt him into something unprofessional.

Leaving my past behind won’t be easy, but Jesse’s making it hard to look back.

This actor’s so captivating, I can’t think straight.

This is the third book in the Worth the Weight series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. Readers can expect a steamy MM romance with several scenes that will leave you breathless. Heat level: 10.

$ 3.99 on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-jamiJami: Darkness to Light Book 2: M/M Taboo Romance (Boys with Toys) by Sky McCoy

“It’s hard being a gay man when you think you’re straight.”

Straight men were never Jami Caulfield’s style and especially one with a wife who uses her babies by another man like a pawn in a chess game.
Maxwell Gold never thought he would fall in love with a gay man, and especially one who is Trans with two ex-lovers who hold the secret to why they can’t let Jami go.
Will Maxwell Gold discover Jami’s secret of why he’s so desirable? Or will he think that Jami is too over the top, and will never accept him or his babies?
Will Jami make Maxwell his, and overlook the children, or will Jami return to his ex-lover and leave Maxwell wondering WTF just happened to his life?

SALE: FREE on Amazon and available with KU

lgbtrd-redemptionRedemption: A Wolves of Aurora Short by Athena Blaez

Expelled from the Skull Creek pack, alpha Gage McBride has been stripped of everything he loves… including the man who owns his heart. But when Gage’s brother calls to tell Gage that the pack is in danger, Gage can’t stay away any longer, even though returning to the place he calls home means certain death.

Caught between his duty to the family who’s cast him aside and his desire for the man he loves, Gage must make a choice…

Find redemption and fight for the one he wants more than anything else, or turn tail and let loneliness keep him safe.

Redemption is a rewritten 17k M/M shifter novella prequel for the Wolves of Aurora, featuring an outcast alpha who tries to redeem himself, the love interest who tries to protect his heart, and Valentine’s Day decorations featuring a provocative red feather boa.

$ 0.99 on Amazon and available with KU

From KU Fun for January & February! Check out more here.

412jzg952vl._sy346_Sanguine by R. Phoenix

In the epic conclusion of the Fate of the Fallen series, the stage has been set for a revolution. After the Council’s lack of reaction to the assassination of one of their own, the rebels grow bolder — and if they truly allow supes to join their ranks, they might be able to achieve the impossible. Hope has been rekindled, and nowhere has it been stronger than with the son of the former rebellion leader, Noah Franklin. Will he and Khaz throw in for more than a night, or will they choose to isolate themselves from what might still be a futile cause?

Reese’s allegiance to Elias Ivers has compromised his own desires to aid the rebellion, along with his disapproval of their “take no prisoners” approach. He and his claimed humans, Ashton and Leo, have different agendas, but can they come together in a time of need?

Newly-ascended Elder Elias Ivers has a target on his back — and it’s not only from sympathizers and rebels. Even those amongst his own ranks are loath to accept him, and he finds that taking control is not as easy as he’d thought. With his werewolf pet, Jace, at his side, can he show the Council what it truly is to rule?

Humans have fought for a decade to regain their freedom, and now, the time has come to reclaim it. The restlessness and strife among the vampires, witches, and werewolves who rule over humanity leaves them a unique opening… if they can only figure out how to take advantage of it.

Sanguine is not a standalone. It also contains significant spoilers for the Need Trilogy. For the most part, I’ve done my best to avoid spoilers across the Fate of the Fallen world, but the Need Trilogy goes hand-in-hand with the series’s story.


41rj5vldzjlTyler & Jason by Chris McHart

Dominating your new employee might be the worst idea ever… or the best.

Broke and without a job, Tyler has been sleeping in his car. When he’s offered a job at Bound in Silk, it might just be the change in luck he needs. What he doesn’t expect is for the club owner to be so hot and dominant. He ticks about every of Tyler’s boxes – even though a relationship is the last thing Tyler needs right now.

Dominant and experienced, Jason’s whole life is Bound in Silk, his very own BDSM club. It takes one look at his new employee, and he knows he needs Tyler. Badly. And not only as an employee, though Tyler is perfect for the job.


51lsdobjoalThe Holeshot Christmas by Lynn Michaels

Christmas isn’t all race tracks and dirt bikes for Davey and Tyler, especially when they don’t see things about each other in quite the same way.

A short Holeshot novella
18+ please.

This story officially takes place after the events of Holeshot 2; however, it can be read as a stand alone novella.


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